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$155,131 pledged of $30,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$155,131 pledged of $30,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Daniel Cooksey
      just now

      @Shadowstalker, I agree that this late in the campaign it seemed a little spammy, but I will say I appreciate it when a creator emails me through KS about a new project about to launch. Because I've backed almost every Cheapass campaign, I get a lot of emails too, but I don't mind. Not everyone backs each campaign and it is good to cover your bases.

    2. Cheapass Games 11-time creator 8 minutes ago

      @ShadowStalker We appreciate the feedback--genuinely--and will weigh it when determining how to market our next project. -Cassidy

    3. Cheapass Games 11-time creator about 1 hour ago

      @Ja Powers Regarding Moxana's Game--we have indeed! :) -Cassidy

    4. ShadowStalker about 5 hours ago

      First off I want to say that I like CAG products and that I completely understand the need to advertise.

      However the latest blast you sent out on your old projects was a bit too much. I got 5 updates from old projects regarding The Works. These "updates" didn't include any information regarding the project that they were posted on... they were only advertising.

      The most egregious one was from Stuff and Nonsense. This project has been delivered for 3 years now. The last 6 "updates" from that project were pure advertising. (Lord of Fries has also been 2 1/2 years)

      I get it. Advertising leads to more backers. It is a good thing to a point, this crossed a line where it went too far. Updates are supposed to be a thing used to update the progress for backers. Not for continually shilling your product.

    5. Art McBain about 10 hours ago

      "The cards will be Poker/MtG sized"

      Oh good. This means the box I designed will fit the cards just fine (I usually don't sleeve my board game cards unless they're something like a static set of player action choice cards). Should probably add more height anyway in case I change my mind, though...

    6. Missing avatar

      Ja Powers about 11 hours ago

      I think we've hit 50+ #Moxana's Game(s) on twitter?

    7. roberto edmundo ponce reyes about 14 hours ago

      Thank you for the answers!
      I think that's a pretty good idea!

    8. Cheapass Games 11-time creator about 22 hours ago

      @BertD The initial release will just be in English.

      @Howard We don't have a recommended brand of sleeve. The cards will be Poker/MtG sized, and the Wyrmwood box is designed to fit sleeved cards.


    9. BertD about 23 hours ago

      Is this Game release In French? or just english? :D

    10. Missing avatar

      Howard Mann 1 day ago

      Can you recommend sleeves that will fit both the cards and the wormwood box?

    11. Missing avatar

      Derek 2 days ago

      @Roberto as a long term loony with a habit of warping games to suit my needs
      If I felt a need for 10 players
      I would use 3 decks, and increase the radius of the machine by 1
      24 cards in play rather than 12
      But that's just me being weird

    12. Cheapass Games 11-time creator 2 days ago

      @Zorba A pledge of at least $10 will grant access to the pledge manager, where you'll be able to allocate and add funds for The Island of Doctor Lucky. :) -Cassidy

    13. Cheapass Games 11-time creator 2 days ago

      @Roberto Four players is really the ideal upper limit. Six is doable, though we recommend playing in teams. For a greater number of players, we recommend splitting into smaller groups.

      @Zorba We'll have an answer for you shortly.


    14. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      How do we pledge for the Island of Doctor Lucky only?

    15. roberto edmundo ponce reyes 3 days ago

      Hello cheap ass games! I am really looking forward to this game, I have been needing a simple game with minimal components easy to teach to get people playing in no time and this has really hit the spot, congrats on the design!

      I do not have one question. In one of the updates it is mentioned that the game could accommodate 4+ players. If I were to get, for instance 2 decks, would it be possible to stretch it up to, say, 10 players? (acknowledgely, that makes the game really chaotic, but I am interested in simple, higher count games and I really like the idea that comes with this one). If 10 players is too much, would you say a maximum would be 6 or 8?

      Regardless, it is a great looking game, and I am getting at least 2 decks in my pledge!

      Thanks in advance and succes with the remaining of the campaign!

    16. Cheapass Games 11-time creator 3 days ago

      @Shawn Yes, that's correct. We don't have a precise time, but in the past we've launched the pledge manager two-three weeks after the campaign ends. :) -Cassidy

    17. Shawn Klaus 3 days ago

      Just to confirm: the deluxe deck box by Wyrmwood will be available as an add-on in the pledge manager, which has not started at this time? Do you have a date/time when that will launch?

    18. Missing avatar

      Matthew 3 days ago

      Just jumped on the bandwagon and would like to bump an idea touched on a few times by backers. I understand there is quite the cost associated but have you put any thought into a single deck box that fits all 4 decks (+4 promos) sleeved, maybe with dividers? With 4 days to go I understand this is unlikely but I figured I'd ask the question.

    19. Cheapass Games 11-time creator 3 days ago

      @Lynda Young: We do handle add-ons through our pledge-management system, which will open up after the campaign has closed. You can add to your pledge here, or wait to make additions in the pledge-management system. It will calculate the shipping & handling on any extra items, and let you top-up your pledge there as needed.

      @The Phantom Piper: The Island of Doctor Lucky will be the regular edition.
      --Carol Monahan, VP

    20. The Phantom Piper
      3 days ago

      Will the Island of Doctor Lucky have any Kickstarter exclusives if we order it through this KS?

    21. Lynda Young 3 days ago

      Will the Island of Doctor Lucky be available as an "add on" in the pledge manager after the kickstarter, or only while the kickstarter is live?

    22. Tony Cooke 3 days ago

      PPS: Yes, I do realise Moxana's game isn't exactly unrelated, but it isn't being made physically available as an add-on to this project.

    23. Tony Cooke 3 days ago

      Interesting post by @Matt Lowder.
      Personally, I've been a part of projects with less updates. So long as I'm happy everything is going as it should - as is the case here - that doesn't bother me.

      However, re "advertising" other projects... I've been pondering that too.
      I don't think Matt is saying it is wrong per se, but rather that it should only be a small part of any project. At least if that's not his position it is mine. It's a question of balance and keeping an appropriate focus on the core project. And that keeps the whole thing "on message", and reduces confusion. That said I haven't been confused here, but then I've read everything - at least twice.
      I think possibly a lack of "exciting updates with stretch goals"™ hasn't helped. Even if just better card stock, bonus cards, etc.

      Anyway, as I said I'm happy overall, and certainly happy with my pledge. I'll have a look at add-ons at the appropriate time.

      Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth.

      PS: Hope you enjoyed your holiday.

    24. Cheapass Games 11-time creator 4 days ago

      @Matt Lowder: Hi, this is James Ernest. Thanks for starting with a kind word. Since you have dropped out you might not be around to read this, but here's a quick answer for anyone else who shares your concerns.
      1: Two Decks. We have not posted updates describing decks 3 and 4 because we were still waiting on some of the art. We also think it's more interesting to release that information over the course of the campaign, though I would have liked to have deck 3 posted by now (coming very soon). Players who need to choose a deck based on this information will not have to make that decision until weeks after the campaign is over, so we didn't figure it was a big deal. If you think we are being dishonest, or secretly don't have four decks designed, uh, point taken, I guess? Not sure why else this would be a problem.
      2: Moxana's Game: We have often made future game development the subject of current campaigns. Kickstarter is a good place to gauge interest in new things. This is how the Tak project began, for example. We wanted to see if Moxana's Game sounded interesting to anyone else, and I think we got a good response. If at least one person has been confused about that, we apologize, but I don't think this kind of content is somehow off limits.
      3: Doctor Lucky: We have often made secondary titles part of the add-on offerings. The new edition of Give Me The Brain, for example, never got a campaign of its own, but we made people aware of it during two others. We are pretty excited about The Island of Doctor Lucky and we figure other people might be too.
      4: Response Time. This is certainly our fault. James and Carol have been on a family vacation for a few days, so this campaign was in the hands of a skeleton crew (of one). Week three is typically a slow week for campaigns and frankly the timing couldn't be helped. But we're back now, and happy to answer your questions promptly during this final week.
      Thanks for your feedback and I hope this addresses some of your concerns. I'm looking forward to unpacking my Dropbox (and my bags) and sharing some new art today!

    25. Missing avatar

      Matt Lowder 4 days ago

      While I really respect what James Ernest has done for the hobby, I want to share why I'm dropping my pledge.

      We have still only seen two of four decks, at least one person has been confused about Moxana's game which seems an odd thing to give development attention to at this time, and one of the most recent updates wasn't even for this project, but another one altogether, Dr Lucky. I don't care for this current kickstarter being used as an advertising medium for other titles, especially if there have been as many of those posts as for THE WORKS. I want to know more about what I have directly backed with 5 days to go.

      I do think THE WORKS looks great, but I'm not happy when compared to other kickstarters, especially with three days between responses in the comment section from Cheapass. I don't know why it's so slow, and is not the standard response time compared to other projects in my experience.

      I wish this all the best, and I will probably purchase a deck at retail, but not all 4 like I planned two weeks ago.

      I hope this is constructive. I swear I'm not a jerk, just disappointed.

      I will tell people THE WORKS is a great card game they should pick up - and I wish you the best!

      Matt L

    26. Mark Fadden
      6 days ago

      Thanks @Daniel. So flip blind and whichever way you flip it is the way it stays. (I guess unless you just take your turn to rotate it afterwards.) And that actually fits every video example I've seen as well as how the reflip on the alternate axis being "cheating."

    27. Daniel Cooksey
      7 days ago

      I think the only thing you CAN'T do is flip the card and simultaneously spin it as you are placing it. Once you start a flip, it is simply one end over the other.

    28. Daniel Cooksey
      7 days ago

      From the 2001 Rules: "Flip: “Flip” means to flip over a card. It doesn’t necessarily imply that you’re flipping the card face up or face down, just that you’re flipping it over. When you flip cards up, you don’t get to look at them in the process, so unless you already knew which
      way the card was pointing, it’s a 50/50 chance that the card will come up the way you want it to" And from the On Every Turn section: "Flip One Card: Flip one facedown card
      face up, if you can."

    29. Mark Fadden
      7 days ago

      Thanks @Daniel. So I realize this is over analysis but BGG did a demo video from Gamma with Mister Super President and there is just no pattern to the flips. It's pretty casual I know but some are flipped top to bottom, others side to side, some flipped so they are right side up to the player others to upside down to the flipping player. So I would say it's players choice except for in one case the card is flipped by the interviewer and Cassidy deliberately re flips the card on the other axis calling that cheating. Then allows the interviewer to again flip the card which achieves the opposite orientation and allowing him to rotate it to pop a card. In that play the interviewer flips side to side both times. Yup, I'm compulsive but that implies to me there is a right way to do it and a wrong one.

      And unrelated, dang the lack of a PnP (from Cheapass no less!) frustrates the heck outa me. I'd already be playing this if there was!

    30. Daniel Cooksey
      on April 12

      @Mark, if nothing has changed, I remember it was player's choice how a face-down card is flipped.

    31. Mark Fadden
      on April 11

      @Cheapass, Only one game play question after watching the video. Is there anything rules wise that dictates how you flip a card? meaning is it rotated on a specific axis? Long or short? toward you or lateral? or is it the choice of the flipper? I'm anxious to see the future decks in updates as well.

    32. Mark Fadden
      on April 11

      Well cr@p. I was going to skip the circus deck. Now that I've seen it...

    33. John Ickes
      on April 10

      I know i asked before, but still... Is there a chance of the Studio Foglio Button Men sets being transformed into the new format, and made available on DriveThruCards?

    34. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on April 10

      @Shelley The campaign is for Girl Genius: The Works. Moxana's Game will be available via DriveThruCards at a later date. :) -Cassidy

    35. Shelley Olds on April 10

      Not sure if I just pledged for #MoxanasGame or a different game. I'm always a few days late with seeing these amazing opportunities, so I figured you must have reached 50 posts for #MoxanasGame and opened the backing option! If I'm incorrect... these will be great Christmas gifts to my gaming playing family!

    36. Missing avatar

      SilverAnvil on April 9

      Question: If reprinting xxxenophile is not feasible, how about making it available via Drive Thru Cards like Moxana's Game?

    37. Craig Dolder on April 9

      I know CheapAss games does not currently do EU friendly Kickstarter campaigns. I just wanted you to know that I've funded other board game Kickstarters at a higher level when they are EU friendly. In the end a much larger percentage of the money spent goes to you.

      Thank you for all the hard work in bringing this game back to life.

    38. Missing avatar

      Matt Lowder on April 8

      I would love and estimated time of posting for the other deck themes and mechanisms as we near the final ten days. I know you're busy, but I've received many more updates in the past two weeks from other projects I've backed. I do not know whether to back one, two, three, or four decks because I do not know what is in them. I am a cheapass fan! Thank you!

    39. Davis and Daughters Games on April 6

      Hmm, I guess I found my answer in one of the updates (yes, you can combine decks), but it still leaves me wondering whether I'd use 4 decks, even though obviously I WANT 4 decks :)

    40. Davis and Daughters Games on April 6

      So, the four decks are different. And only one is used at a time, I think? And I assume mixing and matching, while possible, might screw up the game balance. So, how do I make any kind of choice which deck I want? It seems like I'd have to play the game a LOT to make owning four versions of it make sense.

    41. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on April 6

      @Peter Thanks! They haven't been proofread yet, but we appreciate the heads up!

      @Trystan You'll be able to add additional decks via the pledge manager, which is also where shipping will be calculated based on your shipping address and total order.


    42. Missing avatar

      Peter Kruijt on April 6

      Probably not the right place: but the Zoing card prototype (as shown on the Girl Genius site and here in the Wulfenbach update) has a typo: You many... instead of You may...
      But I guess they still need to be proofread.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jemal Hutson on April 5

      Stretch goals are not necessary but they do make the campaign more fun. It can even be simple things like upgrades to card stock or print quality. It does not have to be new game components. One request--please make the box large enough to hold cards with sleeves. This is sometimes overlooked by designers and can be annoying. Much luck with the campaign--I am excited to take part.

    44. Trystan Alexander Knight on April 5

      @Cheapass Games, Thanks for the response to the question about combining decks for a larger pool of cards. So my thinking is to stay themed while increasing the card pool. The easiest way would seem to be to add $48 to my current $60 pledge and thus getting 2 of each deck as well as two funvelopes? Is that something I will be able to do in the pledge manager and I trust it won't double the $13 shipping to $26.

    45. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on April 4

      @Zacrias A version of the game will be made available to retail, but the Kickstarter edition may not be suited to a broad release. We're still working on answers, which depend on how well the campaign does.

      Any game we make is available to international distributors and retailers, but unfortunately, that's not a guarantee that they'll choose to carry them. The best thing consumers can do to encourage their retailer and distributor to carry a specific game is to make their interest in said game known.

      Thanks for asking! -Cassidy

    46. ShadowStalker on April 4

      @ Gordon -
      I feel the opposite about stretch goals. I back a game because the game mechanics are cool or because I trust the game designer. I don't back a game because of stretch goals for Add-on products.
      Theoretically the purpose of stretch goals should be about the creator getting enough funds to upgrade the base game because the quantity of the run reduces the per unit cost and allows for the game to be improved. (Improved quality might attract more backers)
      Add-ons are their own cost. There is nothing being stretched to bring us the new poker deck for instance. The cost of developing and making the poker deck is figured into the add-on cost. To offer it as a stretch goal is creating a false, empty incentive.
      There are times for SGs and they are good for community building. And creating interest. But CAG has a plan... and at the end of the day what they decide to add to the funvelope. And if I feel it is worth $10... I will get it during the PledgeManager phase of the project.

    47. Missing avatar

      Zacrias on April 4

      Hello, can I ask if this is a kickstarter only thing or is it likely to be available through normal distribution later outside the US?

    48. Daefyd Wyr
      on April 4

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    49. Gordon Williamson on April 4

      It isn't so much as upgrading the game itself... but more to see the progress that is being made to various goals... such as unlocking things like the Jager Deck for add ons or seeing how close we are to adding stuff to the funvelope (did i get that right). For the most part... stretch goals shows us what we are close to reaching and may give some who have only pledged for one or two decks to up their pledge to 3 or 4 (or add some add ons) to reach a neat goal they would like. It also helps to make one feel like they are contributing to something just a little bigger than a mere game.

      But that is just my view on posting stretch goals.

    50. Missing avatar

      MrTMoS on April 4

      How about a Jager Pairs deck?

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