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A crowd-sourced painting of over 2,000 recognizable cartoon, comic book and video game characters.
A crowd-sourced painting of over 2,000 recognizable cartoon, comic book and video game characters.
191 backers pledged $9,268 to help bring this project to life.

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Gone Comic-Con (Read this one!)

Hi there!

Times are big in the art adventure that is my life.

On monday I fly to San Diego for my fourth year of Comic-Con! This year I am taking the *literally: hot-off-the-press* giant size Color-Me prints of the Characternity. It feels like a major moment. I'll be setting up on the sidewalk and coloring in one of the prints over the course of the week.

You can see a rad zoomit page of the entire piece at

I am really pleased with how this piece came off. Every character suggestion I have received to date (including everyone from the Comicosm and Cartoonuum) is present and accounted for. Go look!

So happy and grateful to you all. Expect an update from the road...


PS - July 25th I am moving to New York's East Village. Wish me luck back East!

Character Casting Call

Hey there beloved Backers!

I am working on my newest drawing, the Characternity. The goal is to create an even more detailed illustration of the [Complete Cartoon Universe!] By the end of the day I will have gone through the entirety of my database of 2,934 character images (including repeats and group shots). This is the same collection you helped me construct for the Cartoonuum, last year. I'm happy to say all your character requests are included again - and in sharper distinction this time around. 

I am writing to request more suggestions. 

I am rapidly approaching the edges of the drawing and want to be as inclusive as possible. Please respond to this update or post on my facebook wall at . I will try to respond to every request with an image of your character in the new piece...

I want to thank you all once more - having this project funded was an unbelievable boon to my career and hleped to make 2012 the best year of my artistic life so far. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Ray Sumser

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A Whirlwind

Feels like it took forever and ever - but the final rewards shipped this morning. The biggest prints are now working their way around the globe to my big backer's homes. Thank you all so much - for your financial contribution, your patience and most importantly, your belief. I am excited to hear how everything is received. 

As this brings the Cartoonuum to a proper close, I wanted to update you on my life and work. I am currently sitting in the gallery pictured below, at my solo San Francisco Show, "Other Funny Pictures by Ray Sumser," at the Treehouse Gallery. This is my last big Hurrah in California. In July I will rack up work hours, travel to San Diego for Comic-Con and then I move to New York City August 1.

It is an exciting time. The Cartoonuum inspired me to make a third giant picture of the Cartoon Universe. This time it is a pen and ink drawing that I will color digitally. That process will allow me to create greater detail without damaging my body the way I did making so big a painting. I'm also starting to see the threads of a plot that might become my first real narrative Comic Book / Cartoon creation. I'll keep you informed about these projects as they come more to life. 

Feel free to friend me at or like me at - both get updated regularly with the things I'm doing on a given day.

I can't thank you enough for helping me get to the next level and phase in my life and career. 

Raymond Joseph Sumser III

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Cartonuum II: The Characternity

Hello my lovely backers!

Work is progressing on my third encyclopedic pop art creation, the Characternity, and I am down to six days left to reach my funding goal.

Last night I penciled my 2000th character! (Incidentally, it was Moses.) The design of this process is allowing me to work faster and more efficiently - a saving grace considering I threw out my shoulder and caught a two week cold completing the Cartoonuum. 

I am confident this will be my most compelling image to date. 

If you have a minute, please check out the project and consider contributing or sharing it with your network. Even a dollar means a lot. To me, the number of backers matters as much as the financial goal. 

This time you can drawn into the piece for just ten dollars - and I'll follow through on that whether or not I hit the funding goal...

Thanks so much for looking

Ray Sumser

PS - At the bottom of this message are the designs for the poster and postcard for my show in June. They are being printed as I type and I will begin to circulate them next week. Check out the schedule - I am throwing a backers-only event on Friday June 22 and would absolutely love to see you there.

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