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High-flying heroes. Mutating monsters. A boy. His "Kung-Fu Guide on How To Punch People In the Face Properly." Dumplings & ACTION x 10!
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    1. Lee McIntosh on

      OK, I have a rough sketch for my fanart, but before I go any further, does Gumshoes 4 Hire have a dog? I didn't see any in the images provided. Also, can I include my own character, or am I only allowed to use your characters?

    2. Sedonna on

      Awesooooome :D!! So when's the deadline for the fanart and where can we submit it :)?

    3. Norberto Gutierrez on

      @Lee McIntosh ~
      A good starting point-->

      Bastion 7 Fanart-->

      Kuta Fanart-->

      Uncertain of deadline =( . Lots of good shared art in those galleries though. With a little browsing from there you can view Table Taffy's group on DevArt ..or a shorcut-->

    4. Lee McIntosh on

      I might be interested in doing some fanart. As asked earlier, when is the deadline and how do I submit it? Although it might be a little difficult since I haven't read any of your works yet =P

    5. Norberto Gutierrez on

      tehe XD . Your welcome dude! @Antonio Garcia is the man! Big ups to Big Luis Amado from The Pow Wow Show for the heads up (he said your a stand up guy and a great dude, that's all I needed to know)!

      Best in any and all endeavors, Kickstarter supported or otherwise, for You and Your Super Crew! (~insert sound effect of Wonder Twins activating~) =D

    6. Juan Calle on

      Congratulations again, sir!
      I'm finishing some Fan art I have been working on. Is there a deadline? where can it be delivered? Thanks again and really looking forward to get my hands on the story!

    7. Johnny Burgess on

      Can you update your pledge to hit a higher group or is it too late for that :)?

    8. Ammon on

      I am thrilled to be a part of this! I waffled too long about picking up the Smash Attack Combo, but ultimately I'll be happy with the books I do get.

      THRILLED, I say!

    9. Vaughn Ellis on

      Hey sorry about contacting you like that it probably seemed bothersome but this cleared up all my questions! I can't wait to fill out the survey and then finally in November or whatever get my books its so exciting:)!!!

    10. Antonio Garcia

      You're welcome Sean! I was happy to help the campaign reach its goal and then some! Go wild with those head sketches since I'm getting... 7 of them? Wow... aaaaawesome!