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The Gumshoes follow a string of break-ins. Besides the usual suspects, the real cause may just be the fabled Curse of the Wendigoes!
The Gumshoes follow a string of break-ins. Besides the usual suspects, the real cause may just be the fabled Curse of the Wendigoes!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Scott on

      In no way is this a complaint or slander, I'm just checking in. Curious if there has been movement on the T-shirts?

    2. Missing avatar

      Jordi Baeza on

      I sent you an email. Please Sean, I want my pdf... It's almost two years since the delivery date... Thank you anyway...

    3. Patricia Forstner on

      Hi there,

      I am just checking on this. I never received the t-shirt that was to come with this. I'm not sure if they ever got made or anything. I really love the project! :)

    4. Logan Davis on

      Came back to check on this. I still have not received an e-mail or link for my digital copy or my postcard.

    5. Steven Palchinski on

      Got My reward Friday! So pumped. thanks for helping me figure out what happened Sean!

    6. Jason Hall on

      Sean, my package arrived today and it is sexy as hell. Congrats to you, Derek, DJ, Rob, Gurihiru, Dario, Mike, Christopher and Aki!!! Beautiful work!

    7. Sean Galloway 2-time creator on

      Hi backers!
      Still going through messages of backers slandering me and the process. YIKES.
      I hope this bit will give you an insight of the process to date to get ya the goods.

      Anyone that knows me personally, friends, peers, artists, art appreciators knows I enjoy what I do immensely, whether for my creator own projects or for clients/jobs. I'm a pretty laid back guy and take punches like no other. I hope the backers who've been upset can take into consideration what I'm doing to get the rewards out.

      Any creator or anyone that's done their own KS knows it's a tough job to get the product out there. For both of my Kickstarters, the roles I play out are as follows: art directing, designing, producing, managing, organizing, drawing head sketches in EVERY book, coloring, layout, ordering items that pertains to each reward, creating surveys, sending surveys, following up on surveys for those who don't, or won't read updates (or claim not to receive updates), doing the commissions, packing and shipping, and PR. Yeah, I could delegate some of the roles, but that requires to train and take a chance that someone else will get the orders right.

      On top of what I mentioned I have my every day duties: working a handful of gigs every week and meeting my family's needs. Honestly, I have no complaints myself, but I have had some flack from backers thinking the rewards are taking so long to arrive. It discourages me because I give more than I can ever give, and it's not enough for some. I whole heartily apologize and hope you can forgive me.

      The PDF's were issued within 2 days after the campaign finished. It was designed to hold backers (who paid shipping) over until the physical products were ready for shipping to their new homes. I know some are saving/putting off looking at the PDF so they can hold the physical book for the experience. I get it. I love to hold books, too, but please take into consideration you have the product before you whether you decide to read it or not.
      From a production stand point, when the files are done, they go to the printer, I look at the proofs, and once I sign off on the proofs it takes 2.5-3 months for the books to arrive on my front step.

      Another very important aspect for the process is some backers are extremely feisty with my surveys. Folks, believe me it's very important for my process, so I can get all the right answers as the KS survey via KS is not flawless. They make you answer every question before they allow you to get to the next one, so I took the time to create specific surveys for every reward. If I didn't it'd take me forever to track down the right answers. Again, many apologies for the hefty survey, but I guarantee that you'll get your products and you'll receive them with the care and love as I pack them myself. My goal is to ensure you get a product that's delivered up to par, above the average standards, and in highest quality.

      The backers I've noticed those still slandering me are the ones I've hounded down for a year and half to obtain their surveys/shipping. Please understand when I finally receive them due to my last call attempt I gave a huge push for so long to get surveys in to get rewards out at reasonable time. Unfortunately, these late surveys' rewards are distributed when I can make time to pack and mail them in between my many duties.

      Sadly, I'm still waiting for a little over 20% of the surveys and nearly double that for backers to cover their shipping. This is what's holding up completing my tally to place orders for the t-shirt rewards. This will now most likely result in refunding that portion of the KS to those who've done everything up to date.

      Some backers are upset that I started my Bastion's 7 Kickstarter. I have made every effort to bring awareness when the surveys were sent and and/or trying to obtain them to get rewards delivered. If there is still any doubt you didn't receive a survey from me please try a keyword search for April 2013,G4H, YOUSENDIT.

      This message is not to vent, but to hopefully have backers angry at me and the process to finally understand what goes into producing a product. I am forever humbled and grateful for anyone who took the chance or continues to take a chance on me and my products. Up until these Kickstarters I've always produced my books w/o crowd-funding, and just doing hand to hand selling at the conventions and from my online store. However, what was different for this product was there was enough requests to see full comics from me and my TableTaffy crew, so to finally get you this we needed to kick start it to acquire the proper funding.

      These series of questions and answers will help you know why you haven't received your rewards yet. 1) Did I turn in a survey? (A. If you did not return my Word Doc survey with the answers within it, then you didn't.), 2) Did I pay shipping?, 3) How do I know if I paid shipping? (A. If you only paid what the reward was i.e. $50 for BeatFeet, and never made a payment to my Paypal: then you still need to cover shipping)

      The best way to find out is to please do that search in your email. The answers are there.

      I totally dropped the ball about screensavers and the TT preview pdf. With all the chasing for the other stuff it fell off my radar. I will get this to all backers by Friday. MANY MANY MANY APOLOGIES.

      Look, I love you guys and gals and I can't ever thank you enough for your belief in me or my products. The intent for this update was not to make you feel bad, but to understand what it takes after the campaigns. Let's wrap this up, so I can get the goods to ya.

      I hope if we see each other at a convention we can be civil and hug it out.

      Your buddy,


    8. Sean Galloway 2-time creator on

      Thank you, Jason! :)

    9. Jason Hall on

      yep, got it, totally my bad on the B7/Gumshoes survey mixup. Just resent the correct one you sent to me last night. Hope that covers it.

    10. Sean Galloway 2-time creator on

      Folks, I'm sorry to say this is the last time I can comment about the late surveys situation. Please take the time to do a search in your email. Keywords: YOUSENDIT April 2013. If you feel you still never received the survey, I'd love to put this behind us as I know we all are. Email me then, and I can FWD you the email confirmation I received sending to the email addresses that backers provided to KS Thanks for your time.


    11. Sean Galloway 2-time creator on

      Jason you FWD'd your Bastion's 7 survey, which I already have when you first sent it. Now, I still need you Gumshoes Survey. Sending you another response via email.

    12. Jason Hall on

      Hi Sean, thanks for commenting, I actually got in contact with you back in July at which time I got you the survey but I just re-forwarded it to you so you will have it. SO keep an eye out for that, thanks.

    13. Sean Galloway 2-time creator on

      Scott- Please read updates 47 and 48, then let's go from there. At the moment my records show we are still waiting on your survey and shipping. Any info you can provide would greatly be appreciated. There's specific shipping requirements that must be met per those updates.

    14. Sean Galloway 2-time creator on

      Jason Hall- Looks you were referring to your B7 survey. I have that I still need you to email me your Gumshoes Survey. Please look at the latest 2 G4H updates, and we'll go from there.

    15. Sean Galloway 2-time creator on

      Terribly sorry for your frustration. As you know per my correspondence with you all 3 reasons like I discussed in my last update why a backer doesn't have their rewards. 1: Shipping not covered, 2 No survey was turned in, 3 I missed the email due to high volumes of emails I receive daily. Check out updates 47 and 48, so we can resolve this.

      I can relate to each of your concerns. I hope you can understand my situation as well. Mike K, Jason, Suzanne, and to anyone blowing off steam. Surveys were given out in April via yousendit immediately after the KS ended. I've made several efforts via updates emails to get backers surveys. All of yours, unfortunately, came to me a year and half later after my last chance updates. Please understand the tardiness on my part isn't punishment by any means. My focus had shifted to fulfilling other duties, and a few you had slipped through the cracks.

      This being said, I'm on it and will be sending your rewards.

    16. Jason Hall on

      Hey man, Im a huge supporter and super patient person but this is a year and 2 months late now. Should it be considered a lost cause at this point? Still waiting on your other kickstarter too. Maybe in the future make sure you deliver your first kickstarter before starting another.

    17. Missing avatar

      Scott Ng

      Hi, I still have not received my reward yet, survey was completed and sent back. Will rewards be shipping soon?

    18. BorgKitten on

      I haven't received anything yet. After e-mails back & forth & once my my survey was sent I never got any more replies. I am going to e-mail him again and hope for a response. Of all my backed projects I thought that this would be the most legit. I think it is rude to not respond to Kickstarter questions & concerns in your own Kickstarter page & I think it is rude to take your sweet time getting back on e-mails. I know that he must be busy with other ventures but the least he could have done was make new updates about what has been going on. I have noticed that his backers on his other Kickstarter project (Bastion's 7) are having the same complaints. All I have to say is I hope he doesn't try to Kickstart another project, he couldn't even handle these two.

    19. Claire E. Gill

      Just got my books!
      They are awesome!

    20. OmniJerBear on

      As Baroness BorgKitten has said, he's not trying to underhand you at all. You just have to realize that there are certain things that take some time. And as far as communication, it isn't an easy thing for one person (I mean I will admit that perhaps in the future that there can be a designated person hired on to help with that) so just imagine if you were in a creator shoes of any Kickstarter, would you want anyone to send you a nasty gram if you honestly are trying to do everything you can? Just a food for thought, take it as you will

    21. BorgKitten on

      I did receive an e-mail reply from Sean yesterday, just letting you guys know. I don't think that Sean is trying to underhand anyone, I just think there has been a lack of communication & updates since the pledges were supposed to be shipped out. Even with his last update about the shipping it would be nice just to have some sort of monthly update. Replying to all of the post here would have helped Sean to not get flooded with such post as below as well. In any case, try to send him an e-mail if you need to get in touch with him, it worked for me.

    22. BorgKitten on

      I guess it is useless to send him messages here, is this the e-mail he supposedly checks? If I do not get a response in a few days I suppose I'll have to resort to twittering him for my book or a refund!

    23. Michael Howard on

      I Just got my book today with all the extras! It looks great, but ugh........what a process I had just to get it. If they had better communication, and/or better shipping process, or more updates this would have been a better process.

    24. Douglas Sturk Jr on

      I got my book today - I kept pestering @CheeksGalloway on twitter and asked for a refund - a couple days later the book showed up on my doorstep.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jordi Baeza on

      uf... long time ago since I paid the 5 dolars... I now that he has been a father for a second time, I got a baby too... I could understand. But a date of shipping for the pdf to my mail would be great. Sorry too for Chuck Marshall, I can understand him too, 350 dollars OMG....

    26. Chuck Marshall on


      I backed the $350 tier and have yet to receive my commission (it is for my 6 year old daughter, and I made the mistake of telling her about it, so I get asked constantly). I filled out my survey (twice) and sent multiple Kickstarter messages, The first few received the "I'm a little delayed" style response, but the last three or four have gone unanswered. I've been patient and considerate and very understanding. I'm also a consumer protection attorney, and quickly running out of patience. You've made me look like a fool/liar to my daughter, you took my money and you refuse to even respond to my emails. The next communication you will get from me will be on letterhead, and will be considerably less friendly or understanding.

      I really only want what I paid for. I love your art. I love your creativity. I don't love that I invested money in you with the return promise of a drawing for my daughter and you completely flaked and refuse to answer. Please respond to any number of the Kickstarter messages I sent you with a date certain I can expect the drawing. I don't want this to get combative.

      I would typically send a message like this to you privately, but I don't see the point at this time. There is no indication you actually read them anyway. So instead, I'v going to vent publicly hoping it will shame you into action. I don;t hold out much hope that you will read this either, but at least the people complaining below will know it is not just the $25 and $35 tiers that are getting screwed.

    27. Missing avatar

      vince bayless on

      As of March 7th still have not received my books after being told on Jan. 28th that they would be shipping out. Tried to send another message on March 1st since I figured a month would be enough time to receive a package. Have not gotten a response and am unsure what else to do other than to take the advice below and log a complaint ticket with support.

    28. Douglas Sturk Jr on

      Go to the support (at the bottom of the page) and log in a ticket and complain. Maybe that will get some attention?

    29. Missing avatar

      todd elliott on

      I still haven't received anything also. I filled out (possibly another) survey by the new Jan 17th deadline and sent payment for shipping. We're almost coming up on a year since the project was successfully funded. I just want my books or my money back. Thanks.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jon Pinto on

      Filled out a second survey in early January as they "couldn't find" my original one. Have not heard a peep since and have not received anything. Nine months late from the estimated delivery date so far. That's bad. How does Kickstarter allow someone so delinquent with one project, start another one??

    31. Claire E. Gill

      Any more shipping updates?

    32. BorgKitten on

      April 2, 2013 I sent my shipping payment of $10.00 to Sean Galloway's PayPal account for my $25.00 tier with my address included as was requested. The last message I sent though Kickstarter has not been responded to yet & I am still patiently waiting. My Kickstarter account shows that I never received a survey to this project, not sure if the survey was for add-ons or such but all I really wanted was the basics for my tier. To Sean Galloway, not sure if you guys are overwhelmed as this has been your first Kickstarter project or if there is a blatant lack of concern or care on your end. Please send an update to reassure us & let us know what is going on at your end. I really hate making a post like this, it's the first time I have done so, I really just want to know what is going on.

    33. Michael Howard on

      Wow....I thought it was just me. I got 3 emails from them on 1/13/14 but I have not gotten anything but empty promises. This was after I paid the extra shipping via PayPal, and sent them my shipping info 3 times! So with the backer survey, PayPal, Kickstarter backer survey, and me sending them my address 3 times via email (and mind you I have not moved in the past12 yrs) I have not gotten anything.

    34. Douglas Sturk Jr on

      I declare SHENANIGANS! After being told they needed my survey information a second time, still nothing over a month later. (US backer)

    35. DemonSun on

      Hey Where's My Stuff?

    36. Brandon Robinson on

      Brandon Robinson were do I stand in line everyting is in?

    37. Paul Ta on

      Great news team Gumshoes! I've received my goodies today!! Everything looks great!!

    38. Matt Reppert on

      Todd, I also filled out the Bastion survey with a note saying that I did not receive my Gumshoes 4 Hire rewards. Sean actually sent me an email apologizing for not mailing my rewards. He actually sent me a G4H survey and said that he would mail the rewards out to me that week so I filled out the survey and sent it back to him, along with a note saying that there was some discontent on the G4H page and that maybe he should respond to people who've been posting on there. He sent me another email asking if I had the PDF which I did. At first this seemed like it was going great, I was going to post on here about my positive experience with Sean.

      Until I never received the rewards. Did I mention that the email exchange took place from Dec 13 to Dec 17.

      Sean hasn't responded to me since the 17th, I sent him another email politely asking him as to what was the status of the shipment that he promised me and no response.

      Look, I'm a patient guy, I will occasionally post and poke creators of certain projects if they don't post updates or what have you. I've come to accept that a majority of the Kickstarter projects are never going to be completed on time. It's just how it is. However, I'm THISCLOSE to starting to bombard Sean's pages with demands as to where the bloody rewards are. Currently on G4H alone I've spent $50 on my tier along with the $20 payment I sent for shipping. So as of right now I've spent $70 on G4H alone and gotten nothing other than two emails from Sean. That is unacceptable.

      I also backed the Bastion 7 project only because I didn't know what a nightmare it would be to get my rewards from Sean, not to mention that now I'm concerned that I'll never get Bastion 7 as well whenever it's completed.

      Sean, if you read this, fix this, not just for me, but for everyone who hasn't gotten their rewards. I'm on the verge of going over to Bastion 7's page and starting to post constant requests for my and other people's rewards.

      I understand that stuff happens during the holidays and people get busy and whatnot, but the utter lack of communication here is absolutely disrespectful to people that backed the project and have gotten nothing from it so far. I'm contacting Kickstarter about what has happened so far and providing them with all of the emails I've gotten from this project to this point (which I've saved). So far this whole experience has been a nightmare.

    39. Jacob Davis on

      I got my rewards and everything is great. Thank you Sean!

    40. Missing avatar

      todd elliott on

      I too filled out the Bastion survey with an additional note about not receiving Gumshoes. I've tried his personal email and Facebook where I received a single response asking about the survey but couldn't get a second response or any sort of ongoing conversation. Sadly, I felt I had to write KS about what was happening. This is how they responded...

      "Kickstarter Support, Dec 23 15:50:

      Hi Todd,

      Thanks for sending along this extra information. I sent another message to the creator to further explain the confusion about the surveys, since they were sent through Dropbox and backers are unable to view their survey responses. I asked him to post an update or respond to messages to clarify how he will move forward with reward fulfillment- particularly for those who did not respond to the survey in time.

      Again, thanks for letting us know about this. Hopefully our combined effort will encourage the creator to respond soon.


      So now I have some sort of 'ticket' open. Perhaps if other backers who haven't received their rewards also let KS know their status and issues, we can get some forward movement on this. I'm not trying to be difficult or cause Sean any trouble, I just want my books or my pledge back. This whole thing has been disheartening.

    41. Fred Reyes on

      Just filled out confusing Bastion 7 survey and still no Gumshoes rewards since my last post two months ago. When are you going to ship them out?

    42. Claire E. Gill

      Hey there! I have PM'd a few times about this, but have not gotten a response, so I don't know if they are getting through or not, but I haven't received my tier reward/hard copy books. Are there any estimates for when I will receive them? I just got my B7 survey, but I still haven't gotten my books from Gumshoes and I don't want them to get lost/forgotten about!

      I'm really looking forward to getting them, so an update on them would be really appreciated!

    43. Missing avatar

      todd elliott on

      Hey Sean,

      I was really looking forward to reading Gumshoes. But I can't seem to get in touch with you and I don't have my books even though you have my $50. I don't know what to do at this point. I guess I can try to go through KS or Paypal or something to try to get a refund. I'm a big fan, so this really sucks that you've put me in this position. I'm also pledged in Bastion's so hopefully it won't happen there as well. Either way, send the books or refund my money. I don't care at this point, I just want it over with. I'll take action next week if I don't hear from you.


    44. Missing avatar

      Jon Pinto on

      Still waiting. Sorry that this turned out not as you planned. For me either. Was going to keep the PDF for myself and gift the books for Christmas, however I don't expect to get the books in time now and I no longer have the PDF because I downloaded it at work and stopped working there right after. Any chance of getting a new PDF file to compensate for the extended wait time??

    45. David Wagner on

      I still haven't received my book. Is there any way I can get it at Long Beach Comic Con? I'll be at table #1905.

    46. Matt Reppert on

      I'm also in the $50 tier, I'm guessing that I didn't do whatever survey was sent out. I sent a message some time ago with my shipping information but have never gotten a response.

    47. Missing avatar

      todd elliott on

      Again, I'm in the $50 and still haven't received anything. I've sent another message through KS and haven't received a response. Please help me out Sean. I'm not sure what else I can be doing from my end.

    48. Missing avatar

      Raquel Johnson on

      Yes I got the book at the expo! Thank you so much for letting me get a chance to get the book right there and then. It was all well worth the wait! The book is awesome!

    49. Jason Hall on

      No worries Sean, thanks for the update! Wanted to make sure it wasn't lost or anything, otherwise it will get here when it gets here. Family and deadlines first though! take care.

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