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Tak is a new abstract strategy game created by James Ernest and Patrick Rothfuss, based on the game in The Wise Man's Fear.
12,187 backers pledged $1,351,142 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Gianluca Casu on

      @James No I will not recall my cloth board, I think I will not like that colour scheme, but it is nothing a good die will not be able to fix.

      The point of supporting this project was to give TAK life, this is not about the goodies, but about the vision. I mange the G+ community did the Italian translation of the rules and (God knows) annoy the heck of every living being trying to teach them the game.

      TAK is alive, that is what I wanted, Not happy with the colour choice that's it. Tip for next time: make a poll in the project page to ask which available colours we would have preferred.

      Just a suggestion of course.

    2. Missing avatar

      William Dowe on

      @Jeff I'm in the same boat with wondering about the Devi's Box delivery. But, Cheapass has been super communicative in the past so I hope they will give us an update soon on these our most expensive rewards and their shipping. :)

    3. Keith Pishnery on

      @Dave Hackman Whoa, I did not get snotty with you. I simply said that they have talked about the schedule in recent updates.

    4. Benjamin Chirlin on

      Was hoping to give my backer set as a gift to a friend. Do you think I should be ok with the delivery or should I get a backup gift just in case? Thanks and looking forward to the game. The proofs so far look beautiful!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jeff A on

      Will Wyrmwood Devi Box have tracking numbers sent to us as they ship?
      We are now in Nov and these are noted as on schedule (which is a 4 week window), and just knowing as precisely as possible would help with my excitement.

    6. Dave Hackman

      Sorry if I came across offensive. I was just looking for a little clarification. I know you cannot pin point a date with all the variables. I thought my initial comment or question was pretty simple. Any idea when? Is it unreasonable to expect Keith need not get all snotty with me.
      I will not be commenting any more & just wait for arrival. Keep up the hard work .

    7. Cheapass Games 12-time creator on

      @Dave Hackman:

      We are doing all of our production here in the US, which means we don't have an 8-week lag for transportation once the goods are finished. The downside, though, is that we also don't know that the goods are finished 8 weeks ahead of delivery. We know that the main batch of wooden pieces for the Tak Classic Set will be completed "soon", but then they will go to the packager. Since the packager doesn't have a firm date for delivery of the pieces, they can't guarantee when they will be able to get the packaging completed. Then, once the packaging is completed, the goods will be moved to the various fulfillment centers we're using. In each of these steps there will be a slight delay for transportation - but at least it's all within the US.

      Giving hard dates when there are still 2 major hand-offs is nearly impossible. We are urging everyone on to the best of our ability, and I apologize that we have to remain so vague about dates for the main part of the project.

      We do know that Wyrmwood is still on schedule to ship the Devi's items this month. Those ship directly from them - no hand-offs involved! - separately from the other reward items.

      When we set up the project, November was a very achievable target. The greatly increased size of the production run made that impossible, but we believe that we will begin major shipping before the end of December.

      -Carol Monahan
      VP, Cheapass Games

    8. Dave Hackman

      Keith I am going to stay nice. I have backed enough projects to know schedules change & I have no problem with delays. I had a project that missed its date by 19 months. Not a problem but coming through in waves over the next several months seems kind of vague to me.

    9. Keith Pishnery on

      @Dave they have talked about their schedule quite a few times in the past couple updates. It depends on what you pledged for.

    10. Dave Hackman

      Do you have any idea when you are actually going to send out rewards?

    11. Bis on

      Any chance of some progress shots from Wyrmwood for the Devi's boxes/boards? I'd love to see how they're coming along, and seeing the process and work that goes into them makes the end product all the more exciting and worthwhile :)

    12. Cheapass Games 12-time creator on

      @Dan: PDFs will be available for download closer to when the first wave of rewards ship.

      @William: No firm date yet, but we're on schedule for November.


    13. Missing avatar

      William Dowe on

      Do we have an actual shipping date from Wyrmwood yet?

    14. Cheapass Games 12-time creator on

      @Nathan: We hope to begin shipping a few things in November, which was our original planned shipping month, but as we've mentioned before, the main production run of wooden pieces is taking longer than we'd hoped, and that is delaying the Classic Set and Tavern Set (and therefore rewards that include those). We are trying to get a partial delivery on those as soon as possible.

      @Gianluca: The original test of the cloth board was made of the same cloth, with the same custom pattern, and the same printing process, from the same supplier, just in a different color (which turned out to be no good for piece visibility). If you have ordered one, and wish to change your order, please contact us directly at

      @Keith: The Devi's Boxes will be shipping directly from Wyrmwood, separate from any other items in a reward, and probably prior to many of the other rewards. So far, we've only gotten a partial delivery of the Capstones, so we sent the first ones to Wyrmwood (so as not to delay them), and the rest of what was completed to the folks who will be shipping our Arcanist's Packs (one of the three places doing major fulfillment for us).
      This won't mean the Arcanist's Packs are shipping earlier, it just happened to be a good match of the supply that had became available, and the quantity that will be needed there when everything is ready. We anticipate having the rest fairly soon, and before the Classic Sets and Tavern Sets are complete.

      -Carol Monahan, VP

    15. Missing avatar

      J Butter on

      Hey, in your next update, you should really feature as a place that people can play each other already. Even though it was somewhere in the main page while the kickstarter was still running, lots of people missed it. I've spoken to a bunch of people that only found out about it through Pat's twitter, when he mentioned the tournament a few weeks ago. Come on, we need more players!

    16. Gianluca Casu on

      Dear Lord, what happened to the original cloth board?? I can understand wanting the pieces to be more evident, but for heck's sake, those seem what you can get for a dollar at IKEA for cleaning your sink! And in bundles of five as Well!

      I suspend my judgement till it is here, but I reserve myself the option to be vocal. Loudly vocal.

    17. Missing avatar

      Nathan Lamarche on

      So the updates keep saying November, but are there any pledges that will ship out later than that? I got the Moneylender's - since that has basically everything except the arcanist board, will I be waiting more time to wait for everything to be ready?

    18. Keith Pishnery on

      Curious why the Royal Capstones are prioritized to Arcanist Packs and Devi's box levels. Are those shipping first?

    19. Dan 'Grimmund' Long

      ETA on the PDF?

    20. Hannah Sher on

      Everything looks great! I'm so excited!!!