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Button Men is a classic dice game from Cheapass Games, returning in a new starter set!
1,346 backers pledged $69,415 to help bring this project to life.

More Button Men Stretch Goals!

Posted by Cheapass Games (Creator)

Greetings, Buttoners!  

Just one day remains in the Button Men campaign. It has been a great ride so far. We've hit our $65k stretch goal, and we might just be able to unlock a couple more before we are done!  

At this very moment, James Ernest is traveling to KublaCon in San Francisco, where he will be counting down the last 60 minutes of this campaign on Friday night. The Button Men closing party will be held in the grand foyer at KublaCon, Friday night from 7:00 to 8:00. If you can't be there, follow us on Twitter at @cheapassgames!  

Playtest cards and airport carpet.
Playtest cards and airport carpet.

James will be at KublaCon all weekend, testing and demonstrating Button Men and plenty of other games, so please come join him and play Rochi, Pairs, and a super-secret new board for Kill Doctor Lucky!  

Next Stretch Goals

Here's a red carpet of awesomeness for the final hours of the campaign. Let's see how many we can knock out!  

70k: Button Murderers: If we reach $70k, Cheapass Games will release a set of 12 new Button Men on Drive Thru Cards, based on our favorite murderers from Kill Doctor Lucky! Beat people up with your favorite killers like Janet Principle, Mumfort Consequence, and of course Doctor Lucky himself! This set of new Button Men will become a new summer product at Drive Thru Cards, if we break through the $70k barrier.  

75k: Skully Patch: Let's add something to the funvelope: a 2" embroidered patch of our wee mascot Skully. If you're not into buttons, or if you'd like something more permanent to decorate your jacket, bag, or dice pouch, you'll need a Skully patch! If we cross the 75,000 yard line, we will add a glorious Skully patch to the funvelope.



80k: Button Men Pairs: Folks have mentioned that a Pairs deck would be cool, and we agree. If we cross the $80k threshold, we will create a new Pairs deck at Drive Thru Cards featuring characters from the new edition of Button Men, as well as a new game variant to go with it. These cards won't have Button Men stats (that's what the core game cards are for), just the typical sleek artwork and numbers of a Pairs deck.

What does a Button Men Pairs Deck look like? That's still a great question. We have enough characters to put a different one on every card. But that might make the ranks hard to distinguish. Maybe four different faction decks is a better idea - that's actually not a whole lot of extra work on our part. So perhaps this one deck actually becomes four decks!  

85k: A Button Men Coin: Can we make it this far? If we raise $85k, we will add yet another goodie to the Funvelope: a 39mm metal coin. This coin will be similar to the coins we have made for other projects, with a Cheapass Games logo on the reverse, and a round version of the new Button Men logo (with Skully) on the obverse. The exact design is TBD (and James is a thousand miles away from Photoshop right now). If we break through this stretch goal, the funvelope will gain a Button Men coin!  

95k: Fight City Returns! We have been meaning to put the original Fight City card game on Drive Thru Cards for many years, but it does need some graphical updating before it's ready for prime time. (We can use color now, so we might as well redesign the black and white card frames.) If we crack $95k, Cheapass Games will post the two original Fight City decks (with updated full-color borders) on Drive Thru Cards. And we'll post the rules for free at, of course.   

Fight City
Fight City

More about Fight City: Fight City is a simple two-player card game where players can construct their own decks from any assortment of cards. Each player starts with $10 in cash, and players take turns drawing, playing, and fighting with a mix of characters, location cards, weapons, and so on. When you damage your opponent, you knock money into the pot. The loser is the first player to run out of cash.

Fight City was always a great game, and we always wanted to make expansions, but with all the products from the early days of Cheapass, this one didn't get the attention it deserved. If we cross over the $95k threshold, we can put up a shiny new version of the original cards, and perhaps even make plans for new decks in the future!  

Almost there! Thanks again for your support on this Button Men Kickstarter; we can't wait to start beating people up again!

Team Cheapass

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    1. Missing avatar

      Doug Jones on

      Wish I could go to KublaCon... just got back from another expensive trip and can't afford it.

    2. Missing avatar

      Keiya on

      I suspect it's more likely a typo and they meant 60k.

    3. Joe on

      Did some people bail? The update says that we passed the $65K mark, but it's sitting at $63K just at the moment. =(