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Tak is a new abstract strategy game created by James Ernest and Patrick Rothfuss, based on the game in The Wise Man's Fear.
12,187 backers pledged $1,351,142 to help bring this project to life.

Introducing Devi’s Box

Posted by Cheapass Games (Creator)

Greetings, Takkers!

We are thrilled to introduce you to Devi’s Box. This new bespoke Tak set is brought to us by the artisans at Wyrmwood, who have tirelessly worked with us to create a thing of lasting beauty.

Note: The prototypes and photos in this update are preliminary, and small details of this set may change. We’ll keep you posted as we finalize the details of the design.

Devi’s Box: Hybrid Board side, with Maple, Walnut, and Bloodwood
Devi’s Box: Hybrid Board side, with Maple, Walnut, and Bloodwood

The Box: Devi’s Box is handcrafted from maple and black walnut, with just a touch of bloodwood. The lid is double-sided, with a hybrid 6x6 board on one side, and a standard 6x6 board on the other. The box will be treated with a hand-rubbed oil and wax finish, using lavender essential oil.

The hybrid board (above) is designed for any game from 3x3 to 6x6, with a bloodwood edge, a walnut border, maple squares, and bloodwood diamond inserts.

The standard 6x6 board on the flip side (below) is a simple checkerboard pattern of maple and walnut.

Devi’s Box: Standard 6x6 Board side, with maple and walnut.
Devi’s Box: Standard 6x6 Board side, with maple and walnut.

The Pieces: Inside Devi’s Box is a full set of 62 pieces in maple and bloodwood. The packing foam (shown below) can be retained to stabilize the pieces, or removed for a more authentic and roomy interior. Note that we are still discussing different designs for the pieces, especially the Capstones, but the prototype below is based on existing designs.

Inside Devi’s Box: 62 pieces in maple and bloodwood
Inside Devi’s Box: 62 pieces in maple and bloodwood

Devi’s Box is a Kickstarter exclusive, available only through this campaign. Each box will be individually numbered.

Devi’s Box is available in a level with just the companion book for $475, and also in the Moneylender’s Pack, which contains all the Tak basics: the Tavern Set, Classic Set, companion book, and collector coin. You can add other items to either of these levels, of course, to get exactly the assortment you want.

For a limited time after the campaign, Devi’s Box will be available as an add-on for $475 (this will also include a copy of the companion book). However, we will cap the production after the pledge manager has been open for one month. At that point, we will set a limit in the pledge manager, and it won't be available when those are gone.

Devi’s Pieces, First Prototype
Devi’s Pieces, First Prototype

Photos can’t fully express how amazing this box is. As we’ve said, we are still tweaking the components, but we wanted to share this with you as soon as possible. We’ll keep you posted as we fuss and fiddle with the final details.

What About The Kingkiller Box? You may remember pre-campaign hints of a super-crazy deluxe Tak set called the Kingkiller. We’re still working on ideas for this box, but it might not be finished before the end of the campaign. But despair not! Wyrmwood will be able to make and sell new Tak sets starting in 2017.

Other Campaign News: 

We continue to work on bids and samples for a couple of other goodies, including stone pieces and cloth boards. 

Our achievement-based stretch goals have been a lot of fun, and we keep getting amazing photos, recipes, and songs. We've recently added a popular "insults" achievement, and we currently stand at 10 points, including a secret point for "play Tak on the Great Wall of China," which was a secret even to us until the photo came in.

Our campaign closes in exactly 14 days, and things may start to get crazy pretty soon. We have started a few new ad campaigns, so please welcome all the new players as they come in with familiar questions. 

It is always a joy to create a project with Patrick Rothfuss, in part because his fans are some of the nicest folks on Kickstarter. Thanks for your patience as we settled the details of Devi's Box, and thanks for backing Tak!

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    1. kerys on

      Will there be room in the central compartment to store a Pairs deck?

    2. Ryan Vidal on

      What are the dimensions of the box and squares on the board?

    3. NAMDORG on

      Is the kingkiller set going to be nicer than this one? I like Devi's set, but if a nicer one is going to come out I'd rather get a lesser pledge and wait.

    4. Marcel

      I wonder what Devi would want as a collateral, if I were to borrow the money for that from her. $475 is not something I can easily miss. Too bad.

    5. Jeffrey K. Langr on

      I was so excited until I saw the price.

      I can swing a couple hundred but nearly 500 is simply too much.

      Heartbroken and disappointed that ill never own such a beautiful piece.

    6. David Odle on

      @jeff you could supplement your pieces with a Crazy Martin pack, but it would detract somewhat from the aesthetic appeal due to the pieces not being made from the raw oiled hardwood.

      I think Devi's box is gorgeous and will make a great addition to my gaming sets. This game has the potential to last for centuries, and given the fact that this is a limited edition, numbered first run this is just a must-buy. Chances are it will be worth significantly more in a few years anyway.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jeff A on

      @ShadowStalker, @Alvin Helms I know there are not pieces for an 8x8 included and wasn't actually suggesting either that or enlarging the box. People would be able to supply their own extras or the Crazy Martin set to supplement and it looks like there is room inside the box to travel with the extra pieces.

      Good point that 8x8 hybrid probably is likely significantly more work/expense than the 6x6 standard board due to complexity. An 8x8 standard board would have more utility with a bring your own checkers, chess, or extra-tak pieces mentality. I do have the massive caveat that I also am unsure if an 8x8 shrunk into the current size box may not actually be usable with the provided pieces (though maybe with tavern set sized ones... hmm yay for complicated suggestions)

    8. Alvin Helms

      @Jeff A -- As ShadowStalker pointed out, putting a hybrid 8x8 on the back of the hybrid 6x6 would actually make it even more expensive -- probably *much* more expensive -- partly because the hybrid 8x8 design would require more materials and work than the non-hybrid 6x6, partly because you'd need even more playing pieces, and also partly because then you'd have to make the whole box even bigger than it already is.

      That said, I do agree that it's kind of pointless to have both a hybrid and a non-hybrid 6x6. It seems to me that it would make more sense to have just one side -- a 6x6 grid of squares (as on the current non-hybrid side), with a 5x5 grid of diamonds marking all the *inner* intersections.

      That is, instead of a 5x5 grid of squares, with a 6x6 grid of diamonds marking *all* the intersections, and a non-hybrid 6x6 on the back.

      Then the board would only be one-sided, meaning fewer materials, less work, and (presumably) lower cost -- and since you wouldn't need to use the other side, maybe they could even put hinges on one edge, so the whole thing is contiguous.

    9. Christopher W Rueber

      I am really disappointed. $450? That is a price nearing a months rent for many people. No offense to the Wyrmwood guys, they make quality products, but they are the most expensive game in town. I really hope you come up with an option between the mat and this. That won't break the bank of all the fans.

    10. Wyrmwood Gaming on

      We're sorry you view our name on the piece as an advertisement; we understand that some see it as detracting from the simplicity and perhaps otherworldly quality the piece may have. However, there is a reason for it - we take pride in creating each of these pieces, and our name carries a promise to stand behind the craftsmanship and quality of the work. But we certainly thank you all for the feedback. We're honored to be a part of this great project!

    11. ShadowStalker on

      @ Jeff... If you make the 8x8 board on back... then you have to add the cost of making the pieces for the 8x8 board as well. Ripple effect.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jeff A on

      With respect, I have thought about it, but don't really see the point of the 6x6 "standard" board. It isn't functionally different than the diamonds on the opposite side and has to increase the material cost of building them.
      Maybe if they could squeeze an 8x8 hybrid board on the back for chess/checkers/masters-tak it would make more sense as that would be cramped but provide more utility (assuming it would be usable at all).

    13. Alvin Helms

      I knew it would be expensive, particularly since Wyrmwood was making it, but I hoped it might be within my reach anyway. $475 is far beyond my meager resources, though. I shall have to settle for the Arcanist's board.

      Not that my opinion matters (since I won't be buying it), but I have to agree with Jeff A below: the white capstone here looks top-heavy, or at least too thin in the middle.

      Furthermore, just as on the Arcanist's board, the outer margin on the hybrid side of the board seems a bit too small.

    14. Experiencing Life to the Fullest-Da Wolf

      Skipping box due to advertisement on it. :(

    15. Vidya

      ::sigh:: I was prepared to jump in and buy it, but I'm afraid I'll have to admire it from a distance. It's more than I can spend.

    16. Hannah Sher on

      I'm not sure how much our input matters, but I would also prefer the Wyrmwood tree rather than the name (or prefer to have it on the bottom of the box). I can't wait to see the final version of this!

    17. Mike Belsole III on

      Wow! That certainly is gorgeous. I will admire it now from a distance and in time make friends, Kvothe-style, with those whose lifestyles are grander than mine. Also, "a hint of bloodwood." You clever clever bastards.

    18. Robert Wheeler on

      I agree with Brian 100%. But thanks for the idea, after I get my set I may have to make my own box. :D

    19. Brian Decker

      This box is gorgeous, hands down. I think it's a fair price, but unfortunately it's still a bit out of my price range. Lovely set, though, and I'm envious of anyone that gets one of these.

    20. Missing avatar

      Cabje on

      Why are the colors switched in the Devi's box compared to the classic set?

    21. Missing avatar

      John Stone on

      Is the checkerboard side veneer? After looking at some chess boards for a comparison I think this is a fair price for the craftsmanship and solid wood. Just for the money I would like to know exactly what I would be paying for.

    22. Missing avatar

      Ben Wochinski on

      Holy hell that's expensive. I thought I was prepared, but at this point I'd have to spend a month's rent to get everything I want along with Devi's Box. Aptly named though. ;)

    23. Missing avatar

      Jeff A on

      BTW not a fan of the white capstone. Looks too much like a barbell and top heavy. I know the color pieces are supposed to be different shapes as well, but the back capstone looks more stable and robust.

    24. Missing avatar

      Bjørn-Eirik Tønnesen on

      Too Expensive + Shipping to Norway, no way. Have to make due with the merchant pledge.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jeff A on

      Wow, this is going to be a "wait 24hr" before changing my pledge type thing. I realized it would be pricey, but did not expect north of 400. If I do pick this up, I will have to make cuts elsewhere and probably be done with any large KS items for the year.

    26. Missing avatar

      John Stone on

      Would wyrmwood be willing to sell the box lid separately (or one side of the lid) as another board? I personally love their checkerboard side. I am also not interested in the box or the new pieces. It would be nice however to have the arcanist board when playing with my kids to take a beating and a little nicer board to show off to my friends.

    27. Missing avatar

      Blake Partridge on

      @Cheapass Makes sense to me. I'm not against their name/logo on the box, just that it be less pronounced. On the bottom of the box would be completely fine by me, it's there but not in the way. If it does need to be on the inside I'd ask about it being their logo rather than simply their name if possible. Thanks for the response.

    28. Naomiooooo on

      Lovely. Too bad I'm not rich.

    29. Jared Hasaname on

      ...I must find a way to get $500 in two weeks. I don't need *all* of my blood, right? :-P

    30. Richard Boulanger on

      This is lovely, but too rich for my blood. I'm not of the age to take out loans and I don't see the utility of this lovely box. I'm sure there will be plenty of takers to warrant its production, however. Lovely attention to detail.

    31. Cheapass Games 12-time creator on

      @Blake: Wyrmwood's logo will appear either on the inside (as shown) or the bottom of the box. We are sensitive to your concerns, but of course Wyrmwood's mark is valuable to them and identifies the box as a high quality product, so we think it would be too much to ask them to remove it entirely.

    32. Missing avatar

      Blake Partridge on

      So I'm interested in this but I'm wondering what the planned branding is? No offense to the fine folks at Wyrmwood - they clearly make good stuff - but I'd rather not see their name or brand so strongly on this as it kind of detracts from the otherwise clean look to it. I know they're making it but I'm not really buying it from them so to speak; in 2017 when they sell on their own things then it certainly makes sense though.

    33. Maria LoCastro

      Ad campaigns... does that explain the 6k leap I just watched come in in less than 15 minutes while I was reading comments, or is the jump because of people pledging for the board. Either way, this is a gorgeous set.

    34. Cheapass Games 12-time creator on

      @Tom: We asked Wyrmwood what they would charge for this box, and they estimated $550. This particular box won't be available anywhere else, so its hard to call this price a "discount," but we think it's well worth it.

    35. Missing avatar

      Alex Aloi on

      I am sorely tempted. I just got my tax return last week.

    36. Missing avatar

      Tom Pearce on

      I knew it would be expensive, but wow is that quite a lot. I wonder how many people will end up getting it.