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A casual card game: The fearsome dragon slumbers atop a pile of plundered treasures. What can you get away with before the beast wakes?
A casual card game: The fearsome dragon slumbers atop a pile of plundered treasures. What can you get away with before the beast wakes?
654 backers pledged NZ$ 24,865 to help bring this project to life.

Thanks again

Posted by Cheeky Parrot Games (Julia Schiller) (Creator)

What an exciting campaign! After hitting our target four days out, we saw a surge in the final three days that added 169 more backers to get us to a total of 654. These newest backers pledged $6877, which helped us reach eight stretch goals. The last pledge finalized right after this screen shot was taken:

For this legendary feat, I propose calling our troubadour character Raynard Gaspar (the last-minute backer's first name is Raynard and Gaspar was a name suggested by Tim's mother).

In case you missed it, in the last few hours of the campaign I unveiled an extra non-financial stretch goal:

Surprise Stretch! If by June 30th (the day before we intend to submit Hoard's files to the manufacturer) we have a combined follower count of 750 on the Cheeky Parrot Games Facebook page, the Cheeky Twitter account, and the Tim Kings-Lynne Artwork Facebook page, your copy of Hoard will contain a special surprise

So how close are we to 750? We're at 708.

Over the next two weeks we'll be finalizing the files for Hoard's box, cards, punchboards, and directions; we'll also do some formal testing of the Ermine Cloak card to nail down the rules around it. Careful observers may have noticed the last two characters, Rowan and Raynard, look more cartoony than the first four, so polishing them is one other specific item Tim will be working on. The jester's cap token is still in draft form too, with two possibilities depicted below. We plan to put a number 2 on the back side to remind players the cap is worth two points toward the recipient's score that round. I'm also hoping Tim will experiment with Brett Taylor's idea to depict two small overlapping coins in the white space underneath the cap as a further reminder.

Not to scale!
Not to scale!

Kickstarter allows us to send a backer survey to confirm your addresses only one time, so we will do this closer to when the games are ready. Those pledging for a limited digital print will hear from us in early July, when we'll be deciding how many copies of each image to run off.

In the meantime, we will continue using these periodic updates to keep you in the loop with our progress. If you have any friends who'd like a copy of Hoard, they can preorder through the link on the Hoard website. These copies will be from the deluxe run of Hoard that we will use to fulfil Kickstarter pledges and to introduce the game to the New Zealand market. We're also planning a regular run (minus some of the deluxe features we stretched to) to supply distributors in North America and Australia.

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    1. Cheeky Parrot Games (Julia Schiller) 3-time creator on

      Well done, backers, the social media count has indeed been smashed so there will be a surprise in the box for everyone. (Our lips are sealed!)

    2. Lewis England on

      I'm so glad this project was such a success, and to smash as many stretch goals as we did in the last few days is amazing! I cannot wait to get my hands on this :)

      Also, is it just me, or has the social media count been smashed as well?

    3. KuantumSuicide

      Congrats again!

      Reynard was one of the names I suggested, it's really cool to see that the last backer's name is Raynard :D