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Details on the Play Mat

Posted by Cheapass Games (Creator)

Happy Monday!

The campaign is off to a great start and we can't wait to show you all the details about this game. Thanks for helping us fund so quickly, and thanks for telling your friends about us!

Many of you have questions about the play mat, so we thought this would be a good time to show it off. 

We have never made a play mat for a game before, because few of our games are so easily constrained. But since the tableau for The Works is always the same shape and size, this was the perfect opportunity.

Our prototype play mat
Our prototype play mat

Pictured above is one of the prototypes that we used in the campaign video. It is printed with the same process as the final, but the corners are a little rough because it was cut by hand. The real ones will use a custom cutting die that isn't made yet. 

The material is 1/16" neoprene with a black textured backing, like a thin mouse pad. Flat size is 14" square. You can fold it loosely or roll it up, though we don't recommend putting a hard crease in it for very long. It recovers, but maybe not all the way.

Why do we love this? Because this material makes the cards so much easier to pick up, compared to a hard flat surface. Magicians use the same kind of portable surface for card tricks!

This play mat is available as an add-on for $15, and it's also part of the $60 Player's Pack, which includes four decks and the funvelope. So in that package the play mat is just $12.

Art from the prototype
Art from the prototype

As you can see from the artwork, the golden gears show you where to place the 12 cards. When a card is missing, you can really see it, which can be a little harder without the guide. You can also see the Girl Genius damask pattern running behind the gears, as well as some artwork from the game.

Note that we didn't use card shapes for these spots, just circles, because the board can actually be either left- or right-handed, and this can sometimes change in the middle of a game (sometimes every card rotates 90°). 

Note also that this design isn't final, because the game logo isn't final (it's just very close.) Eventually the same graphic elements will also be part of the packaging and the card back. So this handsome play mat is a grand addition to your Girl Genius collection.

Thanks again for backing, and please tell your friends!

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    1. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on

      @Bert Yep! The playmat will be available as a $15 add-on. -Cassidy

    2. BertD on

      Can I Add this in My Pledge manager when it will be open?

    3. Matt Lowder on

      Great great! Thanks!

    4. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on

      @Matt: No worries, these things are coming. Decks are mainly distinct by having characters from different story lines, but there are blocks of cards that act differently in each deck. Think of them like different Magic theme decks?

    5. Matt Lowder on

      I love this so far! Keep up the awesome work! I'll patiently wait for Cheapass to post a video or text blast defining the differences between the four deck themes. So pumped!

    6. Gordon Williamson on

      It would be nice to see some of the crests from the Greater Spark lines (Heterodyne, Mongfish, Wulfenbach, Sturmvoraus, etc)... perhaps as an element of the various gears.