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Handmade Dice for the Discerning Gamer
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    1. Missing avatar

      Dan Eastwood on

      And it's been another month. Where are my dice?

    2. Charlie Brumfield 2-time creator on

      The general reasons for delays:

      For the last month and a half we've had the shop shut down to install new equipment and to completely gut and remodel the shop. It was unfortunately necessary as much of our old equipment (such as the laser engraver) was pretty much dying. Paying for this is the reason we launched the new Kickstarter before getting every last order done for this one. The remodel is finished now and Charlie is finishing cutting jigs and such to hold dice for our new equipment, so production should be starting again soon.

      To those who have used to discount codes on the website:

      We are making your orders as we would any other order placed on our website. We do not consider your orders as "Kickstarter" orders and consider your "Kickstarter" order to have been fulfilled. Any concerns about these dice should be sent to our email We understand that you've waited a long time for these dice, YES we are making OTHER orders than yours and sending them out, but this is because those other orders are often very very simple to make (such as four assorted d6s) and many of the people who used the discounts on the website had either very large orders (such as a dozen sets) or orders for woods which we may have run out of momentarily (the woods are, after all, exotic and expensive, we can't afford to keep huge amounts on hand even on the rare occasion when we do find them in bulk.) Most of the web orders have been fulfilled either entirely or in part, for those still waiting you are at the top of our priority list to get done as soon as we have our equipment fully functioning.

      As for the ABWCS- we have the wood for the final dice, but once again we need all of the equipment up and running to get that done. We also need to make the final boxes, our old laser engraver had gotten so burnt out it wasn't cutting the boxes so much as setting them on fire. I don't have an exact hard date for you on when these will be done, but once again, you are at the top of the priority list.

      As for the lack of communication I apologize, Charlie has been running the show pretty much solo and left the internet communication up to me, and I've been rather busy finishing up a Ph.D dissertation. We'll let you know when your dice are finished up via update.

      -David M.

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert A on

      Dan - I feel the same way...

    4. Missing avatar

      Dan Eastwood on

      I think I have been more than patient, and this is getting ridiculous. Where are my dice?

    5. Kacy Smith on

      Any news on that last bog wood yet?

    6. Charlie Brumfield 2-time creator on

      @Guy- yep, Charlie and every other friend he can find have been working hard on it for several days.

      @mike- just a regular washer and dryer, our current shop is Charlie's garage, it ended up being to much of a hassle to change the plumbing to move the w/d. As for the shirts see the update, they will be sent out when we have a good count on what's missing.

      -David M.

    7. mike smith on

      Washing machines, or some geeky machine? Looks good. Got my dice the other week or so, no tshirt, but no sweat if its a hassle.

    8. Guy Beau Johnson on

      Wow! The shop looks great!