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The LIV Genesis is an exquisite, Swiss-made, sapphire crystal, full-featured watch. Designed for the man who won't be told what to do.
The LIV Genesis is an exquisite, Swiss-made, sapphire crystal, full-featured watch. Designed for those who dare to LIV.
The LIV Genesis is an exquisite, Swiss-made, sapphire crystal, full-featured watch. Designed for those who dare to LIV.
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    1. Oskar O on

      My friend and I both purchased a LIV Genesis X1. Both of us are extremely happy with them. They are a stunning looking watch, beautifully crafted and exceptional value for money. This kind of quality in a Swiss watch would usually cost you thousands. I upgraded to the Rose Gold edition and it proved to be a good choice. Its great for the formal occasions, and can be comfortably worn with business and casual wear. A surprisingly good all rounder. Thanks for a great watch LIV !!!

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      Cory Clyde on

      I was in love with all of the designs and color options. It made my decision hard to choose which one I wanted, but once I made my decision, I've been super happy with this watch. I love it and it is very comfortable to wear. Quality is top notch!

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      Peter Gerard on

      I purchased two of the Liv watches, one for each of my adult sons. They really like these watches. The workmanship is of the highest quality. They are stunning to wear and are very practical. They are not heavy and are easy to read. My family gives the Liv watch our highest recommendation.

    4. Пак Александр on

      The best I ever haver watches!. Most comfortable, good looking and well done.
      Thanks LIV for opportunity to wear these watches.

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      Richard Kimmell

      I love, love, love this watch! So well made, I recommend it highly.

    6. Tan Kheng Yew on

      One of the best projects I pledged towards in Kickstarter. Frequent, clear and engaging updates during the project phase. Hassle free delivery. Superb design and finish. I was a little concerned if the leather would crack up over time but it has been almost half a year now and it still looks brand new. Highly recommended as you can see from the many glorious reviews here. Excellent work LIV!

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      Ken Lum on

      I have two LIV Genesis X1 watches which are the Classic and Grey versions and absolutely love these watches. The build quality is very high. The dial looks amazing especially under certain angles. The pushers are solid and well constructed. The silicone strap is high quality. The face is legible and very easy to tell time even when going all out doing sports. The design of the watch is just beautiful. I have had many admiring stares and comments when wearing the watch. Very highly recommended. Well done LIV.

    8. Missing avatar

      William Dorrington on

      The build quality and heavy weight feel of the LIV Genesis X1 watch is amazing so much so I had to buy 2 of them. I am extremely happy with both my LIV Genesis X1's, they are rugged and built for the outdoors yet still have that Swiss sophistication and elegant look to them. I even bought some extra straps to get a variety of looks from the one watch. The service I got from LIV when buying the straps was also top class, they even gave me a discount. I am so looking forward to their next project.

    9. Ingres Yap on

      The LIV watch has become my daily watch now. Heard endless number of compliments from customers and friends. The watch is stunning to look at, build quality is solid and it feel like a really expensive watch. Top notch effort from the LIV team to come up with a great watch like this. Loving it ever since i owned one.

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      Johan on

      If you are looking for a watch that stands out from the crowd, the LIV watch is a watch for you. The reasonable price doesn't hurt either :) Good and solid pushers together with a very cool design that changes completely (in a good way) when you switch the rubber strap for a leather strap makes it a watch that actually works surprisingly well in most environments, but it does work excellent when it comes making an impression!

    11. Missing avatar

      nconto on

      Having backed a few projects on this forum and elsewhere it is not often I am genuinely surprised with the final product. The LIV watch is one such product. It is weighty, works superbly and the detail and finish are second to none. The variety ensures that all tastes are catered for and more importantly, I do not believe a product of this quality currently exists on the market at this price. At the risk of sounding like I might be the creator - I am not, I'm just a pleased backer.

    12. Jeremy Lai

      The LIV Watch has a superb build quality with a very solid build and weight that really gives it the high quality feel as compared to other watches in it's class. The deployant buckle is really well built as well and I have not seen a more solid buckle available in the market! The design is nice and eye catching as well with it's size easily noticeable on my wrist. This definitely is a watch to have and wear daily. Really look forward to see an automatic version coming soon from LIV that retains the same quality build and design!

    13. Patryk Kruk on

      It's my second Swiss watch and I simply love it! The size is perfect and many different color combinations are available. Its build quality is top-notch. I have owned the watch for more than 6 months and it is free of scratches and dents. It looks great with both, silicon and leather bands. All in all, if you are looking for a sport chronograph watch, the LIV Genesis X1 is highly recommended.

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      Michael G Alexander on

      Love the styling of my LIV. It is a very solid watch and looks nice.

    15. Missing avatar

      mark shear on

      I purchased my watch on Kick-starter and was so happy with the design and quality that I made an additional purchase of another watch for my Girlfriends son. He loved it as well. I highly recommend this watch, you will not be disappointed.

    16. Meekash Masters on

      I am known for having a great collection of watches in my watch box. When I wear this watch I get stopped multiple times when people want to admire it. They also ask what kind of watch it is and where they can view it. I bought this on Kickstarter when it first came out and enjoy wearing it everywhere. I got the orange and white silicon straps to go along with the watch and they are very easy to interchange. This is truly a great watch from its amazing design and style. They definitely put in a good amount of time getting this watch ready for production.

    17. Damon Gherardi on

      Fantastic quality watches. Purchased three of these so i can change the colour depending on what I am doing. The silicon bands are super smooth and luxuriates, the dial is crisp, clean and super accurate. Great watch and will be prized for years to come.

    18. Jeffrey P.

      The watch is incredible. I kept if for about a month, then gave it to my son. It was for him all along, but it was so nice I had to try it for a while. It's built so well, and seems worth much more than it cost. My son loves it, and won't take it off his wrist. Thanks, LIV.

    19. Missing avatar

      Henrik bohm on

      What a fantastic watch/timepiece. I enjoy my Genesis X1 every day. Looks and feels like a much more expensive watch. A genuine great watch worth a lot more. And everybody notice the watch and ask about it.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kieran Quinn on

      What a great piece the Genesis X1 is. It gets admired constantly and folks love the story behind it and the craftsmanship is great. I wear it everyday over a more well known and more expensive brand that I own. Can't wait to see what's next. Keep up the great work LIV

    21. Missing avatar

      Derek kutz on

      I am the proud owner of a LIV Genesis X1! I traded my torn and worn G-Shock for this luxury/ rugged timepiece. I recommend this watch to any one.. especially those who are currently wearing a G-Shock. This watch will catch more eyes than most watches in it's price bracket.. guaranteed!

    22. Ger ter Horst on

      The LIV watch I now have about half a year , wear it almost every day with loads of fun. On a terrace you often see people beside you look at it. It is a very solid product , very beautiful and absolutely waterproof. And not expensive for such a high quality watch. I therefore have another strap and alternating like making it another watch . I am very happy with it.

    23. Dimitrios Athanasiou on

      This watch is a blast!!! Real afficionados ask me to have a closer look and ask whether it is mechanical. I got the impression that it is two watches in one, a summer and a winter one with the strap interchange. Very satisfied till today would definitely recommend. the leather strap is of great quality.

    24. Missing avatar

      Notso Muchso on

      I absolutely love this watch. It is a well made piece of equipment that also happens to be very appealing to the senses as well. It is a good looking luxury item that is classy and has just enough flair to really pop, without being gaudy. I have had a lot of people do a double take when they see it on my wrist. I marvel every time I take it off to take a shower at how well put together it is and how good it feels on my wrist. I have a couple of other watches that were quite frankly much more expensive but they have been usurped by this beast. I have used and like the silicone band well enough but I only bought it because I thought that the leather band would end up smelling bad and or falling apart at some point. Neither of those have happened yet, which is surprising because I have been through some pretty brutal workouts in the Houston heat and humidity. It has become my everyday watch for the last 6 months. If you are looking for a swiss chronograph watch that is waterproof to 1,000 feet, has a sapphire crystal that hasn't scratched yet, looks great and feels outstanding, with an unrivaled customer service department, this is a solid choice. The only disparaging thing that I can say about this watch, is that the luminescent parts of the watch disappear after an hour or two in the dark.

    25. Kevin Myers

      Awesome watch, great price! Stands out!

    26. Pierre-Yves Jonckheer on

      Great watch, love the design, very happy with it.

    27. Missing avatar

      Kevin Robinson on

      I love the watch. I receive comments on it daily. The quality and style is eye-catching and unique. I highly recommend this product.

    28. Kave Goh on

      I always wanted an automatic watch on my wrist. When I saw this Kickstarter project, I thought it was an automatic watch. I go ahead and backed it. But when I found out it was not automatic, I was rather disappointed. Nevertheless, I willing to give it a try. So far, I have been wearing this watch since the day I got it from Kickstarter. I have no regrets buying. The watch is great and it is big enough for my big wrist. The design and color is unique, and my wife said I have made a good choice. :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Levi on

      I buy watches very often, I love changes, but this one is still on my hand, I love it, looks like I wont be buying a new one too soon, this is a beautiful piece!

    30. R.L. De Boer on

      Since I have my watch I actually wear it everyday.
      I am very happy with it. It is not to big and at the same time not to small. Actually I was so happy with it that I decided to buy a second one. This one I have now 2 months. First one was the black orange and second is the black and white.

      Now the illumination is not the best in the world. Something to do better in a next generation.

      The orange sticker on the back is gone from the first watch but I actually wonder why it is there in the first place. Happy without it.

      Now I also ordered the quick release strap but would like to have idea what is the best way to change the strap and how I can do the adjustment of that strap.
      Have no clue now, so not used it so far.

      The details on the watch are worked out very good and it really impress people when I tell them it cost less than a 1000 dollar.

      Looking forward to the next generation.

    31. LIV - Swiss Watches 4-time creator on

      @Jose Presa We are honored that the LIV Genesis X1 Swiss Chrono is the one of the best watches you have ever owned :).

    32. LIV - Swiss Watches 4-time creator on

      @Michael Hopkins we absolutely love your animated description of our watch! Our favorite line is: "Also this Watch has "SEX APPEAL" on Steroids!!!"

    33. LIV - Swiss Watches 4-time creator on

      @Menachem Korf Thank you for being a part of the LIV family!

    34. LIV - Swiss Watches 4-time creator on

      @Mendy Ajzenszmidt Thank you so much, enjoy the watch!

    35. LIV - Swiss Watches 4-time creator on

      @akshay keep showing it off!

    36. LIV - Swiss Watches 4-time creator on

      @alaa abu soud great to hear! Enjoy!

    37. LIV - Swiss Watches 4-time creator on

      @Rocky Forer your feedback is appreciated :).

    38. LIV - Swiss Watches 4-time creator on

      @Shimon Goldberger thanks!!

    39. LIV - Swiss Watches 4-time creator on

      @Masanori Nara Thank you, so glad you love our watch! Regarding the length of the strap: Please understand that silicone straps are always slightly longer. We are looking into producing a shorter silicone strap, but the current strap is the normal length for a 45 mm case. We recommend getting a leather strap, as the leather strap is shorter than the silicone strap.

    40. LIV - Swiss Watches 4-time creator on

      @Peter Ng thanks!

    41. LIV - Swiss Watches 4-time creator on

      @pablo morrison awesome!

    42. LIV - Swiss Watches 4-time creator on

      @boon leng thank you, great to hear!

    43. LIV - Swiss Watches 4-time creator on

      @James thanks for the amazing feedback!

    44. LIV - Swiss Watches 4-time creator on

      @Adam Shaw Thank you very much for feedback. I'm not sure why but we never received a message from you about this. We will reach out to you shortly.

    45. Missing avatar

      Adam Shaw on

      I have several comments to make, some positive, some not so much so. I received my Kickstarter Green watch in April (I believe!). First observation, lovely packaging, opening it was a real treat. Having worn this watch pretty much every day since then, I've formed a few conclusions and opinions which, in no particular order, are as follows.
      The hour and minute hands are very fine and taper appreciably towards the point. This makes them very tricky to read if the watch is jiggling about - when riding a bike for instance - which for or a watch claimed to be designed for the active is real weakness. They are so fine that the minute hand can be completely obscured by the orange second hand or behind one another so at, say, 10 minutes to 10, it's impossible to tell at a glance if the correct time is 10-to-10 or 10 o'clock exactly. The very fine, tapered design also means that they don't luminesce much - there just isn't enough material there - so they are all but illegible in the dark, especially if the watch is moving, when walking in the dark for example. For such a large diameter face with the space to do things so much better, this illegibility (in dark or light) is a real disappointment.
      The case is exceptionally deep at 14mm+ and, as I discovered when wearing the watch for the first time, it just will not fit under a shirt cuff. Whenever I'm forced to wear a shirt and/or suit, I have to leave my watch at home.
      The orange Liv logo applied to the back of the case fell off within a week.
      I emailed Liv via their web site with my comments about the hands, even offering to return the watch for a retro-fit of larger, more functional hands (should they ever be made), at my own expense. That was in July, but I didn't even receive an acknowledgement, let alone a response. Since then, the orange second hand has developed a habit of sticking at about the 8 o'clock position when used. It takes four or five presses of the reset button to persuade it to return to the 12 o'clock position.
      However, there are many points that I do (still) like. Despite the sticky second hand the watch feels bomb proof, like it's hewn from rock. The screw down crown is a joy to use and it hasn't lost (or gained) as much as one second since I first set it 6 months ago, so the movement is fine. The quality of the silicone strap is exceptional and it's a very comfortable watch to wear despite it's size and weight.
      Overall am I happy and impressed? Yes and no. I still like the watch and I wear it pretty much every day, but I feel the design is flawed, less well implemented than it could have been and less good than it should be given the price. I was particularly unimpressed by the lack of response to my earlier email. Overall rating? I'd give it 6 out of 10.

    46. James on

      Fantastic watch! I'm very impressed with the Swiss movement and Design. I haven't had the watch long but it's by far my favorite watch out of he 12 I have! And the price for what you get is great. I plan on purchasing more Liv watches in the Near Future!

    47. Missing avatar

      boon leng on

      Great watch, I've been wearing it for about 6 months and loving it a lot. Never expect such a great design and quality for the price I paid. *Double thumbs up*

    48. Pablo Morrison on

      Loved the watch, wear it almost ever day, great build and so durable. Love the two tone color.

    49. Pablo Morrison on

      Awesome build quality and love the design!

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