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Burger Up is a card matching puzzle game about the art of burger making. Fill orders, earn prestige and be the best burger chef around!
Burger Up is a card matching puzzle game about the art of burger making. Fill orders, earn prestige and be the best burger chef around!
941 backers pledged AU$ 46,810 to help bring this project to life.

Fulfilment Update #3 — Shipping Progress, Burger Up Launch Party and Coin Distribution Hiccup

Posted by Alannah (Collaborator)

We've had another busy week, seeing fulfilment mostly wrapped up and the official Burger Up launch party here in Brisbane.

Shipping Progress

The team focused heavily on finishing off fulfilment this week. All shipping orders were double checked and submitted. The warehouse has been processing the queue since Wednesday, and a large number of shipments have already been dispatched. There are still some waiting to be picked up by the relevant shipping services, though, as they are batched together for collection, but it looks like the backlog will be cleared by Tuesday.

A few of your have been asking about shipping notifications. They have been going out, and if you haven't received yours just yet don't worry. It's actually a manual process for us as there is no automated system from the SendFromChina warehouse to notify us a shipment has been sent. Instead, we have to manually check the system and perform some data manipulation before putting it through our own email notification system. It's a rather tedious process and depending on how busy we have been, there can be a delay between your reward being actually shipped and you getting the email notification from us. In fact, some of our Asia-based backers have already received their shipment even before we had a chance to send out their notification!

If you have not received a shipping notification email by Tuesday though, please get in touch with us and we'll check for you.

Canada Post Strike Update

It looks like the Canada Post lockout and strike action has been postponed indefinitely. Although it could still happen, we don't want to make our Canadian backers wait around for an indeterminate length of time. So, we've made the decision to go ahead with dispatching all Canadian rewards.

You should start to see rewards delivered in the same timeframe as the rest of our non-EU backers. Shipping notifications will also start to go out for Canadian backers tomorrow and Tuesday.

EU Fulfilment Update

Our EU fulfilment partner informed us that everything has now arrived and they will be sending shipping notification emails out this week. To all our EU-based backers, you should start to see your rewards going out over the next 14 days.

Burger Up Launch @ Club Sosay

Yesterday was the official Burger Up launch here in Brisbane. To celebrate, our good friends at QUT Alumni and Club Sosay helped us throw a launch party at the Paddington Club Sosay store.

It was an amazing day. More than 70 people RSVP'd, and we demoed Burger Up for about 3 hours. Everyone that played said great things. There was even a giant Burger Cake!

We express air-freighted in a handful of copies just for the event, and to help the team celebrate. To our delight, we had a few of our Brisbane based KS backers turn out. It was really awesome to meet some of you in person and teach you how to play the game you helped bring to life.

Aside from a few retailers that backed during the campaign, Burger Up won't see wide distribution for a couple of months yet. This event was a great way to celebrate with the Brisbane Kickstarter community, and wider board gaming community, for helping us make Burger Up a reality.

Thanks to Ken and Patricia from QUT, and Debbie from Club Sosay for helping us put on such a wonderful event!

Coin Distribution Hiccup

A couple days ago, in preparing for the Club Sosay launch, Allen and I noticed that the coin count in some of the copies we opened didn't seem quite right. There appeared to be more $10 coins than we remembered. When we counted everything up, we realised that the distribution was evenly split between the $1, $5 and $10 coins (20 each) instead of an uneven split between the $1 coins (32) and the $10 coins (8) as intended.

Due to the difference in coin distribution, the total value of the coins has actually gone up, to a sum of $320 from the original sum of $212. While it's a good thing there's more overall value in the pool of coins, it does mean the count we've indicated on the box is incorrect, and having fewer $1 coins means needing to exchange to $5 coins a little more often. Rest assured, this doesn't actually affect gameplay and no one is getting short changed with regards to the overall component count.

That said, we want to take this opportunity to own up to the mistake. This is absolutely something we should have caught when evaluating the review samples. It has caused a lot of anxiety for us since we feel we've let you guys down. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our pursuit of perfection, and we're disappointed in ourselves for the oversight.

With that in mind, we've already reached out to our manufacturer about this. They've been very supportive and are helping us to find a solution. For anyone that feels strongly about this issue, we understand. We'd ask you to please head over to your Kick'd account and pre-register for a dollar coin pack (you might need to log in first then click on this link again).

Note that there is no time limit on registering, so we'd be very grateful if you were happy to wait until your copy arrives in order to see if this is an issue for you at all.

Card Sleeve Reminder

Just a quick reminder that the card sleeve promotion will last for 1 more week. Everyone should have received a discount promo code via Kickstarter message, but if you haven't please let us know.

You can purchase the Burger Up Premium Sleeve Triple Pack from our website here. If you're not sure what we're talking about, be sure to check out last Sunday's update for details.

What's Ahead

So, now that fulfilment is, mostly, completed, you might be wondering what is left for this campaign. We will be doing 1 or 2 more standard Sunday updates just to see through the remainder of the fulfilment. Following this, we will be doing our campaign wrap up and retrospective. For any of you that are not familiar with this, we do a complete breakdown of everything that happened throughout the campaign and talk about what we learnt, what went wrong and what went right. Take a look at our previous two retrospectives for Entropy and Rise to Power to get an idea of what's in store.

As always, until next week...


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    1. Alannah Collaborator on

      @Brad: I've noticed this problem has been occurring for a few backers and I'm working on a solution. For now try deleting any existing cookies, and/or use a different browser (especially try Chrome in incognito mode). That should fix the issue. Otherwise, let me know and I'll make sure you're registered.

    2. Missing avatar

      Brad Andrews

      I just got a 404 error when I clicked the link, logged in, clicked the link again, checked the box and then clicked the button to request my coin pack.

    3. Alannah Collaborator on

      @Cole: Thanks for noticing this. The correct files have been uploaded.

    4. Cole Feeser on

      So I just went on the backer kit website for Burger Up to make sure that my address was in fact correct, given that I haven't heard anything in regards to my copy yet. While there I noticed that the most recent versions of the P&P files for the actual cards in the base game and the BOTW expansion are not on there anymore. You have v2 up there when you should have v2.1 up there which would include the errors that I mentioned in weekly update #31. This doesn't bother me so much as I already have the up to date files but I could see where if someone who backed at the P&P level lost their files and needed to get them again that they wouldn't be getting the latest versions in doing so.

    5. Cole Feeser on

      Loved this KS, loved your consistent weekly updates. Now if I could just get that shipping notification and ultimately get my copy of the game that would be awesome. I'm super anxious to play this game! :)

    6. Allen Chang 7-time creator on

      Thanks everyone for the kind words! For us, your enjoyment of the journey with us is just as important as the end result. We have a couple of bigger campaigns in the works but Alistair and I plan to launch something smaller in scope with a much quicker turnaround before we embark on our bigger project. More details to come!

    7. Technetium on

      I just can echo @arkanjel
      Great campaign, very interactive, listening (and reacting!) to comments, actively involving the community, not overloading the SGs with unneeded stuff, regular updates, dedication to the project and product,...
      I could continue and continue. I wish some other KS creators would show just a fraction of the passion you guys do!
      Was my first R&M Kickstarter, looking forward to what's coming next.

    8. Drive Elizabeth on

      mmmmmmmmmmm .. cake :)

    9. arkanejel (Sean Guilfoyle) on

      Out of the 15 or so Kickstarter game campaigns I've backed, you guys are THE GREATEST!! Relentless attention to detail, communication with your backers, and such great quality and well thought out games! Actually, Burger Up was my first campaign to back! I just wish every aspiring game designer or publisher would follow your lead. I love playing Entropy solo, and Burger Up PnP is a favourite at my game nights! I can't wait to have the real thing in my hands after waiting so long! Thanks again to Alastair and Allen.

    10. Stephen S Gibson on

      Your dedication to the product is inspiring.

      Also, I'm glad the Canada Post strike isn't going to affect burger up anymore....(or Grimslingers, muahaha)

    11. Michael Grinnan

      Am I the only one who checks every Sunday morning! I know I will always find out something! Will you start doing updates on my other backed projects after you are finished with burger up??