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A crowd-sourced painting of over 2,000 recognizable cartoon, comic book and video game characters.

I am so blown away! Keep those pledges coming! Extra funds go to high quality output and extra backer goodies. 

Here's a photo of the piece I'm fundraising for in a show I had last weekend. The Cartoonuum is the big one on the right.

Here's the story:

In 2009 I completed the Comicosm, a 6' by 9' oil painting that includes 1,546 recognizable cartoon characters. The cast ranges from the obvious (Mickey Mouse, Spider-Man, Homer Simpson...) to the obscure (Chilly Willy, Carmen San Diego, Mr. Hankey...) It is an attempt to encapsulate our collective pop-cultural psyche in simple lines and challenging color.

Painting this piece was a life-altering nine month challenge. 

Since completion I have presented in galleries, on the street and at conventions (Comic-Con San Diego, three years running!) I have grown to love sharing the piece with fellow pop-culture enthusiasts. The degree to which people retain emotional investment in these characters is amazing to see. Fans express very real disappointment if their favorite hero or heroine is missing-in-action.

Out of those "How could you not include X?" conversations comes my new piece, the Cartoonuum. I have culled a list of over 500 additional characters specifically requested by viewers of the orignal piece. The new piece is bigger, brighter and better planned. At 7' by 11' and with a tighter composition, I expect it to house at least 2,012 characters all said. 

If you pledge and suggest a character, they will doubtless be included.

Your contribution gives me the space to complete the painting by December 1st and the resources to deliver awesome 2' by 3' prints for the holidays. If funding fails, the project will go on, but I won't be able to focus the energy it truly deserves and the completion date will fall back to something like March.

*Since it is getting late in the game, I'm offering a slight upgrade as incentive. 

All contributors $25 and over will have their initials written in the piece. $50 and over earn inscription of your full name. $200 earns a small portrait of you (or a loved one! (great gift!)) in the final piece.

Thanks for reading this far. I hope you'll click on over and join the cause. I'd love nothing more than to realize this project to it's highest potential, and I'd love for you to own a piece of it.

Thank you,

Ray Sumser, San Francisco, CA


Progress as of 10/24/11


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    Suggest a Character! Who do you think HAS to be in there? As long as your suggestion is broadly recognizable, they'll be added.

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    Get a 5" by 7" postcard of the finished piece. Signed by the Artist. (+$1 Reward)

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    Get a 2' by 3' print of the Comicosm, my project from 2009. Down to the last 200 copies. (+$1, $5 Rewards)

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    Get a signed and numbered 2' by 3' print of the Cartoonuum, delivered to you or the recipient of your choice in time for the holidays. 350 available out of a first print run of 500. (+$1, $5 Rewards)

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    Get a signed 30" by 60" print of the Cartoonuum, delivered by Spring. (+$1, $5, $50 Rewards)

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