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CHECKPOINT is a webseries: Raising awareness about mental health issues and helping those affected, using the power of video games.
CHECKPOINT is a webseries: Raising awareness about mental health issues and helping those affected, using the power of video games.
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LAST 24 HOURS: Two HUGE Announcements!

Posted by CheckPoint (Creator)

I can hardly believe we're almost there, and with TWO stretch goals secured!

That means more content for more people, and it doesn't get much better than that.

To incentivise our final push together, I've held these announcements back. Now that the time is right I'm so thrilled I can let you know what we've been planning.

Not only are we announcing three (THREE!) extra guests, we have added an additional stretch goal.

I am privileged to welcome Matt Gilgenbach, Alec Holowka and Scott Benson to the CheckPoint team. Each of these wonderful and inspiring people has brought so much to gaming, not only through their art but through their contributions to the community. 

Published by Infinitap Games, Matt used his experiences with OCD and depression as the creative drive behind their inspiring title, Neverending Nightmares. They were one of the first teams to discuss a topic as sensitive as  mental health through the medium of a game, which since pioneered this space. Matt is a powerful advocate for mental health and is coming forward to share his story once again.

Alec and Scott founded Infinite Fall, the studio behind the highly anticipated and critically acclaimed Night in the Woods. Through its expansive narrative and accessible aesthetics, their work has become a topic of much discussion, particularly due to its unflinching look at the mental health of its characters.

Thank you, Matt, Alec and Scott, for joining us.

New Stretch Goal: Episode Feature 

In Season 2 of The CheckPoint Series, we'll be able to take a look at the research around video games and how it interacts with psychology and wellbeing. We'll explore the current games that are being made for therapeutic purposes, and we'll discuss why they work so well. 

This also gives me an opportunity to talk about games for good "off the shelf". These are games that weren't ever designed to be treatment specifically, but that people are finding helpful for a number of reasons. I want to focus on what it is about these games that helps, when it is helpful, and for whom there is a benefit.

With this stretch goal, I can dedicate the resources to exploring more thoroughly five particular games which have come up again and again and again as a benefit for people.

In fact, I'll make it an extended episode so I can cover each one of them and make sure I do the topic justice.

The games are:

  • Journey
  • Animal Crossing
  • Monument Valley
  • Mass Effect
  • Dark Souls

So don't wait: tell everyone you know RIGHT NOW, because we only have 24 hours left to make this happen!

And once again, thank you so much for your support. This is actually happening, and we're going to make it amazing together.


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