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Update #11

Adult Swim Bump, A Dream Come True


Well geez. 

I'm the first person to admit how lucky I am. I've been dealt a good hand in life and fortune seems to go with me - if not right away, eventually. But this is just unreal.

Last night, after the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special, Adult Swim aired this:

I don't think I can really express myself adequately here. I'm so floored and humbled. Beyond the complete insanity of having an image of mine appear on national TV - the support I've got from the backers of this project is just inspiring. I didn't expect such a broad response so quickly - and there are still five days left....

I'm going to put everything I have into making this project the best it can be.

Yours, truly

Ray Sumser

PS - Huge thanks to Heath_Bar for the heads up and the video. 

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