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Tak is a new abstract strategy game created by James Ernest and Patrick Rothfuss, based on the game in The Wise Man's Fear.
12,187 backers pledged $1,351,142 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. onlythis on

      Hey there, I am from Germany and I have not received the delivery as of yet... I sent back the survey asap... Can you tell me please, when I can expect the delivery? Thanks in advance!

    2. Sherry Bee on

      Sigh, still waiting. What makes it harder is that a friend has already gotten hers and is taunting us. Maybe we'll get it before it's released to to general public .

    3. Ginny Reardon on

      I received my game and it looks, feels, and smells (my Dad was a hobbyist woodworker when I was a kid, what can I say?) amazing! Thank you so much!

    4. Cheapass Games 12-time creator on

      Progress report: Domestic shipments for surveys completed by mid-December should all be en route now. Our partners are past the halfway mark with processing timely International responses as well.

      After that, we'll get the next batch into the pipeline - for anyone who finalized their survey mid-December or later.

      Thanks, everyone for your support!
      -Carol Monahan
      VP, Cheapass Games

    5. Dave Marron

      Mine is here in California!

    6. Missing avatar

      Dixie D on

      Have all the orders been sent out ? have not received mine as of yet :(

    7. Deborah Roggie on

      Just got my set yesterday via USPS, and I'm so pleased with the quality of the game pieces and the boards... It's really an elegant game. Thanks to everyone who made it possible!

    8. Crow Tomkus on

      Reporting in! Just received the rest of my order, which was the classic and tavern sets, and the challenge coin... but strangely, I also got a copy of the companion book and the Royal Capstone, which I already got with Devi's Box! Not complaining, just noting that I got extra stuff.

      Very very happy with how all of this has turned out, and looking now to try and get some folks around me to get into the this wonderful game. ^_^

    9. David Hawes on

      Still waiting for mine. Should I expect it through the mail or did you guys ship orders through UPS/FedEx?

    10. Missing avatar

      DarkTurin24 on

      Got mine Wednesday and it'seems gorgeous to all my senses. Took the classic and tavern set to board game night yesterday and taught a few friends. It was amazing watching them start simple and add new levels of depth to the their play as each game went on. Instant classic!

    11. Missing avatar

      DarkTurin24 on

      Got mine Wednesday and it'seems gorgeous to all my senses. Took the classic and tavern set to board game night yesterday and taught a few friends. It was amazing watching them start simple and add new levels of depth to the their play as each game went on. Instant classic!

    12. Chris K.

      Just got my box at the office! Can't wait to get it home and play this weekend.
      Thanks, James, Carol, and Cassidy! You rock!

    13. Cheapass Games 12-time creator on

      Hey folks!
      Please note orders are not grouped by destination or backer number, but by item and complexity, so backers in your area may receive rewards before or after yours arrive. Grouping orders this way makes packing and shipping more efficient for our fulfillment houses, meaning fulfillment will not take as long overall. We're on track to complete fulfillment by the end of the month.
      If you have a question specific to your order, please shoot us an email ( or Kickstarter message.

    14. Missing avatar

      Lauren Cook on

      Hello. I filled out the survey on After the Crowd a couple of times -- once immediately upon the end of the Kickstarter, and once recently -- and it is still saying you have not gotten my survey answers. Is this accurate?

    15. Derek McElfresh on

      So are these going up by backer number as some folks seem to indicate? I was in the 1500's and haven't received mine yet - wondering if I should be worried. I was pretty sure I filled out the backer survey but now I'm concerned maybe I screwed it up!

    16. Missing avatar

      Simon Perry on

      Just wondered if international shipping has started. I'm in the UK and backer #2,611.

    17. Missing avatar

      Carlos on

      Good to hear that people are receiving. Something about international delivery? I am waiting in Spain. Thanks!

    18. Missing avatar

      Christopher Donnelly on

      Thank you, I misunderstood what it was. My package arrived and everything was there.

    19. Missing avatar

      Trevor on

      I received mine a couple of days after this update. Quick shipping indeed. Everything was there. Thanks guys!

    20. Peter

      Got everything yesterday! I can't wait to play. Thank you so much!

    21. Aaron Clarke on

      Got mine today. Nice surprise because I had forgotten about this kickstarter. Haven't gotten to play yet, but this collector's coin is pretty and the arcanist's board feels really solid.

    22. Cheapass Games 12-time creator on

      @Christopher If you are referring to the double-sided linen finish game board, that is included within the Classic Set box. If you are referring to the cloth board, that should be in the same box as the rest of the items. Please shoot us a message or email ( if anything is amiss. :) -Cassidy

    23. Bryan Adams

      Got everything today! Thanks for the hard work on this. Everything looks great! :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Shaver

      Found it outside the garage last night (12th). Now just got to get it to Dad and talk him into a game.

    25. Missing avatar

      Colin J Crawford on

      Tracking pro tip: if you are in the US, you can sign up for a free account with UPS's "My choice" and get tracking info for any delivery on the way to you via UPS. I was able to do this and see that my Tak set should be waiting for me at home when I get off work today!

    26. Missing avatar

      Christopher Donnelly on

      Is the linen game board being sent out at the same time as the game itself or should it be expected in a different shipment?

    27. Cheapass Games 12-time creator on

      @Zoe: We'd be happy to look up your order and see which fulfillment house is handling it. That will give us a better estimate of the timing.

      Strangely, we have 4 backers all named "Zoe" - and two are up in the 12,000s - so you'll need to drop us a direct message so we know which one you are (the message system gives us way more information - all we can see on a comment is your backer handle). :)

      -Carol Monahan
      VP, Cheapass Games

    28. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Benedict on

      Got mine today, it was bigger and better quality than I expected.

      Very pleased, and can't wait to show it off.

    29. Erik Avalos on

      Just got my set. Was waiting on another package, and was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box to instead find Tak!

    30. Missing avatar

      Chris Albers on

      As an FYI if you are stateside you can create a UPS / USPS account that will notify you when a package is shipped to your home address. Got the alert that mine is sitting on the porch at home just in time for game night, very excited (MI delivery from Chicago).

    31. RevRob330 on

      (Happily) Shocked and surprised! I got my set on Tuesday!

    32. Missing avatar

      Zoe on

      I sure do hope this arrives before Valentine's Day, otherwise I'm going to have to do a lot more gift shopping. I know many already have theirs, but I was roughly the 12,000th backer. What do you think are my chances, Team Cheapass?

    33. Beverly Neugeboren on

      we got our Tavern Set + capstone and are very pleased. Good Job! Can't wait to learn the game.

    34. Missing avatar

      Stephen Rider on

      Made my own pieces out of nice hard woods (seriously, not hard to cut some squares with a table saw! ;-). Now with the cloth board I can pack it nicely in a large muslin (stop that, autocorrect!) bag and have a great portable set.

    35. John Debnam on

      Got mine yesterday.
      Now to learn how to play really well.

    36. Missing avatar

      Stephen Rider on

      I got my "bandanna board" today. Impressed by the design. If I use my amazing mental powers (whhhooooooo) to extend the lines to the outer border, it can actually be used to play 8x8.

      Very nice!

    37. Missing avatar

      Eliot and Ressie Lyons on

      Got ours today, much excite!

    38. Michael St. George Matatics

      I actually just got my package last night. :D I'm so excited to play it for the first time! I think I'll go back and buy that cloth board so I will have something to pair with the travel set—just as soon as it's available on the store. :)

    39. Adam

      I hope it arrives in my Canadian hands soon.

    40. Jonathan Stein on

      Got my order today in NY!

    41. Denis Ryan on

      Yay! I'm in Canada, so, given local postage speeds I should have mine in-hand some time in Q3... ;P Can't wait. Congrats on a successful Kickstarter.

    42. Jeff Dreher on

      It has arrived, and it is GLORIOUS!

    43. Simcha Gralla

      The second part of my Tak set made it to Connecticut today!

    44. Missing avatar

      Ticia Messing on

      I came home from a trip to find my box there. Now to decide, do I give it to my husband now, or wait for a gift-giving occasion?

    45. Missing avatar

      Lynn Schlesinger

      Thank you for reminding us to check if our survey had been completed. I must have forgotten to click "Finish" -- All completed and confirmed now, and so looking forward to playing!!

    46. Daniel Sroka on

      Mine arrive yesterday, and I already lost a game to my son.

    47. Missing avatar

      Mary Spila on

      Mine arrived today! 1/11. South Central Pennsylvania.

    48. Missing avatar

      Michael Hottenstein

      Begun? I got mine yesterday (1/10).

    49. Missing avatar


      Yippee! I haven't gotten mine yet, but wonderful that they are finally getting shipped out!

    50. Brian Stormont on

      Got my loot yesterday! What a pleasant surprise.