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A casual card game: The fearsome dragon slumbers atop a pile of plundered treasures. What can you get away with before the beast wakes?
A casual card game: The fearsome dragon slumbers atop a pile of plundered treasures. What can you get away with before the beast wakes?
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An unexpected snag...

Posted by Cheeky Parrot Games (Julia Schiller) (Creator)

The day new games are delivered is always exciting, but today was a bittersweet occasion, as I was expecting to confirm the extent of a problem a few of you have already reported: that Hoard's custom die has been incorrectly manufactured and shows a 6 where a 1 should be.

Looking like a big city high-rise, the pallet awaits unloading outside my house.
Looking like a big city high-rise, the pallet awaits unloading outside my house.

Sadly, all deluxe Kickstarted copies as well as the copies intended for the North American, Australian, and Kiwi markets are thus afflicted. A separate run was done for the North American market, minus some of the features of the Kickstarted deluxe run, and I needed to check a copy from that run before contacting the manufacturer and going public.

Confirming that dice from the regular run share the numbering flaw
Confirming that dice from the regular run share the numbering flaw

Tim, Beck, and I are shocked and disappointed at this development. Whatz' past work for Cheeky Parrot has always been impeccable and those of you who have received your games will see that the production quality on everything else is top notch. I wrote the spec correctly and approved two rounds of samples that were done properly, so clearly responsibility for this mistake lies with Whatz. I have asked them to cover the cost of manufacturing and shipping replacement dice, and in the case of the commercial copies, opening the boxes, swapping them out, and re-shrink-wrapping. 

In the case of backers whose pledge was fulfilled by Send From China, I expect to use them again to send you replacement dice. Your game is playable in the meantime, just take a 1 whenever you roll a 6.  :(

For the mainly Kiwi and Australian backers whose pledges I was to fulfil, I want to wait until I can chuck a replacement die into your mailing. I will start bubble-wrapping games and putting them into mailers so that they'll otherwise be ready to go. I imagine it shouldn't take more than a week for Whatz to crank out a batch of dice and get them packaged and FedExed to me, so I should still make my original deadline.

I'm sorry this has happened and I will update you again once I've negotiated a way forward with Whatz.

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    1. Matt Coote on

      UK backer. Game has arrived. Looks fantastic. The die is misprinted (and frankly a lot worse things could have happened). I'm sure I'll cope until the replacements get sent out. After which the misprinted die will be a fine addition to my dice bag :D

    2. Lonewolf22493

      us backer here! Just picked up my copy at the post office and yea, my die is also misprinted, but thank you for the heads up on this issue. I will be fine waiting for the die fiasco to be sorted out, the rest of the game looks great though!

    3. Dave Marron

      Arrived here in California...with a misprinted die. I can live with it until a solution is reached - no worries!

    4. Missing avatar

      uncommonb on

      US backer - got mine yesterday. Game is absolutely beautiful and far exceeded all expectations - Congrats on a successful campaign done right!

      Also have a misprinted dice, will deal with it, until I receive the corrected one.

    5. Ivanovna on

      French Backer here.
      I received my game two days ago and I'm thrilled ! So, ok, misprinted die for me too but it won't be such a big deal when playing. You guys have made such a good work ! Bravo ! :)

    6. Tess Garrett

      Also a US backer, no game yet, but kinda hoping I get a misprinted one just for the heck of it haha -- thank you thank you for the open communication!

    7. Missing avatar

      Ben Todd

      US Backer with a misprinted die. Thank you for being so communicative; I look forward to getting the fixed die, but can definitely play with the misprinted one in the meantime.

    8. Don Clemson on

      US Backer, misprinted die, but the game is top notch. Glad I backed this!

    9. Kevin Knox

      US backer with a misprinted die.

    10. Ed Prevenslik

      Thank you for the update. I am a US resident and got my game yesterday and the D6 is just fine.

    11. myl3n3 on

      I hear D6 dice are quite common in my natural habitat, I'll cope the best I can. But now I kind of want a flawed die, so my copy can be even more collectible...Oh! The irony!

    12. Xris Wraith on

      ooh, misprints, we'll be getting rich selling them once Hoard is a besteller. Great news.

    13. Dean Stringer on

      No probs Julia. Thanks for the update.

    14. Eddy Boxerman on

      Ouch! Really sorry to hear about the manufacturer hiccup and the extra hassle it'll entail, but thanks for the immediate and honest comms. No worries about the extra wait here in Canada. Best of luck with Whatz!

    15. Erika J Turnbull

      Happy to wait if this does delay things. I'm sorry to hear this happened!

    16. Cheeky Parrot Games (Julia Schiller) 3-time creator on

      Matthias: now I don't know what to think. I assumed they would have all been made in one run. Perhaps the manufacturer can shed some light on the matter.

    17. Missing avatar

      Eric Harris

      Thanks for updating us this about this development and for taking action to correct the manufacturers mistake.

    18. Lost Cog on

      Hey Julia,
      Matthias here in the US, I've got my copy and the die is fine.

    19. Cheeky Parrot Games (Julia Schiller) 3-time creator on

      Loose lips, HobbitMama! You've let the crone out of the bag. Thanks for the kind thoughts, everyone.

    20. Kibblesnbacon

      This is a surprise to be sure! I'm not bothered though. You notifying us of it right away and giving the details straight-up without trying to sugar-coat things makes this fine in my book.

    21. Mike Salundi on

      I actually received my copy last night - Aussie backer here. Love the quality in general, but didn't have the time to completely inspect the game, so hadn't noticed the issue.

    22. Cheeky Parrot Games (Julia Schiller) 3-time creator on

      Thanks, Brendan. Some copies were already sent to Australian backers via Send from China but I will be doing the bulk of them from Cheeky HQ. It sounds like the SFC copies are starting to arrive around the world now, so if yours doesn't arrive in the next couple of weeks, you can assume I'll be fulfilling it.

    23. Brendan Moore on

      I'm an Aussie backer. I'm happy to wait until the dice is fixed. No rush.

    24. HobbitMama

      I got my game! Portland, Oregon in North America. It is BEAUTIFUL! I'll keep my eyes out for the correct die that they will be sending out and enjoy playing the game with this one until then! Thanks for all your hard work.

    25. Cheeky Parrot Games (Julia Schiller) 3-time creator on

      Aw, thanks Brett. I hope you're right and that we'll all be laughing our way to the bank with our collector's item dice sometime in the future, after thousands of copies have been sold.

    26. Brett Taylor on

      Oh, what a hassle! At least the dice that were shipped will be rare collector's items in themselves...!