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Handmade Dice for the Discerning Gamer
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      Kevin on

      Thanks David. I've contacted Charlie directly to try to work something out for the ABWCS.

    2. Charlie Brumfield 2-time creator on

      Hello all,

      Charlie told me to hold off shipping out the Burl Collectors sets as replacements since some of you had expressed some displeasure about this, also we've continued to have some problems making some of the specialty boxes such as Kauri. He has told me numerous time that he would post an update but hasn't gotten around to it, so if you still haven't received your order and you want an explanation I suggest you speak to him directly, his email is

      -David M.

    3. Joseph Lee on

      Peter, I'm still waiting too. I have not heard anything or gotten a response since this update...

    4. Peter McAndrew on

      So two weeks after the time the last of the orders were supposed to be shipping out and I still haven't seen any tracking number. Have my dice been sent?

    5. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      @Danie. I know KS with a number of risks, including not getting what I pledged for. I really do think the Burl set looks beautiful. Truthfully, it may be prettier than the bog woods.

      I hope my comment below didn't come across as upset. I don't like posts because they often get read as more agressive or upset than they were intended to be. I'm not trying to pick a fight or yell at Artisan Dice, just trying to see if we can work something out now that ABWCS is unavailable. I haven't had much luck with messages in the past.

      I always received a polite response that said my dice were ready and would be shipping soon--first in December, then March, and again over the summer. I haven't received anything yet and they stopped responding to my questions about when I could expect them to ship. I didn't pester them with messages, probably every two months or so.

      While I'm disappointed (it's hard not to be given the cost of the dice and the waiting time), these things can happen. If the wood can't be sourced, it can't be sourced. My disappointment actually comes from the fact that two days before, Artisan Dice confirmed my order was ready to go finally (for the fourth time), and did not mention the hiccup with the ABWCS. Then they posted this update without asking if there's an agreeable way to resolve the issues. Also, if I recall, the Petrified Wood backers were given a credit to spend, not given a pure substitition of another set.

      My comment below was actually to ask if we can reach an agreement rather than de facto sending the Burl set. Like I mentioned below, I got ABWCS because I wanted Kauri (and others). Artisan Dice still sells Kauri, but I'm not getting a Kauri die anymore. And I don't want to spend $200+ for a Kauri set--partly because I've already spent a lot on this collector's set and partly because I just wanted one Kauri die. So, if they have 8 of the ABWCS dice available, it seems fair to propose sending me those 8 in the box and give me a selection of woods to pick from to fulfil the other 4. I think it's a fair and reasonable proposal.

    6. Danie Roy on

      I keep refreshing my email. I'm worse than during cyber Monday.

      To people upset about the ABWCS, I can understand your distress (I was a multiple petrified backer), but kickstarter is not an ordering system. AD is within the kickstarter terms to switch out for a comparably valued product without your consent. I'd recommend nicely emailing Charlie/David and asking if you can make a substitution if you're upset enough... They really are quite nice and doing their best to please.

    7. Joseph Lee on

      I have to whole heartedly agree with Kevin and Sam. I ordered the ABCWS and that's exactly what I expect to be receiving especially since it was not even discussed with us and we've waited so long (some of us not so patiently I know). I already took a alternative dice when you were unable to complete the Petrified wood collectors set which I was understanding of. So as the others stated, Please tell me I'm recieving the actually ABWCS I ordered. Thanks.

    8. Missing avatar

      samalander on

      I'm here to ask pretty much the same things as Kevin.
      While the Burl set looks lovely and I appreciate the effort to create a replacement set, it's not something I would ever choose - honestly, I added the ABWCS entirely because of the bog woods. Are there any other options to explore?
      thanks :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      Thanks for the update! Glad to hear that everything will finally be shipping out. I am really looking forward to getting these dice. It seems like everyone loves them once they're actually in hand.

      But I do have to clarify--am I not getting an ancient bog woods collector's set? I'll be honest, part of the reason I ordered that specific set was so I could get some of the very specific woods in there... for example Kauri, which aren't in the burl set.

      Although I appreciate the effort to have a replacement set (it looks like a gorgeous set), I'm disappointed that the entire set was switched without asking if it was okay. Is there a reason you couldn't send the ancient bog oaks that you do have, and just substitute the missing ones? I realize that's not really a "set" anymore, but it seems truer the original concept.

    10. mike smith on

      Thanks - got my dice quite a while ago, and the tshirt just recently

    11. Charlie Brumfield 2-time creator on

      Ah one thing Charlie forgot, about 10 of you still need shirts, we'll be ordering another batch soon.

      @Ken- wrong Kickstarter ;p

      -David M.

    12. John Idlor

      @Ken - Wrong project. The scribes are part of the polyhedral project.

      @Charlie - Thanks for all of the hard work you and the minions put in.

    13. Ken Bauer on

      Ha! Ignore me. I didn't realize this was the first project and not the new one.

    14. Ken Bauer on

      Awesome! Thanks Charlie. Looking forward to seeing my goodies in the mail :)
      Does this mean you're done the scribes too?