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Button Men is a classic dice game from Cheapass Games, returning in a new starter set!
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New Drawn In Levels: Kovalic and Kinnaird!

Posted by Cheapass Games (Creator)

Button Folks:

As we promised in our last update, we've added more to the Drawn In levels. The original Drawn In was popular enough that we have extended that limit from 10 to 20 backers. 

In addition, we have just added two new Drawn In levels, one with art by Ryan Kinnaird, and one with art by John Kovalic

The Drawn In levels include all the goodies from the campaign, as well as a portrait of you (or one of your friends) as a Button Men character, including the original art in physical and digital format, as well as ten buttons of your character.

Ryan Kinnaird

Ryan Kinnaird is an all-around Canadian talent who got his start in comics working on Antarctic Press' Absolute Zero in 1995. He has many notable works as a writer, penciller, inker, colorist, letterer, and cover artist. Ryan drew our original BRAWL decks in 1999, as well as the BRAWL Button Men set in the same year. He returned in 2015 to draw six new BRAWL characters, the Seniors:

BRAWL: Seniors by Ryan Kinnaird
BRAWL: Seniors by Ryan Kinnaird

If you're a fan of BRAWL, but you don't have the Seniors, you can buy these decks from Drive Thru Cards:

John Kovalic

If you don't know John Kovalic, you don't know gaming. Kovalic is best known as the creator of Dork Tower, and as the illustrator of about ten thousand versions of Munckhin. Kovalic has also contributed to a few Cheapass Games, including the hard-to-find Escape from Elba, and the "Dork Victory" Button Men set:

Dork Victory Button Men, by John Kovalic
Dork Victory Button Men, by John Kovalic

The Dork Victory set featured characters from Dork Tower, dressed up as the original Soldiers set. Gilly is Clare, Matt is Hannah, and so on. 

Kovalic also illustrated one of our most popular PAIRS decks, the "Shallow Ones" deck, featuring adorable baby Cthulhu monsters. Check it out here

Campaign Rules?

Folks have been asking for more on the "campaign" rules, and we'll post details soon. But in brief, here is what we have in mind.

The heart of the game is still a one-on-one battle between two characters, first to win three out of five. After each game, the loser can change Swing Dice, but the winner must stay the same. This gives the loser some flexibility to respond to the winner's current configuration.

Since the game basically contains four sets, we'll suggest playing characters from the same set against each other until you're familiar with the special dice from that block. Then you can mix and match from all the blocks.

For more than two players, we have some good free-for-all and team multiplayer rules, and we'll include some specific lists of characters that won't exhaust the dice pool.

For longer series of games, we'll have several ways to choose a team of characters, including shuffling, drafting, and combinations of both. There will also be at least one version where you use coins in drafting and score keeping, harking back to the dollars in the original Fight City game. Our favorite format is a weekend-long grand melee that you can play as pick-up battles over the course of a game convention.

There are so many ways to play that even a summary can run long, but we're pretty confident that you'll find a few favorites among them. 

Thanks for reading, and thanks for backing! 


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    1. Avri

      Wait! How long have the Seniors been up on DTC?!

    2. Joe on

      Campaign rules! Drafting! Teams! Shufflin'! This update is pertinent to my interests!