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Update #20

We can change before 2030...


Stories like these are hard to read but they are based in fact. Lets act before 2030, shall we?

Share this campaign, help me make this film to reach the broadest audience possible!

Many thanks!

Update #19

#Caturday in the post


When traveling its always good to have official letters. This one from National Geographic arrived in the mail yesterday.

Call me old fashioned but a letter in the mail just feels more official than a PDF. Although I’ve got plenty of those too!

Happy #Caturday Everyone! And please SHARE this campaign with your friends and family…

All the best,


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Update #18

Cheetah Phase II: KENYA


Hello Cheetah Supporters!

Its been a long and exciting road and its not over yet!  The issues for the cheetah vary from region to region and I will be traveling to ... drum roll...


Working with Action for Cheetahs in Kenya, meeting with governmental wildlife services and sustainable tourism conservancies in the country to expand the story for National Geographic and gather footage for a full documentary film!

I just launched a new campaign here:

Please share this link with your friends and family.

Much love,


Update #17

Well, that happened! Hint: just the beginning...


Greetings Supporters!

Without your generous help this trip would not have been possible!  I'm back in California and going through over 700 gigs of images and footage.  Yes... SEVEN HUNDRED GIGS.  Actually I think its closer to 800...

Some of you should have received postcards by now.  Written in Botswana, mailed from Namibia (except for one LV couple - somehow it came home w/ me so postage will be from US, but written in the field!).  Please leave a comment if you got your postcard. I'm sorting through the print rewards which will be mailed in the coming weeks.

So about Africa... where do I begin?  That is the challenge I have in front of me.  The issues of saving the cheetah seem simple at first, until you get on the ground and start talking to the people in the region.  Every solution is different for specific locations and cultures, mind you these are all variations on functional solutions but you can't drop a guard dog into a farm and think 'happily ever after'.  Nor can you collar a cheetah and check up on it every six months.  The work is hard, ongoing, physically painful at times... what I learned from everyone in Africa is the key: Perseverance. 

With that word in mind, I will be returning, this is just the start.  But in the meantime there is a lot of work do here with post production; writing, editing, etc...

Stay tuned for more blog posts on National Geographic:

and here:

And follow along @MendelsonImages &

Bigup Purrs on this Fat Tuesday!


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Update #16

Countdown to Liftoff!


Howdy Friends...

I've been up to my ears in logistics and nearly on the plane.  October 1 is the departure date and just a few short days from there I'll be in Botswana with the great people working in Ghanzi, Cheetah Conservation Botswana.  I'm so thrilled to be able, with your help, to embark on this project.

You'll receive updates from the field regularly and the prints some of you have chosen will be printed upon return.

In the meantime, enjoy this video I shot a few months back of Cat Haven's lovely ambassador jaguar cub, Morato.  Jaguars love the water and this little guy is no exception!


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