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Jeremy Dooley and Robbie De Villiers team up to create a typeface family with extensive style sets exclusively for Chattanooga
Jeremy Dooley and Robbie De Villiers team up to create a typeface family with extensive style sets exclusively for Chattanooga
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The Clothes Letters Wear, a new board book on typography from Chatype team member Jeremy Dooley

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Hello friends,

I’m Jeremy Dooley, one of the Chatype team members, and one of the designers of the Chatype typeface. I hope you’ve had an awesome year. Thanks again for helping make Chatype happen. When you see Chatype around town, I hope you get the same warm feeling as I do. You helped to make it happen as much as I!

As Chattanoogans and type aficionados, I thought you would like to hear about my latest project, The Clothes Letters Wear. I designed this book when my son William was born.

It’s a board book for young children, designed to teach the little ones all about your obsession and mine: Type. This book is designed to be something you and you child will treasure for many years and bring typography to life for your young child.

You can learn more about the project here on Kickstarter. I need your help to get The Clothes Letters Wear produced and in your child’s hands. I hope you’ll join me to make this book a reality.

Season Greetings,

Jeremy Dooley

Black Friday


Hello friends, I hope you're having an awesome day. Thanks again for helping make Chatype a reality. It's hard to believe that it's been a year and a half now! 

A friend of our team, Leif Ramsey, is working on a project that I thought you might find interesting.  The film is called "Black Friday."  It's the first documentary to take a look at the crazy behavior of the Black Friday phenomena. It follows the holiday season through the eyes of a compulsive shopper and an enterprising Santa Claus. 

 Cheers, The Chatype Team

Font Released!

Finally, and thanks to you, it's here. Feast your Font Book on this:

Voila! Les incentives.

Ladies and gents,

Thanks for you patience these past few weeks as we close in on the finished typeface. We just wanted to let you know that things so far are going swell, and Chatype is being gradually incorporated into the Chattanooga experience.

We have finalized the incentive designs and written a new post showing them off. You can read about it here. We'll be dropping them in the mail very soon, and will be polling you soon for additional information such as shirt sizes and addresses.

We'll post a few more updates on Kickstarter (more promptly, too!) to let you know what's happening. Feel free to follow us on Twitter or keep up to date on Facebook.


Cha-ching: Chatype Party!

Ladies and gents, friends and neighbors, hipsters and hillbillies, backers and benefactors:

Thanks again for your continued support of Chatype. As a way to say "Thank You" and "Yay, we did it!", the team has organized a party at a super-cool local event space/hostel called The Crash Pad.

Meeting that goal and completing the Kickstarter "campaign" is just the first stage of our journey. We have a lot of work ahead (and a lot of fun times, too). But, before we get ahead of ourselves, we want to stop, raise a glass to Chattanooga, and have a good time with our fellow citizens. 

So, if you're in the area, please join us this Saturday from 7-10p. We'll have $2 Big River beer, food, music, and a short ceremony to thank some important people in this Chatype initiative. If you are a backer and will be able to come, please let us know ahead of time: We're making special buttons only backers get to wear! Come on down and get-CHA some.

See you there!