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Tak is a new abstract strategy game created by James Ernest and Patrick Rothfuss, based on the game in The Wise Man's Fear.
12,187 backers pledged $1,351,142 to help bring this project to life.

New Stretch Goals: Board Art and Capstones

Posted by Cheapass Games (Creator)


Happy Wednesday! We just finished our final weekly meeting of the Tak inner circle, and we would like to announce two juicy upgrades and stretch goals for our final days.

Achievements Unlocked!

First, thanks to all the folks who participated in our social media experiment, sending us pictures of Tak, recipes from Temerant, and so many other cool things. Our goal was obviously to inspire as many people as possible to take a look at this campaign, and we’re thrilled with the results.

There’s still some time to unlock those last few achievements, so please follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and keep posting those delicious recipes from Temerant! We also have an open achievement slot for Something Cool (TM). Post something sufficiently amazing and we’ll unlock that as well. We know you can do it.

New Stretch Goal: One Million Bucks!

With just over two days left, we are inches away from that magical number of one million dollars. That’s frankly an astounding achievement for a board game on Kickstarter, and we owe it all to the dedicated followers of Patrick Rothfuss and James Ernest, as well as the high quality of Tak.

As you might have noticed, we haven't used any dollar-based stretch goals in this campaign. But we’re going to add a couple unlocks at $1 million, mostly for the joy of hitting it. One million is a magic number.

If you’ve backed a Cheapass Games campaign before, you probably know that hitting the final dollar goal is mostly just a formality. We are going to do this cool stuff anyway. But let's keep that our little secret.

A Second Classic Game Board:

It’s time to let this cat out of the bag. We were planning to make this a stretch goal earlier in the campaign, but it kept rolling so fast we didn’t really need it.

Echo Chernik is actually creating two board designs for us: The elegant Selas Flowers “Court” board, described in the last update, plus a rough-and-tumble “Rathskeller” design for the other side of the board.

Echo's sketches for Selas Flowers. Nice!
Echo's sketches for Selas Flowers. Nice!

The Rathskeller Board is as crude as the Court board is ornate. It will resemble an aged tavern tabletop with a simple 25-square board carved into the boards, plus 50 years of wear and tear. 

Echo's art on the Rathskeller will be as amazing as the Court board, but with a very different aesthetic.

Rathskeller Board (Layout Only)
Rathskeller Board (Layout Only)

We don’t yet have a sketch from Echo for The Rathskeller Board, but the diagram above shows how simple the line work will be. This isn't a hybrid board, and it's not painted like a checkerboard. It's simply scratched into a rustic tabletop, with grooves that are dark enough to stand out.

Tavern games are typically 5x5, but you can still play a 6x6 game on this board by using the intersections rather than the squares (just as you would in the game of go).

We'll add the Rathskeller board design to the back of the main board in the Classic Set as soon as we hit $1M. And that's not all...

Royal Capstones:

As a second reward for cresting $1M, we will add a Kickstarter-exclusive capstone to the campaign. This “Vintas Royal Capstone" is based on the royal Tak sets of Renere. it's just a little taller than the Classic Set Capstones, and the model below is just an early sketch.

We still need to do a little research on materials, but the Royal Capstone will be a different color (and possibly a different wood) than any of the other pieces in the campaign.

A first prototype of the Royal Capstone
A first prototype of the Royal Capstone

As we’ve described before, Capstones are a very personal item for most Tak players in Temerant. We can think of no better way to say “thanks for a great campaign” than to give our backers access to this exclusive piece.

When we crest $1M, one Royal Capstone will be included for free in all pledge levels of $55 (Merchant) and higher. It will also be available as a $5 add-on for backers at all pledge levels (Patron and above).

Other Super-Secret Bonuses:

We still need to achieve some more achievements on the bingo board to unlock the two super-secret bonuses. Even one of those achievements itself is secret. Impress us! 

Not to fear, these aren't exactly the most world-shattering bonuses. But they will be fun. As to the meatier ones above, let's hit that million dollar mark!

Can we make it? Kicktraq says it’s too close to call. But these are the final days, when we usually see a pretty decent spike. Tell your friends about Tak, and let’s push this campaign over the magic line!

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    1. Cheapass Games 12-time creator on

      @Jack The board is two-sided; one side will have selas, and one side will be the rathskellar. It comes with the Classic set--no add-ons required. :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Jack on

      Does the selas board come with the rathskellar set? Or do we have to order it separately?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Jurling on

      I join @Alex Taylor in hoping that there can be 2 colors of Royal Capstone.

      Thanks to @Steven Lord for your comment about the Dresden Files card game Kickstarter including a preview chapter of Peace Talks. I hadn't heard about that and hadn't wanted the card game itself. Your comment gave me enough time to sneak over there and back at the digital-only level. :-)

    4. Steven Lord

      How about taking a page from the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game Kickstarter ( and offering a preview chapter from the next book as one of the super-secret bonuses for 24 or 25 points? [I'm guessing there's not enough time left to get a contract signed for that, but it can't hurt to suggest ...]

    5. Lex Rule on

      Okay, Before I was hesitant about spending $55 on a bored game, Now with it having A reversible broad, Getting the limited edition cap stones, It was now worth it to me to bump up to the Tinkers pack.

    6. Jim Seevers on

      What is the dimensions of the royal capstone? Is it for the tavern set (~1" diameter?) or is it more for the classic set?

    7. Missing avatar

      Joshua Marson on

      @Deborah Roggie, I didn't buy the Classic set, just the Arcanist Board. I did a custom put together.

    8. Deborah Roggie on

      @Joshua Marson, the 2-sided board is included in the Classic Set.

    9. Missing avatar

      Joshua Marson on

      So if I went with the Arcanist's board, does that mean I don't get the special designed $1M board design?!

    10. Gael Danger on

      @Jayce Pentad - Yes, thank you for the clarification. That's what I meant to say with my comment, but the clarification will be helpful for anyone confused!

    11. Jayce Pentad on

      @Alex It's any pledge /level/ at $55 or above unless I'm mistaken, in which case the creators can correct me. For example, I have a $25 Mercenary pledge /level/ to which I've added a number of add-ons, totaling $59. That's not the same as pledging at or above the Merchant tier. I will need to add-on the Royal Capstone. Just clarifying for others who might not realize that distinction, which is a common one on KS.

    12. Gael Danger on

      @Referee - If I'm reading this right, any pledges of $55 or more will receive 1 free Royal Capstone in their package. Ordering the Crazy Martin's set wouldn't affect that either way, you'd still just get the first Royal Capstone. To get another one (or more), you'd add $5 to your pledge for each additional Royal Capstone that you'd want.

    13. Missing avatar


      How would this royal capstone affect the $55 (or $65) plus crazy martin's set?

    14. Gael Danger on

      @Cheapass Games - Would it be possible to order an additional Royal Capstone in another color, for the other team? I wouldn't mind paying a few more dollars, if the stain required would add to the price. Thanks!

    15. Blaine Moore on

      @Sara Beckwith - that's so cool, thanks for the link. I'm thinking that might make for nice birthday gifts next year...

    16. Cheapass Games 12-time creator on

      @Sarah Ten, tentatively.

      @Gearsoul Yep; as long as you've pledged at least $5 at the PATRON level, you will have access to the pledge manager, including all the KS exclusives. It's important to note that we will be capping orders of Devi's Box and Devi's Board roughly one month after the campaign ends.


    17. Mathúin [‘Ma-Hoon’]

      These can all be added on in the post-campaign survey/cart, right..? Even the 'Kickstarter exclusive' stuff? =0c

    18. Mathúin [‘Ma-Hoon’]

      @Sara -- That is *awesome*!! =D

      I wonder... Could you also use a drawing of yourself, or even, if you didn't want your own face, a screenshot from a cartoon(well, cartoon is the question since anything else is live action and should be easy so long as you can find their face at the right angle and well-lit)...

    19. ShadowStalker on

      With 48 hours to go... 1 million seems pretty safe. Final 48 hours are always big pushes. Been getting over 30k per day lately...

    20. Fiddlestix on

      That board is so lovely!
      How many of the fancy capstones can we add (at $5 each), if the 1M goal is reached?

    21. Cheapass Games 12-time creator on

      @Hannah For other Kickstarters, probably not, but we're big softies. :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Christopher Bobridge on

      It doesn't really matter, Hannah, as James points out it's just a formality. :)

    23. Mitch Willis on

      Really liking the look of both sides of the board...

    24. Hannah Sher on

      So, I haven't been involved in many Kickstarters, and the ones I've been involved in haven't had this many add-ons. Will the items added through the pledge manager after the fact count toward the 1 million stretch goal?

    25. Deborah Roggie on

      It's great that you're going with the double-sided board. I like Echo's new design better, and the beat-up Rathskeller board sounds awesome. This way you please both the courtly & cutthroat players (or simply the player who has courtly & cutthroat moods).

      I really appreciate how open you've been to feedback. This project has been amazing.

    26. Hannah Sher on

      @Blarghedy, I would assume not as it's not actually a part of the classic set.

    27. Hannah Sher on

      Ooooooh! I'm really excited about the new pictures of the board. That's almost exactly how I imagined Selas flowers.

    28. Blarghedy

      Will this special capstone be included in Classic set addons? I'm planning to buy a total of two sets and it'd be spiffy if both have it.

    29. Jared Hasaname on

      I love you, man.

    30. Missing avatar

      Ben Wochinski on

      Aw, I was super hoping it was going to be a metal capstone. Still awesome though! :)