by Cheeky Parrot Games (Julia Schiller)

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      Kelly P on

      I like Cesario c:

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      Ratesjul on

      How about "Rune" for our wandering bard?
      Or some sort of bird name?

    3. Cheeky Parrot Games (Julia Schiller) 3-time creator on

      A backer who shall remain nameless (Tim's mom!) wrote me to say:

      We CANNOT have Elvis!!!

      * DUMBRILL - Richard Dumbrill is a contemporary musicologist in the
      study of the Lute.

      ALONSO - Alonso Muddarra was a Spanish player/composer of the lute.

      GASPAR - was a leading player/composer in Renaissance Spain

      BALLADIN, BLONDEL, BLONDIN - the famous minstrel of the Crusades 1155 -

      MILANO - Francesco Canova da Milano 1497 - 1543 was a famous

      ABELARD - famous academic and musician 1074 - 1142

      GODRIC - Saint. Wrote the earliest English music recorded.

      TROUVERES - a medieval name for Troubadours of noble birth. Minstrels
      was the name given to those who made their living from it.

      SORDELLO - most famous Italian troubadour 13th century

      FRANCESCO - just for fun

      PIERRE - just for fun

      Couldn't resist it - take your pick - there are stacks more.

    4. KuantumSuicide

      How about...

      - Florencio
      - Demetrius
      - Archibald or Archie
      - Bernard
      - Alphonse
      - Reynard

      or just Bard hahaha

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      Ratesjul on

      Just a thought about your feathers in the corners - have you considered switching which corners they sit in? Most people, I suspect, would hold a hand of cards the way your photo does, which puts the feathers in the visible corner, and might be less helpful to colourblind players than the usual symbol.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ratesjul on

      @Carlos, I like your "Reynard" suggestion.

    7. Cheeky Parrot Games (Julia Schiller) 3-time creator on

      @Ratesjul: good point! I think we should swap them out, as they're only relevant during set up.

    8. Ragamuffin Jojo

      How about Robin the Minstrel?

    9. Missing avatar

      Susannah on

      How about, Leander, or I quite like Alonso (from Tim's mum haha)

    10. emc00kickstarter

      JUst a thought...
      Francesco (Frankie for short, may not be an Elivs but just as good)!

    11. Kibblesnbacon

      I'm late to the party but Chanticleer would be my suggestion. Coming from the Canturbury Tales (so appropriate for the time period) evocative of a rooster, often associated with song. And for the Don Bluth fan in me - a reference to the animated movie where the titular hero was also an Elvis analogue. ;)