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High-flying heroes. Mutating monsters. A boy. His "Kung-Fu Guide on How To Punch People In the Face Properly." Dumplings & ACTION x 10!
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We Are Officially Funded!

Posted by Sean Galloway (Creator)

Oh my!

We did it, everybody.  It's truly amazing what we can do when we all come together.  Ok, I can't lie... Incredible person and amazingly talented @JScottCampbell coming aboard rocked us a new one, right?!  (Thank you, Jeff!!)  

I CANNOT thank you, the backers, enough for helping be part of the creative process by your generous pledges and spreading the word about the Bastion's 7 Kickstarter.  I am in awe and forever grateful.

I have started putting together survey questions.  One being, if you missed out on any  Gumshoes 4 Hire PDF's add-ons or physical copies add-ons, then you'll still have the opportunity to obtain them as add-ons via the surveys.

My amazing crew and I have a lot of work to do to get these pages in tip-top shape for you wonderful backers and backerettes.  So please know your interests are in good hands, and we're plugging away like nobody's bidness. 

Imma also start digging into head sketches earlier this time around.  They will be drawn on paper, so that by the time the books are done printing, and arrive here, then they can be shipped out quicker to you.

Just a reminder about one of the stretch goals, the 36.5k stretch goal is so on like Donkey Kong.  The stretch goal is a exclusive B7 print the size of the book.  Physical copies will go out to the physical backers and digital copies to the digital backers.

For first time KS backers, once KS clears payment I will send out the surveys.  I'll also send out PDF's of Octocheeks immediately then, too.  However, the physical copy will be shipped combined with the rewards you backed.

Fanart submissions and TableTaffy Preview PDF:

A couple of new things via our podcast and livestream interviews I made available to our backers as well is a PDF of TableTaffy fanart and the TableTaffy Preview PDF.  (Thank you JoGeeTV! and The Pow Wow Show!)

All approved contributions (old and new) will be put into a PDF of all TableTaffy related fan art and given to all backers and to those who contributed.  You have the choice to draw Bastion's 7, Gumshoes 4 Hire, Little Big Heads, Pancratia, Six or a mash-up of any of the characters. There's no limit to the entries per individual. The parameters of the page they are to be drawn on is 11.13 x 7.9, at 300 dpi.

That's all I can think of to cover for now along with our utmost gratitude from all of us here at TableTaffy.

Please continue to message me for any clarity!

Last thing, a HUGE shoutout to a couple of our backers Antonio Garcia and Norberto Gutierrez for jumping in and helping answer questions when I couldn't respond in time. Thank you, you two!

Ok, imma get to it.  Thank you again, everyone!

Kind regards-



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    1. Lee McIntosh on

      OK, I have a rough sketch for my fanart, but before I go any further, does Gumshoes 4 Hire have a dog? I didn't see any in the images provided. Also, can I include my own character, or am I only allowed to use your characters?

    2. Sedonna on

      Awesooooome :D!! So when's the deadline for the fanart and where can we submit it :)?

    3. Norberto Gutierrez on

      @Lee McIntosh ~
      A good starting point-->

      Bastion 7 Fanart-->

      Kuta Fanart-->

      Uncertain of deadline =( . Lots of good shared art in those galleries though. With a little browsing from there you can view Table Taffy's group on DevArt ..or a shorcut-->

    4. Lee McIntosh on

      I might be interested in doing some fanart. As asked earlier, when is the deadline and how do I submit it? Although it might be a little difficult since I haven't read any of your works yet =P

    5. Norberto Gutierrez on

      tehe XD . Your welcome dude! @Antonio Garcia is the man! Big ups to Big Luis Amado from The Pow Wow Show for the heads up (he said your a stand up guy and a great dude, that's all I needed to know)!

      Best in any and all endeavors, Kickstarter supported or otherwise, for You and Your Super Crew! (~insert sound effect of Wonder Twins activating~) =D

    6. Juan Calle on

      Congratulations again, sir!
      I'm finishing some Fan art I have been working on. Is there a deadline? where can it be delivered? Thanks again and really looking forward to get my hands on the story!

    7. Johnny Burgess on

      Can you update your pledge to hit a higher group or is it too late for that :)?

    8. Ammon on

      I am thrilled to be a part of this! I waffled too long about picking up the Smash Attack Combo, but ultimately I'll be happy with the books I do get.

      THRILLED, I say!

    9. Vaughn Ellis on

      Hey sorry about contacting you like that it probably seemed bothersome but this cleared up all my questions! I can't wait to fill out the survey and then finally in November or whatever get my books its so exciting:)!!!

    10. Antonio Garcia

      You're welcome Sean! I was happy to help the campaign reach its goal and then some! Go wild with those head sketches since I'm getting... 7 of them? Wow... aaaaawesome!