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A deluxified fast food card game from Cheapass Games
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Las Cabezas and an Exclusive Button Man!

Posted by Cheapass Games (Creator)

Hello, Zombies.

Today we crossed the $50k threshold, unlocking the printed version of our first bonus restaurant deck, Las Cabezas. We've also added two new intermediate stretch goals, a pair of Kickstarter-exclusive Button Men trading cards.

Welcome to Las Cabezas!

We have officially unlocked the printed deck for Las Cabezas, which means you will be able to add it to your pledge through After the Crowd after the campaign closes. You can add an extra $10 to your pledge now (which will make our numbers look great), or you can wait and add it after the campaign closes (which will save us about 50 cents). Either way is fine with us.

The menu at Las Cabezas will be loosely based on the old Friedey's variant menu, Montezuma's Mexi-Deli, with dishes like the Don Quixote, the Mask of Zorro, and the Conquest of Paradise. At Montezuma's, the special rule was that any kind of Meat could be played as a substitute for the right kind, but for a value of zero points.

Like all the old variant menus, Montezuma's was built from the same ingredients as the core deck (plus Veggies and Sauce, which were in the extended deck). But now, we have a whole Mexi-Specific set of ingredients (Red Stuff, Green Stuff, Tortillas, Rice, etc), so we can build a much more believable set of Mexican dishes, and possibly a better bonus rule.

Building this menu will be a lot of fun, but we haven't really started yet. Take a look at the Hybrid Menu section below for more about how a new menu comes together. 

New Stretch Goals: Button Men Trading Cards!

In 1999 Cheapass Games created a humble little dice game on pin-back buttons, which grew into a gaming sensation. Button Men is a simple game about beating people up, played with a single character per player, and five polyhedral dice. 

These days, Button Men are scarce, and we're still thinking about the best way to bring the game back into print (hint: it might not be on buttons). Right now you can download the complete game rules and many free print-and-play trading cards from

Just for fun, we've asked Brian Snoddy to redraw Kublai in the style of the new game art. We'll turn that image into a Kickstarter-exclusive Button Men trading card at the very reachable stretch goal level of $58k. Once he's unlocked, we'll include one Kublai card in every package. (Sorry, Small Frys.)

The image above shows the new sketch on the left, and the original Kublai card on the right. The new Kublai will have the same stats as the original: 4-8-12-20-X. If you don't know what that means, you should learn about the game!

Then, at $63k, we'll add a second Button Men trading card, featuring a new character from the Coffee Shop. She doesn't get a name until Brian draws her, so keep checking back for more details.

What is a Hybrid Menu?

In a comment on our last update, Jabrwok asked what the rules for a multi-deck menu might look like. We are not doing the final design on these decks until we know which decks we are unlocking, but here is the basic concept:

Each restaurant deck has enough cards for 6 players. To play with more people, or just for the heck of it, you can create a hybrid deck using cards from more than one restaurant. Each menu will tell you exactly which cards belong in this mixed deck.

We don't want to go far above the 8 or 9 different ingredients found in any individual deck, because more ingredients makes recipes harder to fill. So we will usually mix the most common cards from both decks. We'll base the theme of that menu on whatever is suggested by that collection of ingredients.

For example, the core Friedey's deck is 10x Bun, Fries, and Drink; 6x Cheese, Cow, Bird, and Fish, and 1x Pie. The coffee shop deck has 12 Coffee, 9x Fruit and Milk, 6x Syrup, Ice, Pastry, and Whip. So we could make a menu called "Meat Cake, Renaissance Fare" featuring that great non-period junk food you find at a Renfair. The deck would be 10x Bun and Coffee, 9x Fruit, Fries, Drink, and Milk, 6x Bird and Cow, and 4x Ice. That's 72 cards, just enough for 8 players to start with 9 cards each.

Of course, we have to tweak the deck recipe once all the menu items are defined. We have good tools for that.

This is just an example, but now I'm getting excited about having Brian draw the header for this menu, with a Renfair Zombie selling turkey legs and funnel cakes....

Thanks for helping us break this $50k barrier, and let's hope the next 10 days are just as grand!

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    1. Missing avatar


      Nathan -- I'm like you -- it seems like it only benefits us to pledge for the extra decks now. While I'm sorry its gonna cost Cheapass the 50 cents, I'd kinda like to see that Brazilian grill artwork... :D

    2. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on

      Nathan: I don't think you're missing anything, but we really are happy either way. Add-ons will only float us so far... the best way to grow this project is to help us spread the word.

      The expansion decks from DriveThruCards will also be $10 (plus shipping). They won't have a tuck box, but you can buy a plastic box for $1, or you can just keep them in the main game box.

    3. Nathan Reed

      So, to be clear, if we add $10 to our pledge now we unlock more art and are able to pickup a deck later. If we don't add $10 now we save you 50 cents and prevent more art and decks being made. Mmm, I am thinking we should promote the "add the $10 now." option. Or am I missing something. BTW do we have a rough guess on how much decks will be from Print on Demand (sans S/H)?

    4. Missing avatar

      Jabrwock on

      Mmmm, Renfair funnel cakes...

    5. Missing avatar

      Hershaddow on

      I am excited about the button men!

    6. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on

      Of course, with the new interweaving of the stretch goal levels, I forgot to also mention that we've also unlocked the artwork for another restaurant: the Early Bird breakfast cafe. Rise with the sun and get what's coming to you at the Early Bird Cafe! :)