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Meet the Jager Poker Deck!

Posted by Cheapass Games (Creator)

The Foglios have plotted to build a Jägermonster poker deck for quite some time. But they don’t normally print card games, so it hasn't happened yet. Luckily, printing games is exactly what we do, so this campaign is a great opportunity to finally make it happen!  

If you’re not familiar with the Jägermonsters of Girl Genius, they are quirky soldiers constructed by the Heterodynes, who have superhuman strength and an unusual attachment to beautiful hats. They also love to play games, though they are sometimes fuzzy on the rules.   

Oh, those Jägers.
Oh, those Jägers.

The Jägermonster Poker Deck contains gorgeous full-color illustrations by Phil Foglio and Cheyenne Wright, with cool Jägery pips by Cheyenne. It uses a four-color scheme for the suits, and nicely antique-looking presentation. The back design incorporates a lovely Jäger skull and golden thorns! 

A few of the Jägermonster poker cards
A few of the Jägermonster poker cards

So, what kinds of poker games do the Jägermonsters play? Why, all of them, of course!

Believe it or not, we actually know a lot about poker games! Phil Foglio and James Ernest, along with co-author Mike Selinker, wrote a delightful collection of strange and wonderful poker games called Dealer’s Choice: The Complete Handbook of Saturday Night Poker. (You can still find it online). So that’s a good place to start looking for great games for this deck. Ernest and Selinker went on to write something like fifty articles for Bluff Magazine with even more crazy poker games, which they hope to turn into another book some day.

James Ernest has also written the “Poker Suite,” which is a PDF collection of original games, mostly unlike poker, that you can play with a standard poker deck. You can find it right here.

Since we will include a rulebook with this deck, we’ve decided to put a brand new poker game in it! It’s called Ricochet Poker, and it's like a fast version of poker without all the bluffing. 

It's another new poker game from James Ernest!
It's another new poker game from James Ernest!

How does it work? Basically, each player starts by making a bet. They each get two faceup cards, and the player with the lowest hand acts first. 

You can either pay another bet (the same size as the first) to get the rest of your cards, or you can fold. This decision passes to every hand, from worst to best, until everyone has acted, at which point the highest hand wins. It sounds simple, but give it a chance - Ricochet Poker is pretty darned fun!

There’s a little more to it, including rules for dealing this game in a casino (the house plays by slightly different rules). And we will write some variants because really, that rules sheet has a lot of extra room on it.

The Whole Thing!
The Whole Thing!

Getting A Jäger Deck 

This item isn't exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign. The Foglios will sell this deck on their web store, and so will Cheapass Games. But if you’d like to add a copy to your rewards, you can add an extra $10 to your pledge. Our pledge manager will have a shopping cart that lets you tell us what that $10 was for, and will calculate any additional shipping charges.

As a general reminder about add-ons and deck selections, the pledge manager will be open a few weeks after the campaign ends. 

The Girl Genius: The Works Card Back Design
The Girl Genius: The Works Card Back Design

The Card Back is Revealed 

We are still working on the final card back for Girl Genius: The Works, but we are getting really close! Our goal with this design was to make something cool, reversible, and interlocking. This design fits together with itself, as you can see above, to make a giant seamless machine! 

Cheyenne Wright and James Ernest have worked tirelessly on this amazing design, and we all think it’s pretty cool. It better be, because we get to print one on every card!

Almost Halfway!

We are nearing the halfway point in this campaign, and we are at nearly 300% of our initial goal. We are absolutely thrilled at how far we have come, but we want to do better! 

We still have lots of fun stuff to share with you, including more details on the various decks, cool art and card designs, new games like The Island of Doctor Lucky, and cute little things for the funvelope. As you know, a lot of those items get designed during the campaign, so please bear with us as we tinker away with the details. 

Thanks so much for supporting Cheapass Games and backing Girl Genius: The Works!

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    1. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on

      @Lindsey You can add funds now through Kickstarter, or later through the pledge manager. The pledge manager will be where you indicate what any additional funds above and beyond your pledge level are to be put towards. Feel free to message us directly with any questions. :) -Cassidy

    2. Daefyd Wyr
      on adding the money now is the way to go if it is possible for you.

    3. Daefyd Wyr

      You will tell them what you want to spend your pledge on and where to send it in a pledge manager sometime after the project funding ends and Kickstarter sends them what is left of the money after they take their cut.

    4. Lindsey Amethyst Hampton on

      Er, I want to add $10 to my order to get this, but I can't seem to find the spot where I'd say that's what I want--will that come later or am I just missing it?

    5. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on

      @Amy: FOr this campaign we are printing only one back design. However, we could also make an alternate pair of decks available at DriveThruCards for players who need two back designs.
      @Todd: Because that's how Kaja told me to arrange them. :)

    6. Amy Nelson on

      Will the Jaeger poker deck only have one color backer available? I try to buy my poker decks in pairs of two colors because I play one game that needs two decks.

    7. Missing avatar

      Todd Veros on

      It looks like Ognian is a jack instead of a queen, like Maxim, Dimo, and Venka are. Any ideas why that is?