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Tak is a new abstract strategy game created by James Ernest and Patrick Rothfuss, based on the game in The Wise Man's Fear.
12,187 backers pledged $1,351,142 to help bring this project to life.

Crazy Martin, e-Book, and Add-Ons in General

Posted by Cheapass Games (Creator)

Happy Friday!

James Ernest just completed an AMA on Reddit, so please check that out and read a fun Q&A about Tak, game design, and the nature of the Universe.

Today we're going to talk about two new add-ons for the Tak campaign, as well as the general process for adding items to your pledge.

The Crazy Martin Piece Pack
The Crazy Martin Piece Pack

Introducing the Crazy Martin:

Some backers have expressed interest in playing the 8x8 game. This is bigger than the "standard" Tak game, but we love that folks want to try it out.

Generally speaking, 8x8 game boards are easy to come by (it's a checkerboard), but the game does require more pieces. Compared to the 6x6 game in the Classic Set, the 8x8 game requires 20 more pieces per side, as well as a second Capstone. 

You could mix your Tavern and Classic sets, but those pieces are different sizes and shapes, and they would not work together well. So we've decided to introduce a Kickstarter-only piece pack called the Crazy Martin, which is essentially a Tavern Set made from full-sized pieces, matching those in the Classic Set.

The Crazy Martin is a full 5x5 piece set in its own right (21 pieces and one Capstone per side), and like the Tavern Set it comes with its own bag. These pieces are about 50% larger than the Tavern Set pieces, which means the bag is bigger and the price is a little higher. You can add the Crazy Martin to your order for $35.  (Read more about how add-ons work below). 

What About Boards? We will be adding some options for extra boards as separate items, including an 8x8 design, early next week. We think it makes sense to keep these things separate, so that backers can choose only the upgrades they want.

Book: Now available in E Format
Book: Now available in E Format

Companion Book in Electronic Format: Many backers have also expressed an interest in an e-book or PDF version of the Companion Book. This seems like a great idea, and easy enough to achieve, so we're going to offer this as a $5 add-on. 

As you know, the companion book will contain rules, strategy hints, and a history of Tak, We've recently added rules for a precursor game, Kaen, to the book, and we'll almost certainly add more as the campaign proceeds. 

This e-book will be available to the public later, probably at a $10 price. If you are a backer at the $5 level, you can add $5 and get just the e-book for a total of $10. For everyone else, it's a strictly discounted price, as a thank-you for backing Tak!

How do Add-Ons Work?

Kickstarter is not a store, and they keep their tools pretty simple in order to keep from turning into one. This is fine with us, but it means that during the campaign, you can add money to your pledge, but you can't specify what that money is for.

That's where backer services like After the Crowd come in. About three weeks after the campaign closes, we will open a pledge manager at After the Crowd, where you can allocate your extra funds, and add more if you need to.

We have no way to guess how much your shipping will cost, until we actually have your full package description at After the Crowd, and know where we're sending it. So whatever you add, unless it's the e-book, it will likely increase your shipping costs, and you'll be able to settle the difference when you finalize your selections at After the Crowd.

If you're not sure about any of the add-ons, it's perfectly safe to wait until you're in the pledge manager to make your decisions. This campaign will have few (if any) dollar-related stretch goals, so it is all the same to us if you top up your pledge now, or through the pledge manager. Just make sure you have pledged at the $5 level or higher.

We've worked with After the Crowd on many, many campaigns (and with other studios as well as Cheapass), and they always do a great job. 

To change your pledge amount in Kickstarter, just click "Manage" and change the dollar amount of your pledge.

International Consolidation:

Some of our backers have suggested that they might save on shipping by grouping their pledges into a single shipment, to a single address. This is a great idea, and easy to do with add-ons. Just select the basic pledge level that works for you, and add the extra items you want. 

One package of ten games is quite a bit cheaper to ship than ten packages of one game, and we're happy to do our best to help you keep your costs low. But, as we stated above, we can't estimate your actual shipping cost on those add-ons until they are in the pledge manager, so you might want to wait until then to add them.

(Remember, any VAT and customs charges will be assessed at your end, and these packages will be sent from the USA.)

Thanks as always for backing Tak, and look for more great things just around the corner!

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    1. P Tracy

      I'd love the Devi board as a bandana.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ben Wochinski on

      @Tiwaz / @David Odle - You can get that combo using add ons.
      Back the INKEEPER ($65) level and then add another $40 to your pledge. ($35 for crazy martin, $5 for a coin) You'll pick what add ons you want after the campaign is over.

    3. Chris I-B

      I'd love to see a cloth board (literally just a square of cloth with the board pattern either printed or embroidered on it) either included in the Tavern Set or as an optional add-on. The idea of being able to roll/fold up the board, shove it in the bag with the pieces, and toss the whole thing into your bag is appealing. I know the coin can be used to mark the centre of an imaginary board, but I can see an actual board making it easier to keep the pieces lined up on the proper rows and columns.
      Something along the lines of the cloth board shipped with "The Viking Game" (seen here: ) is what I'm imagining.

    4. David Odle on

      That is also exactly what I am looking for... At the moment. I am almost certainly going to want additional things that are going to be offered later in the campaign as well.

    5. Tiwaz on

      So, I backed at the Tinker level, but I'd kind of like a level like the Tinker only with the Crazy Martin instead of the tavern set?

      Basically, I'd like a set with: The Classic game, The Crazy Martin set, the Hardback Book, and the Collector Coin.

    6. Keith Pishnery on

      I believe the video of James and Patrick has a moment where they discuss this and Patrick says Bredon and Kvothe play on "at least" a 6x6 board, but probably it's probably more the 8x8.

    7. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      w/r/t size, in the end, I just want to know what board Kvothe and Bredon play. I want a board that relates to the specific plot of the books, because, in the end, though this is a fantastic game, I'm dropping this much cash because it comes from something else I already deeply love.

    8. Karl Dickey on

      I love everything about this game that I have seen (in particular its portability) of which I have a question. What are the depth and width dimensions of both the tavern set and the crazy Martin set bags?

    9. Missing avatar

      Ben Wochinski on

      Awesome news, already upped my pledge for a Crazy Martin! I might end up with enough sets to gift at this rate. Maybe. :)

    10. Drew Cordell on

      Thanks for the frequent updates! So excited and so happy that this game is becoming a reality. I'm working on creating a set of pieces for beta testing with friends while I wait for the game to release! Keep up the great work.