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Deadwood is a deluxe board game about making cowboy movies. Designed by James Ernest, with art by Phil Foglio.
919 backers pledged $50,497 to help bring this project to life.

Surveys are Sent!

Posted by Cheapass Games (Creator)

Deadwood Backers:

As 103 of you already know, we've just sent out the official backer surveys for Deadwood Studios, USA. Responses are flooding in as I type this, which is delighful. For the rest of you, please reply by August 18, as we will be shipping the games out during the week of the 19th.

We've asked whether you'd like to pick up your games in person, either at Gen Con or at Card Kingdom. It's no big deal of course, but we know that many of you are Seattle folks, and would just as soon have your games a wee bit faster and cheaper. 

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After you've filled out the survey, please take a moment to subscribe to the Cheapass Games mailing list. We will NOT be adding anyone's address automatically; it is strictly an opt-in list. And we just launched it today.

The newsletter, called Shameless, will be a roughly twice-monthly email, with news about new products and convention dates for Cheapass Games, and other such things. Of course it's easy to unsubscribe if the deluge of good news becomes too much to bear.

As You Know...

Deadwood Studios is all printed and shrink-wrapped, and it's about to make the journey to our Seattle warehouse. A small number of games will be meeting us at Gen Con, and the rest will be ready to pack out during the following week. The bulk of the order will go out to retail stores in mid-September, so if you know someone who still needs a copy, let them know that they should start asking their local game stores around September 9. 

Actually, tell them to ask now. A little pre-ordering never hurt anyone.

What's Next?

We don't know yet, but there's a fairly good chance that our next Kickstarter campaign will be for Get Lucky, the Kill Doctor Lucky card game. You can read about last year's open beta test of that game here. We're working on other projects, of course, but nothing worth mentioning yet. (Hint: subscribe to the newsletter.)

Thanks again to all of our backers, and happy gaming!


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    1. Marcus Ervin

      Looking forward to thanking you in person at GenCon for another fun game.

    2. Cheapass Games 12-time creator on

      Christopher: Yes, if you pick up your game at Gen Con, Phil Foglio can't sign it. (James can, but whatever. :). Those games are going directly from the printer to Indy, and the Foglios will not be at Gen Con. So they won't ever pass anywhere near Phil.

      It's up to you: if you want to wait for the signed copies, they'll go out in the post-GenCon shipment.

    3. Christopher Shaffer on

      In an earlier update, it's mentioned picking up the game at Gencon means Phil can't sign it. Does that apply to pledge levels for signed copies, or would those be pre-signed and brought to the show?

    4. Ken "Toren" Leyhe - IcePack Games

      Great news. I really can't wait to get this.

    5. Kevin Bruckert

      I ended up commenting on your previous update before you even posted this one! "Unexploded Cow" is a staple game for my wife and I at night. We grab some ice cream and play after the kids go to sleep. Cannot wait for another great Cheap Ass Game (we also bought both Dr Lucky board games, but they really prefer 3+ players, and we love them too, especially Saving Dr Lucky).