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An adventure deck-building game of life and death set in the Hand of Fate universe. Play competitively or co-op with 1~4 adventurers.
An adventure deck-building game of life and death set in the Hand of Fate universe. Play competitively or co-op with 1~4 adventurers.
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Weekly Update — 23 November ‘18

Posted by Allen Chang (Creator)

Shipping Update

Australia (AUS/NZ)

VR Distribution has started processing all remaining backer rewards (including NZ) and will continue through to Tuesday. If you haven't received a dispatch notification from VR Distribution by Wednesday, please get in touch with us. Bulk shipment of the Brisbane local pickup rewards have also been dispatched and we expect to have the rewards available for pickup next weekend. Emails with pickup details will be sent out early next week.

Germany (EU/UK)

In a previous update (#92), we've mentioned that we've arranged with our EU fulfilment partner during Essen to split the fulfilment into two waves (as was done for Australia with VR Distribution). Despite our efforts, we weren't able to successfully arrange this with our fulfilment partner and this has only become clear this week.

While this has been very disappointing, we understand that our fulfilment partner already had preexisting commitments before we made the split fulfilment request and they had to rearrange their schedule to accommodate us. Regardless, things did not shake out as planned. HappyShops is currently attending a convention and once our point of contact return early next week, we'll look at locking down a definite dispatch date for all our EU/UK backers, including second wave orders.


The ocean freight shipments are due to dock at the port next week. We anticipate customs clearance and trucking to the fulfilment partner's warehouse to take a further 5 to 7 days before EasyPost is able to process the backer orders.


All Asia backer orders have been fulfilled. If you have already emailed us in the past 7 days regarding missing or pending dispatch orders, you should have received an email from us. Please reach out to us again if this is not the case.

How to Play

Video by Meeple University
Video by Meeple University

Meeple University has produced a How to Play video that covers the basics of Hand of Fate: Ordeals along with hints and tips by our very own Barantas. Go check it out!

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    1. Rick Tonoli on

      So just to let you know, Wednesday in NZ and no notification from VR Distribution yet? How long do I wait until I worry? :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Frank Johnson on

      Good news on the U.S. front. I've been tracking the progress of our cargo ship (One Minato) and it looks like they docked in New York on 11/24, a little bit ahead of schedule.

    3. Jack Broadbent on

      I’ve been patiently waiting all this time but I’m starting to feel like my copy won’t ever arrive (UK). Can you please just give everyone your best estimated waiting time?

    4. Brian C on

      Thanks for the how-to video -- those make learning new board games so much easier for me.

    5. Missing avatar

      Gordon Chia on

      Hi may I know what Asia fulfilment is complete means? Does it mean it has all been sent out and on the way or all has reached its destination? I'm backing from Asia and has received the email from VFI several weeks back but havnt gotten the package yet.

    6. MacenKrace on

      @KingMaple: not really, it's HappyShop's issue. They are the most popular EU distributor atm and are always full, schedule wise.

    7. Goodsound on

      Splitting shipments for non customs friendly countries is a nuisance for backers as they have to pay import fees and VAT twice. And the sum of those is greater than if it was only one shipment because of a case fee for each parcel. So please don‘t, dear publisher (unless you are going to paypal those extra costs to backers).

    8. Divilguy on

      I have been contacted by DHL about a delivery from Australia and I believe it is this game. I am being charged for import tax. I thought this was said to be covered. Of this comes in two delivered as mentioned in other updates it could come in separate delivery due to order. I will need to pay two imports. Can I claim these back?

    9. KingMaple

      It's completely on you for not shipping enough to EU, selling it in Essen a month ago and misleading backers for a whole month that it is shipping when it was clear from HappyShops directly that they will not do so.

    10. KingMaple

      Oh wow. EU is still not shipping despite HappyShops having it for over a month? Shocked.

      Should have picked it up at Essen. A month ago.

    11. David Christopher Lee on

      Is there any time line on when Asia backers will get their missing items? Will this problem effect other backers in Europe, America or Australia?

    12. MacenKrace on

      Well I kinda knew this about Happyshops now(previous project experience). It's best if you have the list and everything is delivered in 1 wave