by Cheeky Parrot Games (Julia Schiller)

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    1. myl3n3 on

      Delivering your first KS in advance... You really are bragging there!

    2. Missing avatar

      Teresa Montillier on

      Well if mine arrives early I am going to resist any temptation to open it and I will avoid playing it if it turns up at board game nights, because I still intend to put it under my Christmas tree for myself! Lets see how well my willpower lasts!

    3. Missing avatar

      Ben Todd

      Thank you for being so transparent with this whole process! I'm personally very excited to get my hands on this, and appreciate the extra work to send the game to the literally opposite side of the world (East Coast USA, for me)!

    4. John D Williford on

      I agree with Ben - it still amazes me that I can get my hands on a really cool, independently developed game from the other side of the globe. Can't wait to get it and break it out at the next family game gathering!

    5. Kibblesnbacon

      This has been a truly incredible process from beginning to end. Many other kickstarters could learn much from your example. Can't wait to have my copy!

    6. Michael J. Moore on

      Thanks for the update! It's going to be tough not to crack the game open when it arrives, since both copies are Christmas gifts for the wife and some friends.

    7. Cheeky Parrot Games (Julia Schiller) 3-time creator on

      A mini update: 389 rewards are now on their way and one is waiting for pick-up. Twenty more are marked as being unable to proceed due to insufficient stock, yet we still seem to have 24 games in storage. I hope to get this resolved once Send From China customer support is back from their Golden Week holiday on October 4. If for some reason some stock has really gone missing, I will be able to fulfil those pledges with the games that are coming to New Zealand, and I should be able to alert the backers in question by email of the (slight) delay.

    8. Lynda Orm

      My game has a die with the number 6. I took a picture if you need proof.