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Deluxe Deck Box

Posted by Cheapass Games (Creator)

Greetings, geniuses!

We knew from the beginning we wanted to offer an all-encompassing storage solution for the complete collection of Girl Genius: The Works. We’ve partnered with Wyrmwood Gaming, purveyors of beautiful wood gaming supplies, to offer a deluxe deck box as gorgeous as the cards themselves.

Crafted of responsibly sourced wenge with hardwood splines, the deck box has room for all four decks (sleeved), along with a fifth compartment for promo cards. The logo is inlaid with brass and aluminum to give the box a true steampunk feel. 

The deluxe deck box
The deluxe deck box

Each box will be handcrafted by the Wyrmwood artisans, and will include their Craftsman’s Promise:

There is only one acceptable outcome for our Craftsmen: a product that they can take personal pride in and an -absolutely- satisfied client. If you are unsatisfied with your product for -any- reason at all, we will fully refund or replace the item free of charge.

We previously partnered with Wyrmwood to create bespoke Tak sets, and couldn’t be happier with the results. We’re confident they’ll deliver another round of gorgeous pieces.

The deluxe deck box will be available as an add-on for $310 plus shipping & handling, and will be delivered directly from Wyrmwood, separately from the rest of the campaign items.

Girl Genius Book & Game Night!

Celebrate the successful conclusion of the Girl Genius: The Works campaign with us at Girl Genius Book and Game Night! Phil, James, and Team Cheapass will be at Brick & Mortar Books in Redmond Town Center this Friday, April 20th from 7:00-10:00 PM Pacific. Come by to meet the crew, try out the prototype of The Works, and indulge in general frivolity!

James, Phil, and Kaja will have their Sharpies handy, so feel free to bring your games and graphic novels for them to sign. Brick & Mortar will also have games and graphic novels available for purchase.

If you can’t make it, you can still join in on the fun via Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks again for backing Girl Genius!

Team Cheapass

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    1. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on

      @John Thanks for the question! You can check out Wyrmwood's page on wood sourcing ethics here:

      And, if you have further questions, they're always happy to take questions:


    2. John Sproule on

      Can you elaborate on "responsibly sourced"? I know wenge is endangered, and the dust and splinters can cause health issues for workers if not properly done.

    3. Art McBain on

      @corgi well check out my profile and hit me up later / after the campaign. ;)

    4. Corgi on

      Art and Derek, I have ... neither! :sob:

    5. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on

      @Tony Shipping to Australia would be roughly $35 for the box. Wyrmwood takes great care when they package and ship their products. I can attest to that both as someone who helped with customer service on the Tak campaign, and as a customer of Wyrmwood. :) The box will be able to fit sleeved cards.

      @noname If there is sufficient demand, we certainly have no problem licensing Wyrmwood to make these boxes after the campaign. That said, it's not something we've discussed with them at this point.


    6. Tony Cooke on

      When I saw the price I thought it was a misprint. $31 was more what I expected, a box is a great idea. That said, everyone in the know says the price is fair for what is being offered.
      And it does look nice...

      I think the question for me (can easily afford it, so it's not that) is what sort of extra postage will this cost shipping to Australia, and so whether that total is worth it. Of course the issue of secure packaging for a long trip also comes to mind. Insurance?

      And when you say "has room for all four decks (sleeved)" does that mean in their individual boxes, or just cards in card sleeves?

    7. noname

      This is a gorgeous box. (Pricey, but I assume worth it, Wyrmwood does amazing work.)

      Will it be available outside of the pledge manager? If not, how long will the pledge manager be open? I'd like to get this, but $310 is a lot of money on short notice, so if it's only available via the manager for a month or so, I'll probably have to skip it :(

    8. Tor Swanson on

      Amazing box, leaving aside the cost differential between game and storage solution, this is a really really cool offering. Thanks to all involved for at least showing us what a storage box of that quality should look like,

    9. Missing avatar


      That box looks really great and I'm sure it is worth $310 but I personally can't justify paying x5 the cost of the game for a way to store it. This would look wonderful on the shelf of a collector but I personally will save my money for other games. If a cheaper option was made available (less than $30) I would be interested in that.

    10. Missing avatar

      Derek on

      Wyrmwood does beautiful work, Sadly far beyond my means
      Art McBain has a decent plan
      I will probably do something similar definitely sized for sleeved
      Employing the 3D printer I have :) , rather than the laser cutter I don't

    11. Art McBain on

      Oops. Should read:

      "something costing MORE than $25-50"

    12. Art McBain on

      So, uh, it seems you all are looking for something a bit more like this? :P

      I intend this to hold my six decks for Lord of the Fries as I hate having to dig through two decks stacked on top of each other to find the one I want. (I removed the insert added cardboard dividers to the retail box.) If the cards for this game are standard "playing card" size, then I don't have to make any changes to also use this. :) However it would need a little more height to accommodate sleeved cards.

      I just need to finish fitting the design so I don't need glue and add the lid. Assuming you have access to a laser cutter, something like this (lid included) might cost you just $5 in materials... plus laser time if it's a paid service, plus your time waiting for it to finish, plus assembly time... :D

      I don't need a $310 box, but I can see where time, design, and BoM results in something costing $25-50.

    13. Corgi on

      Addendum: What about a nicely-assembled cardboard-of-some-sort box? Possible at all?

    14. Corgi on

      [looks wistfully at the lovely box]

    15. Missing avatar

      Doug Jones on

      Wyrmwood may do stunning work, but I don't think I'm willing to pay five times the price of the game just for a wooden box. I'll pass...

    16. M. Craig Stockwell

      Wyrmwood does such stunning work -- and I didn't _fully_ appreciate it until I got to check out their Tak boards at Gen Con 50. I've done a fair amount of woodworking over the past 40 years ... and instead of thinking "I could do just as well", I really appreciated their craftsmanship more than most gamers.

      It's telling (and awesome!) that the tabletop gaming world has come from being super-niche, to a point where it includes people who appreciate what's essentially freakin' ART as a storage solution for their favorite games.

      I'm pleased that Cheapass continues to offer great games at great prices (or free) ... but also makes it possible for those with the means to enjoy deluxification to do so.

      I've been playing Cheapass games since the paper envelope days (and still have most of the titles with their envelopes or thin boxes). Please keep up the great work, and offering new options!

    17. Missing avatar

      Jesse Rosen

      I can't help but agree with a few thoughts, I love GG and i drooled over the box but 310!? Thats a bit much, even if it does have room for all the decks. I too would love to see a "more sane?" box in which to put my awesome new Works decks.

    18. Shawn Klaus on

      It's made of wenge, a notoriously difficult wood to work with. Dulls both hand and machine tools, uneven grain density makes uneven sanding a challenge to overcome. Expensive due to exploitation depletion, more so since this if "responsibly sourced," likely meaning farmed.
      Probably machined as pieces, then hand assembled and finished. Inlays are also not cheap, not matter what they're made of, and brass isn't junk metal anymore.
      The price is reasonable. It's just not in my budget at this time.

    19. The Phantom Piper

      $310 for a small box? I dont think I paid much more than that for my Smallworld Designer Edition. Eek. I am sure it is nice though.

    20. KevinR

      While it's nice that you are making so much profit off of Kickstarter and Cheapass Games generally that you think that a $310 accessory is appropriate, it adds to the sense that you have become exactly what Cheapass wasn't. Well, at least this gives me an incentive to pull some great games off the shelf to introduce the next generation to good gameplay. (Would TVCPG or Starbase Jeff work better for an 8-year-old?)

      And you can replace five backers like me with one wealthy one.

    21. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on

      @Christopher Either works!

      @Ekzentric We haven't discussed any alternatives; it depends on player demand, Wyrmwood's interest in creating something similar at a lower price point, etc. This particular box, crafted with this wood and materials, will not be available for a lower price.


    22. Christopher Mangum

      If we want one of the boxes, should we increase our pledge now, or wait until the pledge manager after?

    23. Ekzentric Lohner on

      I don't suppose there'll be a less expensive version of the box? I was all for getting it until I saw the $310 price tag.