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Tak is a new abstract strategy game created by James Ernest and Patrick Rothfuss, based on the game in The Wise Man's Fear.
12,187 backers pledged $1,351,142 to help bring this project to life.

Managing Pledges, and More About Capstones

Posted by Cheapass Games (Creator)

Happy Monday, Takkers!

Our campaign has just four days left, and according to Kicktraq, we are trending close to $1M. That's incredible!

With many new backers, and many new options, we've received a fair number of questions about how the pledge manager will work, and how to add items to your pledge. So here is a short recap:

Quick Summary of Level Rewards
Quick Summary of Level Rewards

Customizing Your Pledge:

Kickstarter is a fundraising platform, not a store, so it doesn't have anything like a shopping cart. We can offer pledge levels with various rewards, and you can always pledge more than the minimum for any of those levels. But you aren’t able to select individual add-ons (nor can you give us your mailing address) during the campaign.

After the campaign, we will gather your backer data (just pledge amount, pledge level, and email address) and use it to set up the pledge manager at After the Crowd. Once it's open, we will send you an invitation email, and post about it in an update. You must visit the pledge manager in order to give us your mailing address and receive your rewards

The pledge manager is more like a shopping cart, and it will allow you to allocate any extra funds you have pledged, add more items if you like, and pay for any additional items and shipping costs.

To use the pledge manager effectively, you should back the campaign at the highest level that gives you the rewards that you want, especially if that assortment is at a discounted price. You can then add more funds (either now, or in the pledge manager) to cover extra items. If you add the money now, it makes our numbers look great. If you add it later, we pay a little less in fees. Hitting $1M would be nice, but we don't have any dollar-based stretch goals. So it's completely up to you.

Currently there are four items that are not included as part of any pledge level:

  • Electronic version of Companion Book ($5)  
  • Cloth Board ($9)
  • Tak Pairs Deck ($10)
  • Crazy Martin Piece Pack ($35)

In addition, each individual item in the campaign has an add-on price, listed in the chart above.

If you add anything to a basic pledge level, your shipping costs will likely increase. The exact amount is impossible to guess, and might be quite high if you are outside the US. If you're not sure, you can wait until the pledge manager, which will be able to calculate shipping for you.

Note: Devi's Box and Devi's Board will be limited, and we will lock down that number after the pledge manager has been open for one month.

More About Capstones:

Earlier in the campaign we talked a bit about the origins and meanings of various shapes of Tak flatstones. Today we’re going to share a little more about Capstones.

Some Turned Capstones from James' Workshop
Some Turned Capstones from James' Workshop


In the early days of Tak, players would carry only their own highly personalized set of pieces. This tradition has evolved as the game has spread around Temerant, and today players typically carry complete sets, rather than just their own half.

However, a Tak player’s Capstone is often a unique item. Even players who don’t carry a full set will often carry just their Capstone. 

We debated offering a pair of cool capstones as part of this campaign, but that was just one of the things that didn’t materialize. One of the challenges was that we would like this piece to be truly customizable, and that’s not easy in a Kickstarter campaign.

Instead, we’re sure that many folks will get creative and make their own. And in the future we’ll be in a much better position to offer handmade, one of a kind Capstones.

Tavern and Classic Capstone Shapes
Tavern and Classic Capstone Shapes

The Tavern and Classic Caps:

The Capstones in the Tavern Set are stout, rugged little Capstones, perfect for the rigors of travel. The Classic Set Capstones are slightly taller, and a bit more elegant, than the Tavern Caps, with curves and straight lines designed to match the Merchant and Cane pieces in the core set.

Many Experimental Capstone Shapes
Many Experimental Capstone Shapes

James has been tinkering in his workshop for weeks, turning out a whole slew of experimental Capstone designs. Most of these are turned on the lathe, but that’s just the beginning of the possibilities. We will be looking at some of these shapes as we work with Wyrmwood to finalize the Capstones for Devi's Box.

A Capstone can be literally anything that can stand on a stack of flat stones, and if yours is personal enough it really doesn’t even have to match the color of your set. Capstones can be carved in wood or stone, cast in metal, or made from found objects.

A lot of the design work for the Companion Book hasn’t been done yet, but we are planning to show off piece designs from many different cultures and time periods, and we hope that inspires you to create your own!

Less Than a Week Left

We have just four days left in this campaign, and there’s still so much we want to share with you. Echo Chernik has promised us an early sketch of her board design, and we’re working with Pete Venters on his design for the board on the back of the companion book. Both of those sketches should be here soon.

We have unlocked some interesting achievements for the campaign, including two complete precursor games, alternate and regional Tak rules, Tak puzzles, and even a Tak song! This has been tons of fun and we hope it has inspired you to get the word out about this exceptional game.

As always, thanks for your support. Let's shoot for the $1M mark!

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    1. Hannah Sher on

      @TomL, that's correct. You can either add to the total you're pledging now, (and tell them what that money is for through the pledge manager), or just add through the pledge manager.

    2. Missing avatar

      TomL on

      I pledged at the Tinker's Pack level and would like to add another Tavern Set, another Book, another couple of coins, and a few other things to my pledge. It appears that support for adding a second or third instance of an item that I'm already going to receive as a result of the pledge level will be supported by the Pledge Manager. Is that correct?

    3. Josh Martin on

      @Josh Ward and @Bill De Franza: Having played the game in various stages of inebriation, I concur most mightily! The game gets much, much more interesting as your level of intoxication increases! XD I can see all kinds of scenarios where tavern players get into...difficulties while playing.

    4. Bill De Franza on

      I like how you think, Josh!

    5. Keith Pishnery on

      I've been wondering if the coin will have any extra shipping cost attached to it?

    6. Missing avatar

      Matt Kuczka on

      As a first-time project backer, this update cleared things up for me tremendously! I now feel confident in my understanding of what I need to do in order to get the individual pieces I desire. Thank you so much for this update!! :)

    7. Browncoat Jayson on

      That would be an interesting set of alternative rules. Tak'n'drunk?

    8. Josh Ward on

      A couple of the examples look sort of like chalices. Makes me think a capstone shot glass would be kind of nifty. Loser has to drink the contents of all of the capstones on the board between games!