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A deluxified fast food card game from Cheapass Games
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9 Hrs to Go, and What is Pairs?

Posted by Cheapass Games (Creator)

Howdy, backers!

It's getting close to the end... We have only 9 hours to go, and we're getting close to the $75k stretch goal, unlocking the Lord of the Fries Pairs deck.

So Many Decks!

We posted many lofty stretch goals in this campaign, stretching up to $120k, and it's nearly impossible that we will reach them all in the next 10 hours. But that's okay, because we've already crossed the most important line.

At $65k we unlocked the artwork for all eight expansions. This means that, over time, we can print these expansions and release them into retail stores. And in the meantime, players can enjoy these decks by ordering them from DriveThruCards.

Retailers don't want to be deluged with all eight expansions at once. So we can print a couple of expansion decks every few months, and release them into the world, to keep Lord of the Fries on top of retailers' minds. Over time, we might even add more than these eight decks. What restaurants are we missing? Let us know and we'll add 'em to the list.

What is Pairs?

This morning we got a request to talk more about Pairs, and that's good timing for the upcoming $75k stretch goal. Here is a little more detail about that game. 

Pairs is a "New Classic Pub Game" that we introduced on Kickstarter last year. It has deceptively simple rules and an unusual deck of cards: just the numbers 1 through 10, where the number on the card represents its frequency in the deck. We call that a "triangular" distribution of cards: 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, up to 10x10.

We were fortunate to partner with author Patrick Rothfuss, who not only lent us his universe for some of our most popular decks, but also made Pairs a part of his world. 

The core game is about not getting pairs. That's why the triangular deck is interesting: the odds of pairing each card are different. The value is different too, as larger cards are worth more points, and points are bad. So when you have a 9-10 in your hand, there are 17 cards in the deck that will pair you. When you have a 1-2, you're almost completely safe.

The game has just one loser, not one winner. Each round, the first player who gets a pair (or folds) scores some points, and the first player to reach a target score loses the game.

The core game was just the beginning. We created twelve different decks, each with unique art and a new game variant, similar to what we're doing now with Lord of the Fries. Many of these decks are limited-edition and already hard to find. And we plan to do several more Pairs decks this summer, including (with your help) the Lord of the Fries version.


  • You can read the Campaign Page for all the history on the Pairs Kickstarter. 
  • Take a look at Hip Pocket Games for current info on the game. 
  • Watch the video below for a quick sense of how the game is played.
  • And if you google "pairs pub game review" you'll get a fair assortment of 4- and 5-star reviews. Like this one

At the moment we're less than $1500 away from unlocking the Lord of the Fries Pairs Deck, which will contain artwork from all ten Friedey's restaurants. We're working on a game variant that is, basically, a streamlined version of Lord of the Fries. But it's too new to be ready for prime time.

Thanks for your support and please stay with us for the last nine hours of the Lord of the Fries campaign!

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    1. Crystal-Le on

      And there's also Spanish Cuisine. Not Mexican food mind you, but Spain Spanish Cuisine which is different. You could make it a Tapas Restaurant even.

    2. Crystal-Le on

      Oh! And I forgot to mention, there are also "Pop-Up Restaurants" that are temporary restaurants that can be found in the most eccentric places like a private home, a personal factory, a winery or something of the like. You could have a lot of fun with that theme. Okay. I'm done now. ^_^;

    3. Crystal-Le on

      I was thinking of other restaurants you could produce. Maybe you can do a "Cajun Cuisine" (also called Louisiana Creole Cuisine")? It's the kind of food associated with New Orleans like Po Boys and Gumbo and the like. Also there could be a basic "Southern Cuisine" that's full of southern home cooking like Fried Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese and Collared Greens. Then there's a local food movement called "Farm-to-table" in which restaurants buy local directly from the source and in season using fresh organic ingredients. On that note you can do a Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant. Also there are restaurants that foodies love to go to that do crazy and yummy things to foods. Then you have restaurants that uses exclusively "Molecular Gastronomy" to bend food to their will and often with beautiful and yummy results. Oh, and also you can do British Cuisine such as Fish and Chips and Shepherd's Pie and Yorkshire pudding. I think I'm going to stop here. I'm getting hungry. ^_^;

    4. Missing avatar

      Clifton Royston on

      Whooo, looks like you hit it!

    5. Buggrit

      Added another $10 to my pledge for my Frieday's deck because it looks like you'll smash through the Pairs stretch goal...

    6. AingealWroth

      (PS, thanks for posting the banner of art, too. The Irish Pub-Brazillian Grill-YumYum SuperFish section is now my tablet wall paper, lol.)

    7. AingealWroth

      Thank you so much for the deeper explaination, It sounds fun!
      Looking foreward to Lord of the Pairs ;)