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A casual card game: The fearsome dragon slumbers atop a pile of plundered treasures. What can you get away with before the beast wakes?
A casual card game: The fearsome dragon slumbers atop a pile of plundered treasures. What can you get away with before the beast wakes?
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Campaign nears close

Posted by Cheeky Parrot Games (Julia Schiller) (Creator)

We've just been joined by our 600th backer and we're closing in on Stretch Goal #6, which will add gold foil accents to the box top, for this first Kickstarter-funded print run of Hoard only. The next two goals add a few extra cards, which doesn't cost very much to do, so those may also be attainable targets in our last 10 hours of the campaign.

The final stretch goal adds a second custom die to the game which will make it easier to get back to treasures you wish to collect. Whether we get that far or not, before the campaign closes, I will also unveil a non-financial stretch goal, and it is one we can attain even after the campaign ends. Intrigued? I'll post a comment when it's up.

It's far from the calibre of what Tim and Beck can do, but I whipped up this fun little Hollywood-style trailer for Hoard, with help from iMovie:

Like my video, this is a DIY campaign, so we will not be using a pledge manager. If you want to change your pledge, perhaps to add a second copy of Hoard or one of Tim's limited edition prints, now is the time. Just hit the blue button on the landing page to "manage" your pledge. We will have an online shop set up to take preorders of Hoard, but the pricing will be a bit higher. We'll be working with two distributors to get Hoard onto North American retailer shelves but again, the retail price is likely to be a bit higher than we've set it here on Kickstarter. 

Other last minute news and notes: 

  • I've been contacted by a translator interested in writing up rules in Spanish. I will let you know via a future update when they're ready.
  • There is a fully functional Hoard website which has been forwarding to Kickstarter during the campaign. I will be pruning the main campaign page, but you'll be able to find all the reviews and videos on this website after today. 
  • Once I can catch my breath, I'll be taking time to reflect on what I learned from running this campaign and the main reasons why I believe it's been successful, especially considering how little we spent ($105 US) on advertising. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear from the backer's perspective, just send me a message.
  • We'll be spending the next two weeks finalizing all the files for the manufacturer. I have been in contact with them and with our logistics company to let them know that the project is definitely pending and on schedule.

Thanks again for your support! Emeralds, goblets, crowns and sceptres are all good fun, but people like you are the real treasures in this life.

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    1. KuantumSuicide

      Congrats again on the campaign!
      I'm looking forward to play your game with friends and family :)