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A new deluxe edition of Kill Doctor Lucky, a classic board game from Cheapass Games.
2,711 backers pledged $210,086 to help bring this project to life.

New Goals, New Game!

Posted by Cheapass Games (Creator)

Hello, Backers!

We just crossed the $110k mark without setting a new stretch goal, so we're going to call that one a "gimme" and add the rules for Escape from Lucky Mansion to the game. We will also add the Zombie Doctor Lucky card art as a stretch goal at $120k, just to give us something easy to shoot for.

The wooden pawns will be a little more challenging. After some figuring, it looks like our costs on these pawns are a function of quantity. Upgrading the game pawns to wood will depend on how many total games we make, not just how much money we raise. So we must set the production bar high enough to make it affordable.

Given all the variables, we have decided that we can upgrade to wooden pawns if the project hits 3000 backers, which seems to be about a 50/50 shot at this point. However, if we don't make that threshold, we are considering the option of including eight wooden pawns as an add-on. We should have an estimate for that option in a few days.

New Game: Before I Kill You, Mister Spy

We will introduce another new game in the Spring. We say "new", but it's actually a reprint of Cheapass Game #002, the game that followed right after Kill Doctor Lucky! This game has had different names over the years, but this time around, it will be called "Before I Kill You, Mister Spy."

Before I Kill You, Mister Spy is a lightweight card game about playing the heavy. You are a super-villain, luring spies into your secret lair, and doing them in. But before you kill a spy, you have the option to taunt him. That doubles his point value (which is good), but gives him a chance to escape (which is bad).

The original spy game was made in a white envelope with 55 cards. Many years later, we redesigned the game and released it as "James Ernest's Totally Renamed Spy Game," with full-color art by Cheyenne Wright, and a 110-card deck.

But there were some unforeseen problems with that double-sized deck, and that edition was never quite as good as the original. Now the Totally Renamed Spy Game is long out of print, so we have this great opportunity to return to the original single-deck format. We'll call it the "classic" edition.

How it Plays: Each player is a villain, building a secret lair. When your lair is large enough, you can trap spies and try to kill them. Killing them is safe, and taunting them is risky. Each taunt doubles the point value of the spy, but it has one exact match, and someone else can discard that matching card to make your taunt fail. If that happens, the spy escapes, and blows up your lair on the way out.

The game is rated for 3-6 players (though we think it might also be good with 2), and you can play a hand in about 15 minutes, or keep score over a longer series of hands. We'll modify the rules a bit, because we always do, but this game has always been a Cheapass favorite, and we are excited for this chance to bring it back into print.

Before I Kill You, Mister Spy will go into retail stores in June 2016. If you'd like an early copy, you can now add it to your pledge for just $10. The spy game will also be included automatically as part of the "Everything" levels.

Meeple Art!

Just this afternoon, we got our first sketches from Meeple Source, above. This set of four designs includes Gail Russo (Nancy Frye), Mumfort Consequence (Phil Foglio), Augustijn Oraange (Stephen Beeman) and Meymun Smelt (Patrick Rothfuss). 

These are just the first draft, but they already look amazing and we can't wait to see the rest! Meeple Source hope to send the remaining four murderers, and Doctor Lucky, before the end of the week.

What's Next:

This weekend we'll be gaming at a local convention, testing out the spy game, some new Pairs games, and some new variations on Kill Doctor Lucky. Hopefully that'll lead to some core game improvements (and maybe even new stretch goals) next week.

Our campaign has just over two weeks to go, so it's time to tell your friends, and let's bring more backers to the project!

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    1. AaronT

      @Mandy: I would recommend raising your pledge by $10 for the game. When the pledge manager comes out you can select what that $10 was for. That way we get closer to more stretch goals!

    2. Alexandra Smith on

      My guess is I'm not alone in purchasing 2 copies of the game (and my pledge amount reflects that)... is 3000 the number of sets of pawns you need to order, or did you take multiples into account?

    3. Professor Stephen Candy

      I ummed and aahed about backing at the "Everything" level, but it just gets better value with every update! :o) Thank you CAG!

    4. Daniel Cooksey

      Will our add-on for Before I Kill You, Mr. Spy be for a Drive Thru print of the game, or a full boxed version with rules a la Deadfall? Just trying to determine where to allocate my moneys.

    5. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on

      Daniel: I don't actually know what rules will change. Just that I want to tweak it and make it better.

      Mandy: Kickstarter doesn't have the tools to add specific items to a pledge, so we will use a pledge manager after the campaign ends. As long as you're in at least the $5 level, you'll have access to the pledge manager for adding extras. Thanks!

    6. Mandy Johnson on

      Am I missing how to Before I Kill You, Mister Spy to my pledge or will it be an add-on at the campaign's end.

    7. Daniel Sroka on

      My family has been big fan of Totally Renamed Spy Game for years (it was one of the first "real" games my kids played). But yeah, the rules have always has a couple glitches too them, that we'd tried dealing with by hacking the game (e.g. giving points for destroying lairs).

      How different will the rules of Before I Kill You be from the old version?

    8. Greg W. on

      Fantastic on "Escape from Lucky Mansion" and can't wait for the Zombie card! Another great set of SG that benefit all backers!

      I think the 3000 backer goal is a good goal to put before us (your backers). If we want (and so many do) wooden pawns, then we need to get out there and promote the project...challenge accepted!