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Deadwood is a deluxe board game about making cowboy movies. Designed by James Ernest, with art by Phil Foglio.
Deadwood is a deluxe board game about making cowboy movies. Designed by James Ernest, with art by Phil Foglio.
919 backers pledged $50,497 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Brian Fried

      I also got mine Friday. There's nothing "cheap" about Cheapass Games: they are professionals demonstrating how to do it right. I will definitely back and recommend backing their next projects.

    2. Missing avatar

      ShelleySD on

      Hi, got my game in the UK on Friday, no mess, no fuss. I will happily back Cheapass Games on Kickstarter again - thank you.

    3. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on

      Hi, Steve. I did receive your message via Kickstarter and I'm working on an answer for you. If anyone else needs to contact Cheapass Games, you can reach us at (at) gmail (dot) com.

    4. Steve on

      Any email address I can contact for shipping issues?

    5. Missing avatar

      Jim Wuerch

      Got my copy, but 2 of the boards have been stamped by something, leaving very noticeable crush marks...

    6. Phasmtis

      Well, that's good that people are getting it. I guess I will just have wait to until my copy arrives.

    7. Daniel R Weber on

      Oh, and PS, thanks for being one of the few Kickstarters I have so far that has delivered ON TIME!! :)

    8. Daniel R Weber on

      Got mine on Saturday!

      Very cute and looking forward to giving it a play this weekend!! :)

    9. Cerity "Legendary Bottlejak" Silverhawk on

      Received my box. Woo!! Was confused a second. Because the return address is from Card Kingdom. Postmarked 8/27 Smart Post

    10. Chris S. aka Pepsiman

      Just got my copy delivered at my office. Woohoo!

    11. Rocco Privetera on

      If we indicated on the survey we'd pick it up in GenCon and we weren't able to, do we need to do anything to let you know or send you shipping info? That's what happened to me.

    12. Jobm on

      Any updates on the delivery? Has this started?

    13. Joe Murphy on

      Ah well. Guess I'll have to convince all my friends to buy copies so there's a good market for expansions. :-)

    14. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on

      Joe: Unfortunately, the rules have changed too much for any of the special cards from the old Deadwood expansions. The basic scene cards will work just fine. We hope to add content via new expansions as soon as we can.

    15. Joe Murphy on

      It just occurred to me that I have a bunch of expansion decks from the original printing. Do you think I'll find them compatible, worth a try, or "there are forces man was not meant to meddle with"?

    16. Missing avatar

      Helen Umberger on

      If you want to bring my game to Worldcon when you come, that would be great.... just leave it in program ops for me!!


    17. Phasmtis

      I hear you have some games coming out. Excellent news.

    18. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on

      Sorry for the silence, folks. I am planning to post an update once the game goes to press, but it's not quite there yet. Everything is going fine, and we have a June 1 deadline to send the files to the printer if we want to be on time for an August / Gen Con release. I've been posting some preview art on the Cheapass Games Facebook page, and corresponding with the backers who get to contribute card ideas to the game (all those cards are in). I'll be testing the nearly-finished versions of everything at KublaCon in the Bay Area this weekend.

      I'll do a proper update once the files go to press, around June 1.

    19. Gregory Pratt on

      All still going well?

    20. Kyle Gould on

      It's been a month, anything new to report?

    21. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on

      Awesome! Thanks to everyone, and now it's time for some sleep. Bacon and champagne gave me a mild case of "grumble tummy."

    22. Missing avatar

      Ken Wickle

      Please do Starbase Jeff next :)

    23. Sarah Reed

      Yay! We made it to 2 stretch goals for an extra 20 cards. That is awesome and makes me very happy! I hope this does well enough that you'll do expansions in the future for other themes.

    24. David Harris on

      $50K! Congrats! Looking forward to playing the game. I'd buy deluxe dice too, if you're counting... :)

    25. Julie Bzostek on

      I would also like to see the deluxe dice as an add on.

    26. Missing avatar

      Nathanael Nerode on

      My fiancee and I are big fans of Cheapass Games. We are very heppy to see you back in business. Supporting the reimplementation of Deadwood is a treat. It's one of our favorites and is popular with our local gamimng group. We even got one of our more serious players to give it a try. He enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to playing with the modified rules. I read James Ernest's article about the changes he made. The article addressed the few complaints we had about the game. We are really excited about the new version.

    27. Missing avatar

      Brandon on

      Would it be possible to make the deluxe dice an add-on?

    28. Missing avatar

      Gregory Ehrendreich on

      I own 3/4 of the original Cheapass lineup and Deadwood has consistently been one of our favorites. We've developed our favorite strategies and have always had a great time with it. I'm greatly looking forward to this new version and Kickstarted it even though I promised my wife that I would stop Kickstarting new games until we had played all of the ones I've already gotten. Big fan.

    29. Bryan A. Ellis on

      The dice as an add-on would be nice, so you could get a second set for that second game (Hey, my mom was REALLY upset about her luggage).

    30. John GT

      I'm with Brian Sebby. I just can't budget going all the way up to two copies of the game, but i would REEEEALLY like to pay you for the dice. Please let me give you money for nifty dice. :)

    31. Brian Sebby on

      Is there any chance of making the deluxe dice and/or autographs an add-on pledge? I'd like them for the theming, but I don't need two copies of the game.

    32. Jon-Paul McGowan on

      I finally bit the bullet and backed my second Cheapass Game. Darn you for putting out good quality fun to play games!

    33. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on

      When will Kickstarter implement a "like" button? :)

    34. Bryan A. Ellis on

      Woohoo! 40K goal hit. 10 more cards! Rollin', rollin', rollin' keep that cash a' flowin', make sure ever'body knows their lines! Deadwood!

    35. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on

      Yeah, I've been working on an update today and it's going really slowly. Something before midnight, I hope.

    36. Gary Williams on

      Its been a week since you made goal...maybe an update is in order?

    37. Bryan A. Ellis on

      I agree with the previous posts. I'd like to see Western variant themes first: Space Westerns (Firefly, Cowboys vs Aliens), Horror Western (Jonah Hex, Deadlands), Comedy Westerns (Blazing Saddles, Shakiest Gun in the West, Maverick, Support Your Local Sheriff/Gunfighter, and many more), Kung-Fu Western (Kung-Fu, Shanhai Noon) - Seriously, who doesn't want to see a movie called Cow-Fu?

    38. Leila Ross on

      And now you're over.
      Project is funded.

    39. Missing avatar

      Alessandra Kelley on

      Getting closer to the goal, I see. $732 to go.

    40. David Thomas on

      having been playing this on and off for the last few weeks since the KS went up I feel my resolve harden.

      Personally I would prefer (as some form of stretch or later expansion) a double up on western cards and a further expantion of the other genre's from passed expansions giving you the option of longr western games or the mad arsed "another day another film" game.

      as an extention on the strerch goal/future expantion how about pulling a doctor lucky and have another themed board using the base game cards; A sci fi film studio with the western cards, or 70s explotation movie set :)

    41. Cerity "Legendary Bottlejak" Silverhawk on

      Psst. You're past 95% :D Only one request, a pic of what will come 'in the box'. You textually described it for me which is great, but the money says 'i can't see it', you see the problem? I swore you did it for *Unexploded Cow* which was what we played last game day, btw and it was grand.

    42. Steve on

      Thank you very much for responding. I truly appreciate it. We have tried opening a dialog with him on twitter (most conversations can be seen in the Camden comments section) with no luck. Recently I have tried to contact Geek and Sundry, Felicia day, and Tabletop about it since we are getting nowhere with him. Its so sad because I was truly excited about the game and it just feels like there is no expedience in his handling the getting really really bad PR situation.

      Once again thank you and I am sorry to have posted here, but with how bad things have been going, I was not sure if I would get a response if I didn't. I am sure lots of people will be happy that you are willing to say something to him (since you know each other) . Good luck with this kickstarter and take care!

    43. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on

      Hi, Steve. Camden does look like a bad situation. From what I understand, it's become Boyan's exclusive responsibility, and I think he's handling communication badly. I know that the project is stalled, not exactly sure why, but I feel confident that it will eventually get back on track. Contributors like John Kovalic and myself are really as confused about the details as all the backers are... we don't get paid until the product ships, and we don't have direct control over any aspect of Gamesmith's business. But we can keep telling Bo to handle his PR, as we have been doing.

    44. Steve on

      Hey James, Sorry to bug you here, but we are getting nowhere at the Camden KS located here (if you forgot): . If you look at the comments you will see a lot of angry people who have no game and no reason to think its in production or will ever be delivered. We keep being promised updates that never appear and other than some hot air on twitter, we are being refused any communication. Since your name is on this project and you were in its video....I was wondering if you could shed some light and help out a bunch of people who feel their 15k was stolen. Thank you in advanced.

    45. Missing avatar

      Odyssey Mom on

      For new cards, how about combination cowboy-themed cards? We seen a Kung Fu Western TV show, so we can deliver lines such as 'This Escape Pod's not big enough for the two of us' and 'Aieeeeeeee!'

    46. Bryan A. Ellis on

      Under $2000 to go. Come on people, I want playing card stock for the cards. Let's do this!

    47. Marcus Ervin

      Had the pleasure of playing Deadwood Studios with James Ernest a few years ago. It was an absolute blast. Anyone out there who hasn't pledged yet is really cheating themselves!

    48. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on

      Oh, yes. The Funforge edition of Big Idea has definitely been simplified... the "venture capital" part of the game has been stripped out, and it's just the "making up products" part, which is clearly the better half. However, you can play by the old rules with the new cards, and the cards look great! There's a version of the original Big Idea rules posted at

    49. David Thomas on

      hmm not sure I like the lack of playing for money but thats easily changed :)

    50. David Thomas on

      @Shaun w00t thanks for the heads up :) lets hope its in the UK amazon as well :)

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