Tak: A Beautiful Game

by Cheapass Games

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    1. Liam Routt on

      I'm not on Twitter or Facebook, but I'll try to get someone to tweet a photo of my Tak set from the demos I ran today in Melbourne, Australia (celebrating Tabletop Day before ya!). Lots of love for Cheapass down here!

    2. Missing avatar

      Jack Perry on

      @Creator - feedback for the Merchant pieces:

      To me, the changes to the flat stones in Devi’s set improve the Classic pieces dramatically.

      First, the color swap is very welcome. The somewhat bland appearance (owing to the common shape) of the Merchant pieces is much improved by some color treatment, while the more interestingly shaped Cane pieces don’t look cheap wearing the “plain” color.

      Second, acute angles tend to look brittle, so removing the sharp corners of the Merchant pieces like in Devi’s set (http://bit.ly/1WnglhD) results in a sturdier, much more attractive piece shape.

      It would be great to see those adaptions included in the Classic Set pieces.

    3. Gael Danger on

      @Cheapass Games - Could you let us know which woods the Tavern and Capitol set are being made out of?