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Handmade Dice for the Discerning Gamer
1,131 backers pledged $91,542 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Rob Monroe on

      Received mine last night and I love them! I look forward to throwing them during my Castles and Crusades session next weekend.

    2. Louis Scuderi on

      Just a quick update: the dice arrived this morning, the exact day my new RPG campaign starts. Seriously perfect timing.

    3. Charlie Brumfield 2-time creator on

      @Caroline Pierce- hah sorry, I've just been going down the list that kickstarter generates.

      -David M.

    4. Caroline Pierce on

      hahaha I feel like the last kid waiting to be picked for the kickball team in school ;)

    5. Charlie Brumfield 2-time creator on

      annnnnnnnnnnnd that was David... really wish there was an edit button

    6. Charlie Brumfield 2-time creator on

      @Louis Scuderi- Awesome :)

      @John Idlor- Right now we have about a 20 orders waiting on either purple heart to turn purple and/or on buckeye burl dice and/or on Kauri boxes, somewhere in the vicinity of 80 assorted dice orders, and about 15ish ancient bog wood sets to make. We also have about 30 petrified wood backers who placed their orders on the website who had a variety of things. That's about the sum total of it all.

    7. KevinR

      @John -- I'm still left at the $22 (random) level.

    8. Peter McAndrew on

      @John: I think some Ancient Kauri backers are still waiting as well (I know I am)

    9. John Idlor

      Out of curiousity, how many people are left? Only the ABWCS?

    10. Louis Scuderi on

      I'm very excited to finally see my name on one of these lists! I think the dice will arrive just barely in time for my new d-6 based RPG campaign to start, too!