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A casual card game: The fearsome dragon slumbers atop a pile of plundered treasures. What can you get away with before the beast wakes?
A casual card game: The fearsome dragon slumbers atop a pile of plundered treasures. What can you get away with before the beast wakes?
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Board Game Geeking

Posted by Cheeky Parrot Games (Julia Schiller) (Creator)

Hello Hoard fans!

We're a little over a week from the end of our campaign and we're getting tantalizingly close to our target. I note that nearly 15% of you are first-time backers here on Kickstarter and 28% of you are fellow Kiwis; both statistics make us feel especially honoured indeed.

Today I want to talk about the website and how we can use it to spread awareness about our campaign and attract new backers. Those of you already familiar with "BGG" can scroll down to the bullet points and ignore the next two paragraphs, but first, have a look at some new artwork from Tim:

Character #5? If we can stretch that far.
Character #5? If we can stretch that far.

What is BoardGameGeek? It is an on-line encyclopedia of the board-gaming hobby, especially for the English-speaking world. It contains entries for thousands of board games, both published and prototype. Those with an account can rate and comment on games, participate in chats, buy and sell titles, and upload their own materials, such as photographs and reviews. It can be a daunting site to navigate, but it is considered a necessary evil for designers and publishers to maintain a presence there. Some avid fans visit the site daily.

So the first thing I'm going to request that you do, is to create an account on there if you do not already have one. Just go to and in the upper left hand corner next to their logo, you will see a place where you can register (or sign in). You must be at least 13 years old. Required information is a username of your choosing, a password, an email, your first and last name and your birthday. The site will keep your email and birthday private.

Are you in? Excellent! Next stop, the entry for Hoard. (You can type Hoard into the search field or try this.) Here are things you can do to raise our visibility:

  • Become a fan. Just click the little red heart.
  • Next you can rate the game, (please only if you have had the opportunity to play it). The "Cinderella zone" is considered to be between 6 and 8.5 but it's up to you. Here are what the numbers mean, and being a geeky site, it's perfectly OK to use decimals:
Hoard is rated 7.6 at the time of this update.
Hoard is rated 7.6 at the time of this update.
  • Have a look at the photos. See any you like? If so, you can click on it to recommend and give a green thumb to the image
  • If you've had personal experience playing Hoard, you can give your opinion about Hoard's recommended age, ideal number of players and complexity. Click "Community" under any of these items to cast your vote.
  • As you scroll down, you'll find videos, reviews, and forums. These can be given green thumbs too, and you can also add comments. Please do!
  • Comments are especially helpful on the forum items, because the active ones appear on the site's landing page. You'll see that Tim has started a thread about artwork and I have posted a designer diary and an alert about the Kickstarter campaign.
  • Notice that you can green-thumb and upload rules in English, French and Italian.
  • Finally, and this is more of a possibility for existing users, you'll see there is a Microbadge available for Hoard. This is a bit of bling you can purchase with GeekGold and display under your avatar, like so:
See my shiny emerald?
See my shiny emerald?

GeekGold is earned by participating on the site by uploading photos and reviews, getting green thumbs, becoming a patron, etc.

We invite any additional ideas you may have about promoting our campaign on BoardGameGeek or elsewhere. Thanks for reading!

PS Amis francophones: Hoard is also on tric trac:

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    1. Missing avatar

      Susannah on

      I also liked Fidelma (female warrior renowned for her beauty), Raine (connections to reign/royalty/gold...), and Kia (which is just a little bit kiwi) :)

    2. Jordan Fuller on

      I like the Celtic name Finola. Or Aiofe (pronounced Ee-fah), but that one might be a bit tricky for the younger players.

    3. Tim Kings-Lynne on

      Some great name suggestions coming through, lets keep em coming!

    4. Missing avatar

      Susannah on

      She could be Rowan Augarner (Rowan = little red one; or Scandinavian tree with bright red berries. Au = gold. Garner = gather/hoard)

    5. Lynda Orm

      Her name shall be ...Charlotte

    6. Missing avatar

      Ratesjul on

      Loving the look of Hoarder #5! Hope we get her into the game!

    7. Tim Kings-Lynne on

      Hoping so much to get this new character in the game! She is so cool!