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Tak is a new abstract strategy game created by James Ernest and Patrick Rothfuss, based on the game in The Wise Man's Fear.
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Stretch Goals: Let’s Spread the Word!

Posted by Cheapass Games (Creator)

It’s week 2! Everyone is excited to be here, the game is doing well, and we're getting great reviews. But we still want to grow the party, so let’s play a game and spread the word.

But First, an Announcement: 

The i's are crossed and the t's are dotted and we can now officially announce that we've hired the amazing illustrator Echo Chernik to design the game board in the Classic Set.

We've worked with Echo many times before: she has illustrated two Pairs decks as well as 12 Days, a game by James Ernest and Mike Selinker (from Calliope Games). She is a gifted artist, and she is already working on concept sketches for the Classic board. (And, no surprise, she really enjoys the game!)

Her basic concept is simple: rich, but elegant. A geometric design made with exotic hardwoods, gemstones, and mother-of-pearl. But that's just the concept, and there's lots of room yet to be explored. We will share her sketches as they come in.

Now, Let's Play a Game.

We’re introducing a set of point-based stretch goals that will unlock extra content for the companion book! This content will take the form of new chapters about Tak, explaining how it is played in various parts of Temerant. Our first stretch goals include sections about customs, pieces, and alternate rules for the Ruh, Tarbean, and the University.

Show us your cleverness, your costumes, your Tak sets! Did you make a cloth board? Let us see it! Do you have a photo of the Chandrian? For goodness’ sake, don’t share it (we will lose a point if you do).

Another lovely Tak player by Nate Taylor
Another lovely Tak player by Nate Taylor

The Goals: 

Each achievement (listed in the next section) is worth one point. We'll post a grid of achievements on the main page and keep it up to date as they get unlocked. Here are the first goals:

Score 0 Points: Rules for Kaen (already unlocked!): This is one of the precursor games from Tak’s ancient history.

Score 3 Points: Tak and the Edema Ruh. A section in the book describing Ruh-specific piece designs, traditions, and board artwork. 

Score 6 Points: Tak in Tarbean. What do Tarbean’s impoverished but resourceful denizens use for Tak pieces? What are the knock-down, drag-out gambling rules? 

Score 10 Points: Tak at the University. Variant piece designs, alternate rules, and a different set of gambling rules for the University players. 

More to come! 

Note: These new book sections will be created in good time, but we can’t necessarily show them as fast as you can unlock them. We will share what we can, when we can! 

The Achievements: 

Please post your photos and entries everywhere you like, but be sure to post on Twitter, so we can find them. Use the hashtag for the category (listed below) and a link to the campaign:

In no particular order, the achievements are:

Backer Count (7 points): Score one point at 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500, 7000, 8000, and 9000 backers. (We're going to assume 5000 backers and just spot you that one right now.)

5000 Backers: We'll give you this one.
5000 Backers: We'll give you this one.

Pictures of your Tak Game (2 points): Post a photo of your homemade Tak set, people playing the game, etc. First achievement point at 25 photos. (#takgamephoto) 

Songs or Poems about Tak (3 points): Post a song, poem, or story about Tak and the people who play it. First point at 10 entries. (#takgamesong) 

Costumes from Temerant (2 Points): Post an image of you and your friends in your mercenary reds, tinker’s garb, or other costume from The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear. First point at 10 photos. (#takgamecostume) 

Recipes (2 points): Post your recipe for metheglin or other food or drink from Temerant. First point at 10 recipes. (#takgamerecipe) 

Sketches (2 points): Post your sketch of the Eolian, the Waystone, Alveron’s Garden, or any other place in Temerant. First point at 10 sketches (#takgamesketch)

Pictures of the Chandrian (-1 Point): Post zero pictures of the Chandrian, or lose one point! (No hashtag required. Don’t worry, we’ll find you.)

And a few easy ones: 

Facebook Likes (/ActualCheapassGames) 3 Points: 5000, 6000, 7000 

Twitter Followers (@cheapassgames) 3 Points: 3000, 3500, 4000 

We hope you'll enjoy playing along, and helping us boost our campaign during these casually-paced middle weeks. And yes, we'll have other stretch goals outside of this list, some of them very cool indeed. Look for more cool improvements and additions as soon as we get 'em figured out.

Thanks for your support!

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    1. Jarod Ribordy on

      So I have never seen a reason to have a Twitter account... But I started one to give you one more follower!

    2. Hannah Sher on

      @charles that was my understanding as well. This entire campaign was a collaboration with Pat, not just Cheapass Games's version of Tak in Pat's world.

    3. IncludeBeer on

      Excellent use of gamification to motivate the masses! Pretty excited to see these as they come :D

    4. Charles on

      @ck I'd think Pat will be doing most of the world building

    5. c k on

      I understand everything will have to get Pat's rubber stamp at the end but I'm still not very interested in a book of other people world building for him for the purposes of a merchandise tie-in.

    6. David Gibson on

      I'm not a Twitter-er...but I just hit Instagram and Facebook. Homemade Tavern set with basic cube and turned capstones.

    7. Keith Pishnery on

      I grew up never knowing how to play Euchre (and still don't). Not sure I had heard of it until after college honestly. It's not as if everyone in every country knows about Go, for instance.

    8. Cheapass Games 12-time creator on

      @David Please see our previous comment. Temerant is Pat's world; rest assured he takes good care of it.

    9. David Chase on

      I'm gonna second what Craig said; having read the books recently, Kvothe seems unfamiliar with the game or its reputation when he goes to work for the Maer. And he seemed pretty well traveled with his family.

      This has perhaps gone a step too far, unless there's just some underground Tak culture in places that Kvothe is oblivious to.

    10. Cheapass Games 12-time creator on

      @Craig Fear not. We've run the initial ideas by Pat and will continue to work with him to make sure everything fits in properly.

    11. Craig Laparo on

      If Tak is so popular as to have its own variations among the Ruh, Tarbean, and The University, how is it that Kvothe had never so much as heard of the game until he went to Vintas?

      I'd love to read more lore about the game, but let's not abandon consistency...

    12. Nick Johnson on

      You just turned Kickstarter into a cooperative RPG. Well played.

    13. Cheapass Games 12-time creator on

      @Dave: Best plan is to retweet with the hashtags... but let's see who else joins in first! :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Ben Wochinski on

      That's a lot of hashtags to keep track of, gonna be busy! :D

    15. Dave DuJour on

      I hope my tweets (@davedujour) from last weekend count even if I didn't use the correct hash tags. I put that Lego set together in about 1/2 hour so I could play at the relax-a-con I attended over the weekend. I got several games of Tak in, from 3x3 up to 5x5. It is a great game!