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$11,253 pledged of $30,000 goal
$11,253 pledged of $30,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sherrill VanSickle on December 1, 2015

      Er, "want to see you get at least". - there we go.

    2. Missing avatar

      Sherrill VanSickle on December 1, 2015

      And backers like me should EDIT before posting- "want to see you get at least a..."

    3. Missing avatar

      Sherrill VanSickle on December 1, 2015

      What if backers like me want t see you at least a couple months of studio time? I am happy to contribute the pledge amount that I signed up for even without the kickstarter funding. What say you, Ray?

    4. Missing avatar

      cynthia rybakoff on December 1, 2015

      I really enjoyed the live stream. I wuv yellow kitty and bear.

    5. Suzanne Melton
      on December 1, 2015

      Ray, please try again...I'd love to have the print!

      Do you sell on Etsy or your own website?

    6. Robin Diane Goldstein on December 1, 2015

      Hi Ray... I'm so sorry you weren't funded... Like others have said, you are a wonderful artist with a truly unique and creative mind and talent... I hope you try another campaign down the road... I would love to have some of your art work! best...r.

    7. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Horacek on November 29, 2015

      Very Very bad!
      Can you actually extend the campaign ?
      You're such a good artist / illustrator there must , a solution ....

    8. Missing avatar

      Graham Kerry
      on November 24, 2015

      Such an amazing idea

      Make a canadian version of Charlie Brown
      Perfect for the holidays!

    9. rcresnik on November 23, 2015

      Ray awesome job!
      I really like drawings that are so complex that you can get lost in them :D

      and i fully support the puzzle idea!
      There is a puzzle 'master' in the netherlands that makes awesome puzzles with A LOT of details (jan van haasteren) think yours would be similarly impressive and I for one would surely enjoy putting em together :)

    10. Missing avatar

      juan carlos belair
      on November 18, 2015

      how do I pick my character? can it be my kids with their superhero?

    11. Ray Sumser 10-time creator on November 7, 2015

      I would very much like to produce a puzzle one day.

    12. Chad Andrew Bale
      on November 7, 2015

      Have you ever considered making a jigsaw puzzle with one of your images. I think they would make some fun and challenging ones.

    13. Ray Sumser 10-time creator on November 4, 2015

      Hi there! The $60 tier will come with the calendar but not the prints. The other tiers are stand alone rewards. :)

    14. Randall Beaton on November 4, 2015

      Ray- I just pledged at the $60 level and wondered if that tier would receive the other rewards as well?