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Button Men is a classic dice game from Cheapass Games, returning in a new starter set!
1,346 backers pledged $69,415 to help bring this project to life.

Production Update

Posted by Cheapass Games (Creator)

Greetings, Button Men backers!

We hope you had a safe and happy fourth of July.

Production News

We have good news; dice, which will take the longest by far to produce, are on order with Koplow. We’re plowing through Gen Con prep and will finish production for the rest of the game later this month. Then, it’s off to the presses! We’ll be sending out surveys to collect your shipping information closer to the October fulfillment date.

Our artists hard at work developing the Drawn In backer portraits. However, there are a couple of you at this level we haven’t heard back from yet! If you’re a Drawn In backer, and haven’t been in communication with Cassidy, please send us a message via Kickstarter or email at

Mutton Ben is here!

Nate Taylor has outdone himself with this backer-suggested character, Mutton Ben. In a world of fighting humans, it's important that we have one anthropomorphic sheep, and it's even more important that he is a screaming cab driver with painted-in mutton chops! Mutton Ben will be included as a pin-back button in the funvelope. Next we have to decide exactly what his stats are... perhaps a mix of all three special dice types?

Caption this in the comments.
Caption this in the comments.

Gen Con

Speaking of Gen Con, we’re excited to have a booth at the show this year! You’ll be able to find us in booth 1361 against the back wall of the exhibition hall. Join us for game demos, Tak tournaments, a preview of Button Men, and more!

Doctor Lucky and friends will host our first-ever Lucky Mansion Photo Booth! That's right, we took a photo of the staircase at Lucky Mansion, made it into an 8 foot backdrop, and now you can get a selfie with Doctor Lucky and miscellaneous murderers, almost like you're really there!

Confirmed appearances include BJ Becker (Doctor Lucky), Carol Monahan (Quincette Small), Phil Foglio (Mumfort Consequence), Anthony Gallela (Johnny Archer), and Nora Miller (News McCauley). We might also have surprise appearances from Patrick Rothfuss (Meymun Smelt), The Doubleclicks (The Sutcliffe Twins), and more!

Isn't he adorable?
Isn't he adorable?

We hope to see you there!

Team Cheapass


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    1. John Pushnik on

      "What can I say? I'm a cab driver, I like to beat people up... with my car."

    2. Tyler Tinsley on

      "Dis guy stiffed me a fare so, sheep gunna sheep, I charged at him but I was driving at the time so I ran him over with my car. And I says to him "maybe I should Baaaaack up again" oh god it was hilarious."

    3. Cheapass Games 11-time creator on

      @KS The dice will be ivory and black.
      @S. Darby We're planning on just the button at this time.
      Thanks! -Cassidy

    4. Missing avatar

      S. Darby

      Could we also get Mutton Ben on a playing card? I'd like to have it compliment the rest of the set.

    5. Missing avatar


      What was decided about dice? I was waiting to see whether they'd be white or ivory or burgundy or....

    6. Missing avatar

      Oona Okragly on

      Don't be a baaaaaack seat driver!