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An adventure deck-building game of life and death set in the Hand of Fate universe. Play competitively or co-op with 1~4 adventurers.
An adventure deck-building game of life and death set in the Hand of Fate universe. Play competitively or co-op with 1~4 adventurers.
4,136 backers pledged AU$ 490,629 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Philipp Wirtenberger about 12 hours ago

      These are sad news indeed.

      A heartfelt thank you for bringing one of my favourite video games to life in a tabletop setting. Hand of Fate: Ordeals truly is the boardgame the video game series always deserved. With the Dealer Mode this game is and will always undeniably be one of my favourite games. I could not be more proud to have it on my shelf.

    2. Matt Murphy 5 days ago

      Despite on how poor the company's communication was (especially on how annoyed I was when I saw the board game at PAX which was available way before the backers got their hands on their copies), I'm quite sorry to hear about this.

      Wish you and the rest all the best in the future.

    3. Defiant Development Collaborator on

      Hi there! Just a quick comment from Defiant for anyone waiting. We're currently responding to people who've let us know they're missing anything via - if you've mailed us and don't receive a confirmation within 2 business days then please let us know here and we'll find out what's happening.

      Next week we'll be working out the plan to get stuff to people who are waiting - you'll get an update by the end of next week as to what the eta is for your stuff.

      Thanks for bearing with us as we sort this out.

    4. Margareth S

      Very sorry to hear this. Best of luck with your future endeavors.

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew Somuncu

      I like your game, but unfortunately I have no sympathy. Your game became available to purchase on Miniature Market weeks before I received my copy from you. Also, your customer service is notorious in not responding. 14 weeks and 4 emails later, I still have not received a response or a replacement. Hoping defiantdev will be able to help.

    6. Harman and Robertson on

      Very sorry to hear this news.
      Rule and Make may have shuttered but its legacy lives on in the great fun we're having with HoF:O.
      All the best for future endeavours.

    7. Dominik Dollinger on

      Sad to hear this!
      Thank you for all the games! I hope you guys will stay in the industry.

    8. Missing avatar

      Teo Georgiev on

      Sorry to hear and congratulations for trying. It's been a blast following HoF Ordeals and I loved playing it with a friend. Good luck on your next venture.

    9. Duncan Bain on

      Guys, gutted for you. I've backed a number of R&M games including HoFO. Every one has been top class. All the best in whatever you do next. A sad loss for the whole industry.

    10. Cheeseness on

      I'm sure I speak for more than myself when I say it's been a great ride that we're thankful for the opportunity to have gone on with you. Best wishes to everybody for the future <3

    11. Missing avatar

      Codo on

      So, as someone who had their order long messed up and waited on support for months...

      I'll actually say that this is still pretty sad to hear. I was a bit unhappy at how the customer service on this worked until the recent fixes, and even had my own issues resolved pretty fast within the last month finally after the long wait. And like I said, the game was great. I loved HoFO, and I still really do, and while the taste was sour for a while due to the trouble with support, I'm still glad to finally not only have my copy, but I've had a great time each time I played it and am even working on designs for a custom box.

      So while I did have my issues with how support on this was handled until last month, I will say that I am still sorry to hear about this. I do wish y'all at Rule and Make success in your future endeavors, and for what it's worth, what you guys have made has still made me happier than I can really state. Hand of Fate is a game series I really love for multiple reasons, and the game you guys made DID do it justice. I hope y'all move on to bigger and better things, and if any of you move on to more board game based endeavors, I'd love to see what may come of it.

      To all at Rule and Make, please have a wonderful week, and stay safe.

    12. n8w

      Sorry to hear that Allan. Wish you guys the best in your future endeavors :/

    13. Muhammad Fahim Abdul Latif on

      I'm so sorry to hear that! You did a fantastic job coordinating this whole thing and hopefully this pays off in your future endeavours!

    14. Kermode Bear on

      It's always sad news when a company has to close its doors. I hope you find success in the future. You did such an amazing job with this project that I can't imagine you not moving on to something else and making that work.

    15. Missing avatar

      ArtSchool on

      I share the same bitter feeling. HoF is a great game. Best of luck in all your future endeavours, and hope to hear from you soon!

    16. Björn Kruse on

      All the best to everyone behind rule & make and behind HoFO!
      Very good quality product and you tansformed the computer game really well!

    17. Neil Aitken on

      Very sad to hear this -- but realize it's a hard business to be in. My friends and I have loved Hand of Fate: Ordeals and were really impressed with the high quality of the product, the depth of the game design, and the beauty of the artwork. Hopefully you and your team will re-emerge in some new more viable form. Good luck with your endeavors. Looking forward to whatever comes next.

    18. Charlie Richards on

      I'm so sorry to hear this. I know only one of your games, "Hand of Fate Ordeals," which I really love and now will treasure.

    19. John Dalton on

      I’m really sad to hear this. I’ve been very impressed with the level of care and attention to detail throughout the whole project, and I think the standard you set for communication on Kickstarter is the best I’ve seen in the 100+ projects over several years that I’ve backed. The quality of the end result was exceptional as well. Business is hard, but I hope you’re proud of what you achieved and that everyone goes on to bigger and better things.

    20. Kal on

      Very sad news. I wish you the best for all your future endeavours.

    21. Fábio Larsson on

      Very sad to hear this. I've never had anything but good experiences with Allen Chang and Rule & Make, and i'm sure that all the passion and care you've placed in your games will soon be once again appreciated in whatever new endeavour you guys put yourselves into.

    22. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      I am sorry to hear about this. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. I absolutely love the Hand of Fate board game, and as do all the friends that I play it with. You guys did a fantastic job with that game, and I hope that you can walk away feeling proud in the quality of what you created - even if it didn't result in a sufficient financial success.

      Best wishes to you and everyone affected by this news.

    23. Luís Alberto Berteline de França on

      This is very sad news. HoFO is the best board game I've ever played and I really hoped to see more content being made in the near future. You guys did a stellar job on the game. I wish you more than luck in your future endeavors, I hope you guys can come back stronger!

    24. Anthony Ellis

      Really sorry to hear this and hope you manage to come back to the board game industry in some form. I guess I should have got that Royalty Expansion earlier; I guess there is no way to get it now...

      Good luck in any future endeavors.

    25. Jason Richmond

      Wishing you success in your future endeavours!

      My wife and I really enjoy hand of fate. It's a shame it didn't work out.

    26. Bilal Ali

      I wish you all the best. It's a shame.

      Thank you for keeping us in the know about what's happening with this project and actually delivering in the end.

    27. Nitari Windrider on

      Thank you so much both for saying so and for making such a fantastic game! Best of luck to everyone going forward, and I hope to see your names on more good games in the future.

    28. Missing avatar


      I am disappointed that this is happening.

    29. Treiker

      Hey Guys,

      sad to hear that. I wish you guys the best for your futur! Im very glad that i could support you guys.

    30. Mike on

      I hope all of you from Rule & Make can stay around the industry, in some form of capacity. This is quality work, and a sad day that the party has to split.

    31. Scott D

      Well bugger me....

    32. Missing avatar

      Alban DEROUX on

      Really sad news... I hope everyone got a plan B for himself and his family after what has surely been a tough decision. Got my support on this.

    33. Missing avatar

      Tyler Hildebran

      Sorry to see you guys go! You all seemed like wonderful people when I saw the playthroughs, and it looks like this was a passionate endeavor for anybody who was involved. I hope you all find jobs in the industry so you can keep doing more great work like HOFO. I sincerely wish you guys the best.

    34. SMYR

      Very very sad news. I love everything about HoF - that includes every single person involved in bringing this game to my table the way it has. I've gone all-in on this and this game has by far the most iconic table presence a game can have (with play mat). Everything feels and looks special. I too really hope that everyone at R&M lands on their feet. You all have every reason to be proud of what you achieved!

    35. Marcin Tasz on

      I am sorry to hear that! I will say however, that I am extremely happy with Hand of Fate and everything from start to finish on this project was top notch. Great communication and transparency. The final product ended up a beautiful piece of boardgame that I am proud to have on my shelf. Look forward to further projects with you at the helm.

    36. Russonc

      Clearly a tough business. Best of luck with any future projects. Thanks for the update.

    37. Vincent Fromont on

      You've done a very good job! Good luck for the future! Sure It will be fine.
      All the best.

    38. Marvel Sutantio

      So sad and sorry to hear that. Thank you for the journey and all the hard work. Hope you guys the best on your future endeavors.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Sjölund

      Really sad to hear Allen. Thank you for an amazing game. Me and my comrades is having a lot of fun with it. Thanks and best of luck.

    40. Bobson on

      That's sad to hear. But thank you for communicating it and not just silently vanishing, like so many other Kickstarters.

    41. mistahTee on

      Good luck to you and your team, Allen. I hope to see/hear from you in the future when you get your feet back under you. HoF is an awesome product (TT and digital). Thank you for bringing us with you on this journey, and I look forward to joining you once again. Cheers mate!

    42. Michael Pooler on

      I am sad to hear this news. Best of luck to you and your future!

    43. Brian Edsell on

      This is truly unfortunate. HoF: Ordeals is an amazing game! I backed the KS and then sat down to play it at GenCon last year and I was blown away by the thoughtful design and quality components. It was great meeting you guys at GenCon and I wish you all the best.

      I guess I should have bought Smiths of Winterforge while at the con but I ran out of money. If you have any stock available please message me and I'd be happy to take it off your hands.

      Good luck!

    44. Gregory Lyon

      Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I'm sorry to hear that R&M won't be around, but I have no doubt that the wonderful people that helped make such a fantastic game will show up in other amazing products.

      Be well, we'll see you soon, I'm sure.

    45. Shane

      Sorry to hear. Commendable honesty. Thank you for your contributions to a great community, hope to see R&M back again, stronger and more viable. Very best of luck!!

    46. Missing avatar

      Douglas Avery on

      Thank you for such an amazing game. HoF has been one of my greatest board game experiences. Everything about it turned out so much better than I thought it would, and is always a blast to play. It will always have a place on my shelf.

      May fortune find you, and wish you the best.

    47. Paul McLaughlin on

      So sorry to hear this, I backed HoF because I loved the video games, and after seeing the level of quality involved during the campaign and then seeing the end product; it quickly became one of my favourite board games. Based on this, I had assumed you would be making games for years to come; it's very sad to hear that you're closing down, and I wish you best of luck and success in your future endeavors.

    48. Andrew Dickinson

      @Allen This is incredibly sad news. I have loved every one of your games, and was hoping to see many more. The only game I was unable to buy was Smiths of Winterforge, so I hope I'm able to track it down someday.

      Thank you so much for some incredible experiences, and some of the best run campaigns I have ever been a part of. I hope that you're able to come back somehow, in some form. I'll always back any game that you're a part of.

    49. TheHonestYeti

      This is definitely sad to hear but I wish the best for you and the rule and make team. Thank you for the games you brought us and for always striving to do the best you could.

    50. James Duffy

      Does this include the outstanding stickers for Smiths of Winterforge please? If they're never going to be produced and shipped, could they at least be put up for download for people to print and modify the errors themselves?