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Piece together the shards of your reality and save your world from a multiverse collision in this competitive game of risk & deception.
Piece together the shards of your reality and save your world from a multiverse collision in this competitive game of risk & deception.
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AU$ 59,789


Multiple parallel worlds have collided and you play as one of six characters jettisoned from their world into a place called the Nexus. Each character's world has been shattered into four shards that, when pieced together, form a complete panoramic vista of their world.

Through the use of unique character abilities and special actions, players must find shards of their reality and be the first to piece them back together in order to save their world and return home.

Each turn, players select an action from the six they have available, keeping it hidden from their opponents. All players then reveal their chosen action at the same time.

Playing the best action at the right time won't be easy. Should two or more players select the same action, a "Clash" occurs and none of those players will be able to perform their action.

There is an added element of risk. All previously played actions won't be available again until you use your character's reset ability to rewind time.

Be careful that your Reset ability doesn't clash. Otherwise, you will have to play out your hand!

Plan ahead and take the Anchor. You'll get to resolve your action even if you clashed, leaving other clashed players stuck in time for the turn!

Take risks, deceive and outwit your opponents to save your world, and earn your right to return home.





As part of the special Kickstarter All-IN-1 event, we are promoting the theme of "1". Incidentally, Entropy is about multiple universes collapsing into a singularity! In celebration of the event, we have extended the theme of "1" to the following:

  • week campaign
  • 1 pledge reward tier
  • 1 worldwide shipping rate
  • 1 stretch goal reward
  • 1 vs many game mode

We've designed the campaign to be as straight forward as possible to fit the ALL-IN-1 theme. Because of this, we aren't offering any dedicated group, or retailer, pledge tiers. However, please get in touch with us if you're interested in pledging as a group or a retailer.


Keeping with the ALL-IN-1 theme, Entropy: Worlds Collide shipping is AUD $6 to anywhere in the world (Approx. USD $4.50, €4,20).

In order for backers to get the game as quickly as possible, all rewards will be sent via airmail directly from the manufacturer in China. However, for backers in Canada, Australia, and the EU we will give you the option of shipping from within your region at no extra cost once the campaign has concluded.


Entropy: Worlds Collide is a reimagining of the original Entropy game that successfully funded on Kickstarter April 2015. The game sold out before getting into wider distribution in the US and EU. Two years on, the team have reassembled to make a new edition of the game, applying the lessons we've picked up along the way.

For those that are familiar with the original Entropy and want to know what has changed, you can learn more about it on our blog.



Unlike our usual campaigns, Entropy: Worlds Collide will be going to print regardless of the success of this campaign. The original Entropy was made possible by the passionate folks by this community and it is only natural that we made this game available here first.

We also wanted to take the opportunity to produce Kickstarter exclusive items and find an excuse to work with the Entropy team again as the world we have created is near and dear to our hearts.

We need your help to raise additional funding so we can make these Kickstarter exclusive items, and the stretch goal surprise we have planned, possible.


To help players get in the mood of the game, musician Tristan Mathis composed a soundtrack for each of the six worlds as well as a theme song. After the campaign has funded, we will provide details on how you can get the Entropy Digital World Builder (DWB) pack—which includes the soundtrack, artwork, and the eBook edition of the novella.

For original backers of Entropy, who already purchased the DWB, you will get the updated content automatically after the campaign.


  • Allen Chang — Art Direction, Graphic Design, Game Design
  • Alistair Kearney — Production, Game Design
  • Mike Yakovlev — Art & Illustration
  • Leith Vance — Story & Lore
  • Tristan Mathis — Game Soundtrack
  • Jason Kotzur — Game Development
  • David Scott — Public Relations


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Risks and challenges

This is our fifth Kickstarter project, and we've learnt a lot from the first four. We have the knowledge and experience to see this project through, which we've demonstrated with our previous campaigns. There are always elements of risk to any project and we've identified the following areas that introduce the most risk and pose the biggest challenges for the project:


Drawing from our experiences in the print industry and our previous campaigns, we know how to produce a high-quality game. We've set up manufacturing supply chains with several component manufacturers and are confident we can produce a top-notch product.


Shipping can add significant delays, and much of the process is largely out of our control. To mitigate this we will be sending rewards directly to backers from a fulfilment centre in China. This will reduce overall postage costs and allow us to get rewards to backers much quicker.


To help avoid over-reaching, we've pre-planned all the stretch goals. In this case, there is just one. It has been carefully considered, budgeted, and will not impact on the final delivery timeframe. Once funded, we'll reveal what the stretch goal will be.

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