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CIRCLE THE WAGEN is a buddy roadtrip documentary, and our loveletter to the vintage Volkswagen subculture in America.
CIRCLE THE WAGEN is a buddy roadtrip documentary, and our loveletter to the vintage Volkswagen subculture in America.
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Posted by Charlie Pecoraro and Ryan Steven Green (Creator)

Faithful Backer Family: 

Here's the news you've all been patiently waiting for. There's a lot of it!:  

1) World Premiere info of Circle the Wagen! 

2) Mailing date of ALL Kickstarter incentives! 

3) AND our new trailer to spread the word of our premiere! 

 1 )WORLD PREMIERE We are VERY excited to be having our world premiere at the Albuquerque Film & Media Experience! AFME is the perfect festival for Circle the Wagen to premiere at because: New Mexico, & even more specifically, Albuquerque & The Mother Road (Route 66) all play huge roles in our film. Also, AFME is going to be a GREAT festival as it’s being run by a very experienced staff. Even New Mexican resident & "father of the indie film festival" himself, Robert Redford, is helping the fledgling exhibition along.  

 Our time & day in the fest is 4:30, Sunday, June 9th. Tickets can be purchased here ( We would love, love, love to have you there. YOU are as vital a part of this production as any cameraman, spare alternator belt or good-hearted VW bus head. Without YOU, we would NOT have a finished film & we wouldn't be playing this festival (& more to come!). If you CAN make it to AFME, PLEASE let me know so we can be expecting you. Dave, Ryan & myself are going to be there: WITH THE CROC!

 2) Kickstarter Incentives ALL the mailable incentives will be sent via USPS the week after AFME. If you forget quite what was included at your Backer level, here’s a link that will take you to the Circle the Wagen Kickstarter home page(

Various incentives include: 

-1/2 dozen bus & bug shaped cookies    

-SIGNED copies of director Ryan Steven Green's “moustache film” staring Dave, Charlie, Ryan & even our director of photography, Lawson Deming.    

-11"x17" landscape oriented, LIMITED EDITION print of our beautiful poster designed by Concepcion Studios & SIGNED by Dave, Charlie & director Ryan Steven Green    

-an actual PIECE of The Croc! (rust chip:)    

-LIMITED EDITION wearable art t-shirt!    

-Actual face-pieces from stop-motion animator Jeremy Graham's puppeted sequences!     

-500 PERSONALIZED Circle the Wagen business cards for our Associate Producers!    

-LIMITED SPECIAL EDITION DVD copies of our film, your film, CIRCLE THE WAGEN!

 Kickstarter urges campaigns to wait till the last possible time to get the most current address. So that's why we've waited. We will be sending out address requests in the coming weeks along w/ t-shirt size requests to those of you who are at the $150 Backer level. PLEASE take note: those who don’t respond to our address & size inquiries will have their incentives delayed till we know where to send them.   

3) Our NEW trailer And finally, here( is our NEW theatrical trailer! This trailer has opened a lot of doors for us lately, & now that ALL OF US are collectively releasing our baby into the world, we'd like to make as big a splash as possible. Would you do us ONE last kindness?  After reading this, would you do any/all of the following?: 

-post our trailer to your Facebook? -

tweet us? 

-if you have a VW friend who you think would love to see our film, would you email them our link? 

 -You can also help us by “liking” our LIKE page on Facebook & following us on twitter & Instagram at @circlethewagen 

 Yes, we are having our world premiere, but soon after that we hope to make the film available to everyone. And it's YOU, our grass roots Backers, who are the insiders, who knew about us first! Your spreading the word is what got us funded in the first place. And for all that, we thank you from the bottom of our oil-leaking hearts. 

We. Could. Not. Have. Done. It. Without. YOU. 

 Excitedly yours, 

-=Charlie shotgun & producer circle the wagen


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