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Handmade Dice for the Discerning Gamer
1,131 backers pledged $91,542 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Andy McMillan on

      Just had mine show up, looking real nice

    2. Missing avatar

      Sergey Murzin on

      Hi, I wanted to ask to check if my dice were sent to correct address, I wrote to Charlie some time after completing survey to change it and he said that he did. But my dice should've been shipped Dec 09, but I still didn't get it, it can be due to New Year, but I want to be sure.

    3. Caroline Pierce on

      YAY!!!!!! Really looking forward to finally seeing these beauties in person :D

    4. Shawn Adams on

      Hoping to see my name on the next list! I'm glad it's moving towards done and ready to start on the metal ones, though. I haven't said it before now, but congratulations on success beyond all expectations, and I hope this has been a dream come true rather than a nightmare to manage.

    5. Atarun

      There! My name! Yeeeehaaaaaa!! *happy*

    6. Charlie Brumfield 2-time creator on

      @John Idlor- Thanks for the help.

      -David M.

    7. John Idlor

      @Renee - There should be a banner line at the top of the page with a click here to complete survey.

    8. Renee Aubuchon on

      I have never been informed I had to fill out a survey besides paying $27. If you advise where to fill out the survey I will jump that hoop so my son can have the dice I paid for. Thank you.

    9. Charlie Brumfield 2-time creator on

      @Octavio Arango- Hope they get to you soon!

      @Gomisan- Good to hear, I hope he loves his dice as much as we do. We should be selling some sets made exclusively from Australian woods soon so you might want to check our Facebook if you are interested in getting more.

      @Renee Aubuchon- What KevinR said.

      @KevinR- thanks!

      -David M.

    10. KevinR

      @Renee -- did you see the message from Charlie/David several weeks ago (after a prior comment like this)? I'd suggest sending a message ("Contact Me" on the right) to straighten this out.
      Charlie Brumfield on December 9
      @Renee Aubuchon- would love to send you some dice, but you never filled out your survey.
      -David M.

    11. Renee Aubuchon on

      Am I ever going to get my dice? I have stopped participating in Kickstarter projects because I haven't had a good experience with this project. No dice, and no update about when I will get them. Unhappily, Renee A.

    12. Gomisan on

      My dice arrived here in Australia just a few days agao. They are beautiful and I know my mate will love his gift. Thankyou very much, an amazing creation and I hope I'll be able to order some polys from you one day soon!

    13. Octavio Arango on

      Woo. Finally see my name. Will be waiting :D