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KB the Boo Bonic Music Video's video poster

KB the Boo Bonic, the thriving female rapper of the South, is making her first music video and she needs your help! Read more

Austin, TX Film & Video
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This project was successfully funded on August 30, 2012.

KB the Boo Bonic, the thriving female rapper of the South, is making her first music video and she needs your help!

Austin, TX Film & Video
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About KB the Boo Bonic

A native of Houston, Texas, KB the Boo Bonic has been rapping since she was 16 years old. She recently finished her independently released album, Scars are Sexy, which was mixed by Texas' finest, DJ Rapid Ric.

KB has performed at SXSW and opened up for numerous artists including: Cappadonna of the Wu Tang Clan, Trae and Rob G., Pugs Atomz, The Chicharones, Reef the Lost Cauze, GLC, Papa Reu, Rasheed of Dope House, League of Extraordinary GZ, Solillaquists of Sound and Riders Against the Storm - Just to name a few.

In an Austin Chronicle article about female emcees, KB was featured:

"Bowers' style steps somewhere between dirty South and [Jean] Grae's oddly punctuated missives. She also sees being a female rapper in this scene as an advantage, in that she immediately stands out from the sea of guys, adding, "and then if you're good and smart and confident and stay true to yourself, it doesn't matter if you're a woman. You are an entertainer. ... Content is important, but it's also about delivery, how smooth it is, how you say it, where you add emphasis."

The Music Video

Director and Producer Chelsea Hernandez got in touch with KB after reading the Chronicle article. Her student film, feMC, about KB's life as a female rapper screened in film festivals across the country including SXSW in Austin, Urban Mediamakers in Atlanta and deadCENTER in Oklahoma City.

KB reached out to Chelsea about her idea for a music video involving a beauty pageant and food fight. Chelsea couldn't resist. Together they are making their first music video, in which they want it to be nothing less than epic.

The video starts off with KB skating around East Austin. She sees a girl beauty pageant flyer and is disgusted. She skates to the pageant and finds the girls getting "dolled" up by their show-moms. KB bombards the dressing room and leads the girls to the pageant stage where she encourages them to rebel against the show. The girls and KB start tearing stuff down and throwing cupcakes all over the room. At first shocked by what's happening, the audience joins in, making it a cupcake throwing party!

What Your Donation Will Provide

In order to pull off this spectacular scene, we need your donation to make it legit! Here's what your donation will provide:

  • Cost of the location where the pageant will be filmed.
  • Costumes (pageant dresses and judge tuxedos), accessories, makeup and lots of hairspray! We have the wonderful Renee Newman of Lucy in Disguise With Diamonds helping us out. He also helped with the video opening outfit.
  • Cupcakes - Lots of them!
  • Clean-up fees
  • Equipment Rental (we hope to rent a small crane, a fish-eye lens and lights)
  • If we have any funds left over, we would like to generously pay the wonderful crew, especially the Producer and Director of Photography. So, help us go beyond the funding goal!

Why Is This Important and What is Our Goal?

With few lady rappers in the hip-hop biz, this is KB's time to shine with a music video that she can spread fearlessly through the Internet waves. It's become much easier to pass around music and a music video will significantly help KB do just that, by gaining audiences from around the world!

Our goal is to shoot this music video as soon as the Kickstarter campaign is over. We will edit the video in the month of September to meet the SXSW film submission deadline of November 1st, 2013. But it doesn't stop at SX. We will submit to multiple film festivals, striving for "2 Playa" screenings across the country. There's a positive message in this video: Stay Strong, Girl. And we want to share it with everyone!

Spread the Word!

Thank you for stopping by to check out this page and even more thanks for your donation! Share this campaign with your friends and family, music enthusiasts, artists, musicians, and with Facebook! We can only get more momentum if you help.

Go LIKE the KB the Boo Bonic Facebook page and post this campaign to your wall!

Tweet it up @KBtheBooBonic

Listen to some KB tunes on Myspace

Opening Video Credits:

Cinematography - Erik Mauck

Costume - Rene Newman, KB the Boo Bonic

Makeup - Kat Laurent

Hair - Vanessa Filkins

Thank You - Carlos Hernandez

Photo Credit - Rob McCowan (RBWRX)


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