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We are combining Most of the top ideas of gamers and a lot of our own ideas in this new coming of an MMORPG :D

We are combining Most of the top ideas of gamers and a lot of our own ideas in this new coming of an MMORPG :D

We are combining Most of the top ideas of gamers and a lot of our own ideas in this new coming of an MMORPG :D Read More
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- A MMORPG game that will be based on all of the great ideas of gamers along side of the perks of most top rated games, but With a few tweaks added to make the game more fun.
- We have already began to fix up the maps of the games, working on reworking the character modules.
TITLE: "Chaotic Ways"
- Chaotic Ways, Are you chaotic or seren, how will you survive? This title reflects the in-game motives, how the gameplay will be.

- We are working on a way where you can change servers for free, if you have friends in different servers, we allow you to switch servers at anytime day or night, just so you don't have to keep to a certain world to look for resources or people to fight. 

- When we say unique we mean no one on the game will have the same guild name or name as you, we want you to be special, we want you to be unique. :)


- We will have 4 initial races on each side, you will be able to choose which side you want as well as your race which will bring down a side menu after choosing your side, races will include (each race will have an unique ability/passive):

- Humans
- Lycans
- High Elves
- Gnomes

- Undead
- Lycans
- Dark Elves
- Chaos Dwarves

The race classes will include but are not in each race, it'll depend on which race you choose, we are still working on this:
- NecroMancer
- Monk
- Paladin
- Warrior
- Battlemage
- Shapeshifter
- Bowman
- Ninja
- Stormcaller

- You will be able to be an indifferent type of character depending on how you choose these skills such as Defensive/Accuracy/Strength/Intel. These will be deciding how you change as you level. Do you want to be a glasscannon or a damage dealing yet viable defensive structure to your groups/fights?

- Proffessions(you may only have 2 of these at a time, we are still deciding which to implement, but heres an idea):

- Tailoring: Ability to make cloth armor and items to tailor onto other items.
- Blacksmith: Ability to make Armor/weapons from precious metals.
- Enchanting: Enchant weapons with powers from the gods and magics.
- Mining: Gather precious metals as resources.
- Herblore: Make potions from herbs and secondary ingredients.
- Leatherworker: Make armor and items out of the skin of animals.
- Fletching: Make bows/arrows/Other equipment for the average marksman.

SKILLS: (you can have everyone or none):
- Cooking
- Archeology
- Firemaking
- Woodcutting
- Ect. (We will be putting more once the game starts going.)

- You will be getting items from bosses/Rare spawns/Monsters/Quests/Skills/Proffessions/Vendors. We will be having gold as a currency and have Chaotic marks as a tier vendor token to buy better items.

- Level 1 mounts!
- We will have semi-faster then movement speed mounts to start you off, if your a backer you get the fastest land mount possible when you first start off :D! 
- Tired of a really cool looking mount being way too slow? Don't worry as you level up the mount will be able to move faster. (basically leveling with you)

LORE: (basic outline):
- In the land of Chanerous the Chanerousians split amongst each other as one side was corrupted by evil and chaos, they call themselves the chaotics, As the remaining warriors fight for their lives against them,they have to resort to violence, which they never anticipated would happen....

1. The Chaotic: They pride themselves with spilling the blood of the seren, The Peacekeepers

2. The Seren: A prideful race,not overcame by such evils, Will fight for the remaining land they have managed to keep.

- Ah yes, the PvP system we hope to develope will be great for competive killing, which we will let you keep what you kill (How the used to do it back in the old days). All tradeable items the player is holding will go to you when you kill them, we will have only certain areas for this. If your just wanting to duel feel free to do anywhere outside of a town! We will have battlegrounds that you can fight to keep or get control of a certain land, that way you can have the resources and watch them die off as you kill them.

- We have a few dungeons already in development, The one we have done the most work on is the chaotic Caverns due to The name and how it'll be the first dungeon you will be able to enter, jOin as a group, or brave the terrors what are held inside alone...... you will be getting XP from each monster.

- We will not MAKE you quest to level, nor will you absolutely need it, but it will give you certain benifits such as a special item depending on which quests you have done, or just a new skill/proffession.

The Market:

- We will be letting all players on each side have their own economy to controll and/or let go, you will be using this to get certain gear, or just to buy items to level your proffessions faster, you decide how much you are willing to pay and how many of that item you are wanting!

- We will be implenting certain software in the game where you can have voice chat to talk to your guildies, as well as your groups of course. We are also putting face recognition software that way you and only you have that certain guild cape look/style.  

- Yes, it's exactly what it says, are you tired of guild members randomly joining and as soon as they are able to access the bank take everything? So am I, so we are putting a system that will allow the members to take an item out that's in the guild, but not be able to sell/destroy it. We want the guild to be able to be secure, yet still have people getting help with items from there guild.

- For each level the guild will be able to give it's members certain perks such as leveling or even gather more items/gold.
- We will be putting a gambling type system with dice that you can basically implement your own casinos to make or lose money in, we will only allow this for our 18+ ages we will require you to prove your age on our websites before allowing you to do this! (for legal issues of course)

 "remember if we need anything to make the company/website/game better I'm buying it for us. I don't want to skimp on the needs,if it just means I make less money, I don't really care if i make 1m a year or 10,000 long as I have enough to live I'll be fine with it. I want to make people happy."- Anthony G. Samuel, CEO of Chaotic Gaming Studio.


YouTube Channel:

Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you have a question needed to be asked, thank you!


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