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A casual card game: The fearsome dragon slumbers atop a pile of plundered treasures. What can you get away with before the beast wakes?
A casual card game: The fearsome dragon slumbers atop a pile of plundered treasures. What can you get away with before the beast wakes?
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A table for six and a glittering horizon

Posted by Cheeky Parrot Games (Julia Schiller) (Creator)

Wow! You just punched through stretch goals 3 and 4 like they were nothing. I'm delighted to announce that your copy of Hoard will contain six characters for play by 2-6 people. Here's the latest to join our treasure hunt. His working title is Elvis (Tim also calls him Skinny) but obviously we need something a bit more medieval. Suggestions?

This update will be a little longer than most because it's all happening fast now and there is much to show and tell you. The next two stretch goals are component upgrades. Black Out will give us the highest quality cards: 320 gsm weight with a black core and the linen finish we earned with stretch goal #2. We'll also make the box insert out of black cardboard, which should be much more striking than Cheeky's usual white. (For environmental reasons, we only use cardboard for our inserts.)

Stretch #6, All That Glitters, will add a bit of bling to the box top: a touch of gold foil to accent some of the coins and objects in the pile of treasure Esmeralda is looting. It is unlikely that any of these features (black insert, black core cards, gold foil) would be included in future print runs of Hoard, and in the case of the gold foil, I guarantee it will be a one-time only treat.

There is one more thing to show you. In addition to Skinny Elvis, your game will contain an expansion set of seven cards for the six player game. There's an additional card for each treasure type plus an extra Dragon Action Eeek!/Shhh! card; these will aid in collecting sets. You'll note there's a feather symbol for the top left and bottom right corners so that these cards can be added or removed easily:

But wait, there's more! The seventh card is a new purple-bordered interactive. This one is a sceptre. Like the crown, it is can be used when three or more are playing. Unlike other cards, when you are dealt or discover the sceptre, you can put it down in front of you immediately (and you should or else risk having it stolen.) It is worth one point. If you ever want to use the sceptre's power, you must pass it to an opponent, then you may take two actions instead of one on your turn. The actions can be the same or different, and it is fine to take one action, then decide to use the sceptre to take another. And here is the card itself, you're the first to see the final artwork:

If we get even further than the glittering gold, the last stretch goal adds a second custom die to the game...but we may have another one or two before then. Speaking of dice, we'll tally up the responses to our color query in the next few hours, and we'll let you know the result by changing the picture in the main body of the campaign.

Rest assured that all additions to the gameplay itself have been tested, but I do have an idea for a final interactive card that we haven't had an opportunity to test...but that seems like enough for one update! I'll share my idea on the comments page though, and we look forward to hearing what you think.


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    1. Kibblesnbacon

      I'm late to the party but Chanticleer would be my suggestion. Coming from the Canturbury Tales (so appropriate for the time period) evocative of a rooster, often associated with song. And for the Don Bluth fan in me - a reference to the animated movie where the titular hero was also an Elvis analogue. ;)

    2. emc00kickstarter

      JUst a thought...
      Francesco (Frankie for short, may not be an Elivs but just as good)!

    3. Missing avatar

      Susannah on

      How about, Leander, or I quite like Alonso (from Tim's mum haha)

    4. Ragamuffin Jojo

      How about Robin the Minstrel?

    5. Cheeky Parrot Games (Julia Schiller) 3-time creator on

      @Ratesjul: good point! I think we should swap them out, as they're only relevant during set up.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ratesjul on

      @Carlos, I like your "Reynard" suggestion.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ratesjul on

      Just a thought about your feathers in the corners - have you considered switching which corners they sit in? Most people, I suspect, would hold a hand of cards the way your photo does, which puts the feathers in the visible corner, and might be less helpful to colourblind players than the usual symbol.

    8. KuantumSuicide

      How about...

      - Florencio
      - Demetrius
      - Archibald or Archie
      - Bernard
      - Alphonse
      - Reynard

      or just Bard hahaha

    9. Cheeky Parrot Games (Julia Schiller) 3-time creator on

      A backer who shall remain nameless (Tim's mom!) wrote me to say:

      We CANNOT have Elvis!!!

      * DUMBRILL - Richard Dumbrill is a contemporary musicologist in the
      study of the Lute.

      ALONSO - Alonso Muddarra was a Spanish player/composer of the lute.

      GASPAR - was a leading player/composer in Renaissance Spain

      BALLADIN, BLONDEL, BLONDIN - the famous minstrel of the Crusades 1155 -

      MILANO - Francesco Canova da Milano 1497 - 1543 was a famous

      ABELARD - famous academic and musician 1074 - 1142

      GODRIC - Saint. Wrote the earliest English music recorded.

      TROUVERES - a medieval name for Troubadours of noble birth. Minstrels
      was the name given to those who made their living from it.

      SORDELLO - most famous Italian troubadour 13th century

      FRANCESCO - just for fun

      PIERRE - just for fun

      Couldn't resist it - take your pick - there are stacks more.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ratesjul on

      How about "Rune" for our wandering bard?
      Or some sort of bird name?

    11. Missing avatar

      Kelly P on

      I like Cesario c: