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CHECKPOINT is a webseries: Raising awareness about mental health issues and helping those affected, using the power of video games.
CHECKPOINT is a webseries: Raising awareness about mental health issues and helping those affected, using the power of video games.
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Your Invitation to Participate in CheckPoint Research

Posted by CheckPoint (Creator)

Hi everyone!

It's been nearly a month since we made it over the line. I'm thrilled to let you know we have begun planning the series already - meetings with the production team are well underway as well as scripting and art.

Whilst we prepare, I invite you all to help us at CheckPoint once again. I promise it is relevant to your interests!

We are in the middle of an exciting research project on the psychological benefits that video games can have.

The project aim is to get between 1000-5000 individual responses. For that to happen, I need you to fill out our survey (it takes about 5 minutes), and to share this link with your networks:

Here, I'll make it even easier for you!



Direct Link:


You are invited to take part in this research project, which is called “Exploring the Psychological Benefits of Video Games”. Participation is entirely voluntary. If you don’t wish to take part, you don’t have to.

If you would like to be informed about the outcome of the research, please click below (don't worry, it will be stored separately from your survey. All results are completely anonymous). The Participant Information Sheet is found here.

This tells you about the research project. It explains the processes involved with taking part. Knowing what is involved will help you decide if you want to take part in the research.

Creating a More Interactive CheckPoint

Whilst we are getting all the cogs turning for the series, why not follow us on Twitter and become part of the conversation? We love posting motivational images, asking you questions about your gaming preferences and sharing links to the latest developments in the world of mental health and video games.

We're over at @CheckPointOrg!

I'll be recruiting your opinions more in the future if that's ok - we're really looking forward to creating a more social and supportive community together. 

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    1. Bernd Linke

      Really? You expect people to share information per Google and believe they won't being able to be identified?

      Before i learned that you use Google i was willing to participate in and share your survey, but after i won't, as nearly all of my peers would.
      Google was more than once (or more like: more than dozens of times, maybe even hundreds of times i lost count and there are many courts) sentenced by european courts for various data protection reasons.

      Why not use a university for hosting a research survey?
      In my eyes your study lost creditability by using Google for the survey. Maybe you get the 1k to 5k responses you want, but as up to 20% of all internet users (their highest market share value is about 80%) try to avoid Google, and therefore won't participate, these responses you get won't be representative. Sure perhaps they don't need to be, but none the less the study would be more plausible and therefore better for your cause.