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High-flying heroes. Mutating monsters. A boy. His "Kung-Fu Guide on How To Punch People In the Face Properly." Dumplings & ACTION x 10!
High-flying heroes. Mutating monsters. A boy. His "Kung-Fu Guide on How To Punch People In the Face Properly." Dumplings & ACTION x 10!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Romain Gonord on

      To catch you all up with my misadventure. Apparently, first package was lost (i'm in france). A new package was sent. I got everything now and it is very nice.
      It was very long to get the stuff, but it was worth it =)

    2. Missing avatar

      Luc de Chancenotte

      Not only is it for sale in his Web Store but I saw a set on a dealer's table at FanExpo Toronto 10 days ago.

    3. Ed T on

      So based on the prior comment I sent Cheeks and email, same issue as below pledge manager (word doc) was not received. I replied and he said he was sending it out tomorrow. That was august 2016. No responses to my follow up emails. But I see that B7 stuff is for sale on his Web store so that's good news.

    4. Missing avatar

      Romain Gonord on

      Finally got news ! I contacted Sean on Facebook through public timefeed. he asked me to contact him directly through its personal mail. You can find his mail on his about page :
      My problem for not receiving my pledge was that my word document (basic pledge manager =P) was not returned.
      I send it back. I a m now waiting for the delivery =)

    5. Mathieu Doublet on

      Nothing for me neither (France) and I've sent him a PM on Facebook. Hope he will read it and send us some news ...

    6. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    7. Missing avatar

      Romain Gonord on

      Still no news from Sean ... if someone knows him, please, tell him to give us some news ...

    8. Missing avatar

      Romain Gonord on

      Hi all.
      I have send a message on KS feb, 9th, still no reply ='(
      It would be great to hear from Sean directly that he's taking care of this problem, even if it will run very slowly, I'm not in a hurry.

    9. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Bruner

      Just an update: I got ahold of Sean and figured out that there was an issue with the Kickstarter messaging and his email and that my survey never made it to him. All is good now. He went out of his way to help me and that makes all the difference. Keep up the great work, Sean.

    10. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Bruner

      I direct messaged him a couple of weeks ago on Facebook. He hasn't replied. It pisses me off when he continues to post the new stuff he's working on and does nothing to address the project that hasn't been fulfilled yet. I'm out a couple of statues and the book itself. Everyone who hasn't received their rewards, please message him. I just want some answers.

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    12. Ed T on

      Still haven't heard anything. I've sent Sean emails and messages via KS, Facebook and the table taffy store with no response.
      He also hasn't logged in here since September.

    13. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Bruner

      New year, old problems. Physical rewards still haven't been shipped to me. Has anyone received their physical rewards (book, statues, etc.)? I know Sean's alive because he's posting on Instagram.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Scott on

      I hope everything is alright, I still haven't received the t-shirt. Last thing mentioned was that the print run of shirts turned out bad. Also, never received the pdf's or screensavers, I received the links but they come back as expired. Really don't want to sound ungrateful, I love the work and it is fantastic, but just a little annoyed by the silent treatment. I understand people are busy and with the holidays upon us its harder.

    15. Rafael Santiago on

      I'm in the same boat! No books!!!... and no response from the the creator of this project.

    16. Dr Nathaniel John King on

      Well I had completely nothing sent to me from this campaign. Which is really sad as it looked awesome and more annoying as I gave a good chunck of change for nothing this is the first really bad kickstarter for me. Take it no one has heard from Sean since his last update or people complaining.

    17. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Bruner

      I know the last update was in June stating that shipping was starting. I haven't received anything yet and just want to know what the progress is looking like. I love Sean's art style and really want this to come in the mail.

    18. Ed T on

      Hey has anyone from Australia received rewards yet?
      Backed at the Bad Boy Bowl combo + Gumshoes add on and yet to see or hear anything. Same for a friend who backed the same.

      Guessing Seans going to be a no show for us. Shame I was pumped for this KS.

    19. Jaroslaw Ejsymont on

      Finally I got my rest of my pledge to my hands (Poland) :)
      Thank you, Sean.
      Sorry to hear many people didn't get their rewards, yet, I hope you guys will get it finally :)

    20. Michael Hartmann on

      Like a lot of others, I have only received the digital parts to my package, nothing physical yet. Last progress update was June. Any word Sean?

    21. Missing avatar

      Murray Smith on

      Hey Sean. Haven't got my books yet. I'm in the UK so it usually takes quite a while but it's going on 2 months.

    22. Missing avatar

      Tim Walburg on

      Hey Michael the Bastions 7 book came out last fall/winter... (my memory isn't great on this) and the companion book came out this summer. Which I'm still trying to get as it was lost in the mail. See my previous comments below.....

    23. K. Michael Russell on

      Hey, is there an ETA yet on these rewards? Coming up on 2 years since the original ETA.

    24. Missing avatar

      Tim Walburg on

      I'm sorry Dustin. I've opened a request with Kickstarter to try and track Sean down 'cause he sure isn't checking this page at all! There doesn't seem to be any way to contact him if he doesn't bother to check his messages! It doesn't bode well for any future Kickstarters he may try to start!

    25. Dustin Pitre on

      I'm pretty sure I'm never going to get my books from this kickstarter. Awesome.

    26. Missing avatar

      Tim Walburg on

      Hey Sean... ditto Daniel and Joseph. Empty package. Do you read your private messages? I've left two for you.

    27. Missing avatar


      Sean: I had the same problem as Daniel. I emailed you some pictures of the package but the envelope was cut open and I was missing Octocheeks and The Bastions 7 Companion Book 1. Any help?

    28. Missing avatar

      Daniel Head on

      Sean: I received an empty package in the mail Saturday (that had been cut open) from you. What would have been in it the package?

    29. Amanda Carr on

      Just got the rest of my backer rewards in the mail today and hot damn are they gorgeous!! Well worth the wait! Thanks a mill Sean and look forward to anymore projects you decide to kickstart!

    30. Jeffrey Bower on

      He Sean, know you're busy as always, any updates on the $150 Bento Box Backing? Wondering if that's in the works still or going to be dropped? Thanks!

    31. Pablo Picayo on

      Hey Sean, don't mean to bother but I'm a $35 backer, I still haven't received my book. I'm pretty sure I filled everything out, if you need anything from me just let me know, thanks.

    32. Steven Palchinski on

      Canadian backer that got his reward today. Minus the companion book. I got the 2 books, plus his previous 4 sketchbooks

    33. Jaroslaw Ejsymont on

      Hey people, just be patient on this one, please.
      Sean is super busy as far as I can tell - he puts updates recently so we can see at what stage all the work is.
      A year is a long time (+ a half at least I think) but I really hope it will reach its end :)
      I sent him a few messages, too with no response but that doesn't mean he avoids us or somthing - he's just busy.
      I'm waiting, like all of us :)

    34. Fred Leggett on

      Well, I PM'd Sean thru KS, but am doubtful I'll receive a response based on people's prior attempts. Is there another contact method one could try?

      (Still haven't seen anything from my $165 pledge.)

    35. Ed T on

      Just wanted to ask, has anyone received a reward in hardback yet?

      I backed at international $80 with some add ons and haven't heard anything regarding shipping of that level yet.

    36. Fred Leggett on

      Still nothing. Has anyone gotten a (recent) response from Sean regarding this campaign?

    37. Dr Nathaniel John King on

      I backed at the international $80 level and added extra to get the gumshoe for hire hardback addons but not seen anything yet. Did get the PDF a long long time ago though. Has all the $80 tier and add ons been shipped yet?

    38. Missing avatar

      Brad Fredriksen on

      I started trying to contact Sean in early October and have still yet to get a response. I messaged him on here, through an email I found, and on his facebook that he seems to keep updated, yet nothing... super bummed.

    39. Fred Leggett on

      Nothing in today's mail, either. If I don't see anything by the end of the week, I'll try the PM route, but it doesn't sound like that garners results, either.

    40. Scott C. Hamilton on

      I backed the $90 tier and nothing yet. I messages a couple of times but no answer or products yet

    41. Missing avatar

      Alex Kremper on

      Fred, no response yet. Sean seems to come and go in blocks of time depending on his schedule. We appear to be in a dark period. hopefully it won't last much longer.

    42. Fred Leggett on

      No, haven't seen anything. Don't know what's going on. The last update seemed to state shipping was commencing sometime last month. Has anyone received an upper-tier package?

    43. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Bruner

      Sadly, it looks like there will be no Bastion's 7 in the the Bruner household before Christmas. I hope everything is alright with Sean and family. Fred, did you get yours yet?

    44. Fred Leggett on

      Still nothing, Gabriel?

    45. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Bruner

      Fred, I backed the $225 vinyl combo.

    46. Fred Leggett on

      Gabriel, if you don't mind stating, what tier did you choose? Oh, and greetings from a fellow Floridian!

    47. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Bruner

      I'm beginning to worry, too. I haven't recieved anything yet. I see responses from people who have recieved their stuff in early November. Maybe it's the tier I pledged, but I hope it's on the way.

    48. Fred Leggett on

      Alex, did you ever receive a response? I'm curious. I'm still waiting for my $165-level package and am beginning to wonder if I should be worried since that tier was suppose to be shipped last month.

    49. Missing avatar

      Alex Kremper on

      I've been trying to get a response regarding the damaged book I received for three weeks now. I've tried messages and a comment 2 weeks ago, and nothing. I see others are getting responses. Is there a trick to getting a response?

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